Zenith Watches shares their latest news at Baselworld 2018

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Zenith’s new CEO, Julien Tornare, brings a fresh beat to a153 year-old brand for Baselworld 2018 and unveils additions to the Defy collection as well as a collaboration with music producer and rapper, Swizz Beatz. In this video, Tornare explores the Defy Zero Gravity, a watch housing a gyroscopic tourbillion that resists the effects of gravity, and Swizz Beatz shares his passion and inspiration for Zenith timepieces.


Sami Anttila says:

Where’s the 15Hz movement?

Attarsanah Resources says:

Zenith is the opposite of rolex

Gianpa kasa says:

Great video, the Defy is superbe, but guys, one thing: can someone explain me what else we have beyond China? Look like they have to save the world, we all forget they not able to save elephants…our dear CEO talks about 2nd generation, 3rd generation etc…but there, there is only ONE generation: the Communist Party. Punto

DJZ says:

Ask about the Defy Lab!

Wilhelm Otto Dusseldorf says:

Why does Zenith keep manufacturing ugly watches? They need a new CEO. The company is a mess.

Namesi says:


Rafael Rodriguez says:

Amazing watches, I think they overlooking other markets but for now China is the stronghold for these brands.

Thomas Moll says:

Sooo… Zenith is beefing up their designs (“Swizz Beatz” – for real?) to appeal to the Chinese whereas Kern is toning down that of Breitling to appeal to the same audience.

Methinks only one of the two can be right, no?

Devon Edelman says:

Can you guys do a video on the patek 5719/1G I own one and I wanted to know more about this peice also I love you’re videos they come with a lot of info for the mind of a 14 year old watchmaker in training

Timmy says:

Oh man that orange flare one, gimmie gimmie, gimmie!!!

Abhishek Srivastava says:

1:08 Does anyone else feel that Zenith watches have a legibility problem? Great movement is fine but I should be able to see the time.

Tony Hill says:

Not sure about the look of these watches.

kuglepen64 says:

Defy iconic? No.

Thomas Lee says:

no marc, no care

Lloyd Garth says:

I like Zenith, but dislike the hype. I know! Other brands are doing it too. But hey, they listen to the marketing experts. That’s business!

Kris Oluich says:

There you go, everyone thinks the Chinese market will save the industry.

BigDutchKingTut says:

All of those watches are amazing! Wow. Kudos to Zenith.

sutats says:

Girls of Baselworld 2018 video?

manduheavy vazquez says:

The white ceramic is amazing. Very elegant and contemporary and with its revolutionary tourbillon change the business. Greatness.

stardust4711 says:

The gyroscopic escapement is absolutely amazing.
Never seen this before

Ted Davis says:

I love my Zenith Tri color but I feel a lot of things are going the wrong direction here. “Swizz Beatz”??? I had to look this up and I live in the US. Bad move IMO unless it’s Zenith’s intention to cater to the Chinese market only and I don’t even think that will work.

Eduard Meier-Lee says:

I like Zenith and have Zenith Watches myself but the Defy looks not unique, it looks unfortunately like a Hublot watch!

Abhishek Srivastava says:

1:30 too tacky!

9enius says:

Meh, at least he’s not a street artist

Edwin González says:

AMAZING…..always connected Marc.

Melchizedek Phuah Siow Jin says:

I’m personally smitten by the Zenith Defy Classic skeleton. Thanks for the video!

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