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Zenith Pilot Montre Aeronef Type 20 Annual Calendar Watch Review

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Ariel Adams of aBlogtoWatch reviews the Zenith Pilot Montre Aeronef Type 20 Annual Calendar watch in gold and titanium.

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gorgeous Watch. thanks for the review.

and BTW, it’s Not as comical as you described it.. it is Big but Not as big as a wall clock.
that’s said. all i wear is: 46, 47 and 48mm Watches.


Michael Power says:

Massive watch, not a fan of this.

Vadim Don says:

Gorgeous watch but too big

felix pinto says:

mixed metal is just truly disgusting

MrPleers says:

That watch is way too large for me to wear. But perfect for Popeye I guess.

Douglas Morton says:

Honestly! If you have the nerve to do a watch review on a public forum do your f**king homework! The “cheesy” image on the back is of Louis Bleriot, the first person to fly across the English Channel and he was indeed wearing a Zenith watch. One reason perhaps that Zenith is the ONLY watchmaker allowed to put the word “Pilot” on its watch faces! Others, such as IWC, call their watches “pilot” watches but they can’t put it on the face. Btw, I own this watch and it is not comically large unless you have wrists like a nine year old girl!

Jack Yarrow says:

That crown must be the size of a normal watch!! Great review though!

ProCelestialEmpire says:

it’s once per year, not once per 4 years. You are talking about a quasi perpetual calendar.

Stasoline says:

Awesome look but gaudy crown and too big…

Shamrock says:


Humanfactor says:

Love the movement… dislike the design.

ferw swer says:

back side watch ?

Hallo Proletariat says:

gay watch

Douglas Morton says:

As a post script, if you want to learn about this watch, go to Watchuwant’s review and you’ll hear Tim explaining things in a way that the twit on this review never could!

COLLABERATORZ Sean Huang says:

I like how the sub-dials look like the number 8. And they don’t stamp over the eighth hour mark, unlike the AP Offshores.  This look should do very well in Asia since they love the number 8.  Although at 48mm, that’s a clock.

TheMightyWill says:

19,000?? It you ignore the massive size, it does look very nice. The numbers have a nice look and I like the way the hands are flared, but I’d much rather have a car than this watch.

Denis França says:

Very nice movement. I don’t like the big crown (it has a reason to be huge…) but the dial and functions are lovely and obviously very useful. Nice review man !

Thias Johannesen says:

I almost wanna put this like on a wall. great comment hehe

seijisan says:


theirhighness says:

People with bad taste rejoice! Your must have watch has arrived!

kr al says:

I’ll never understand a pilot’s watch with anything more than a chrono and/or 24hr subdial. It just doesn’t make sense.

Sanjay Alwani says:


lesvas says:

Annual calendars need to be reset annually, not every 4 years

Mohammad Ahmad says:

I just bought the stainless steel version, I like it but I have one issue: the sound of the mevement is too loud also when you chake the watch up and down you hear noise like there is part of the movement is loose !! did anyone experience the same issue !! is that normal for this model (my watch is brand new never used before )

celticpride1212 says:

Lol….I just purchased the GMT version of this watch from Topper Jewelers today.

lucas santoro says:

The plane on the back is the monoplane that first flew over the english channel. The pilot was wearing one of the first zenith wristwatches for its time. So its hardly just a cheesy random inscription.

Will Corzo says:

Great watch, but a bit too large

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