Zenith El Primero unboxing, Zenith El Primero Chronomaster 42 mm

Zenith El Primero first impressions and watches for sale! https://youtu.be/JWGYh10qDfg

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Email: marcgoldberg8@gmail.com

The Zenith El Primero Chronomaster in 42mm is a
classic and an icon. Rolex actually used this movement in the Rolex Daytona for over a decade and those watches are now selling for extremely high prices. But the Zenith El Primero is the Chronograph that started it all.


Crappy Watches & Cheap Whores says:

You have one hell of a collection.

mattonthewater says:

Finally watched till the end. Zen like the Buddha, not Zine like magazine.

urbanproductions says:

zenith el shitter

mrfuriouser says:

You mean “treat for myself” haha… congrats, I still hate you* , but congrats 🙂

*jealous hate, not real, angry hate or anything like that. Great watch brother!

Jeff Harker says:

It’s Zenith, like Gwyneth…Paltrow. (I’m just guessing too.) 😉

Vladamir says:

Buy a nice new knife please.

Neo says:


Bagrat Kankanyan says:

Beautiful watch ! Enjoy it !

David says:

Zeniths just strike me as unattractive and this one is no exception.

KevG1962 says:

Jealous. Would love the 38mm version

JustBlueFish Watch Reviews says:

Very nice, congrats.

Pudge Otamus says:

Sweet addition Marc!!! Congrats!

Steve Bo says:

Who would have known that dog training is so lucrative? Leave knife in to avoid bleeding out

Dave Lee says:

For me i would wear it on leather or rubber..just tooooo much shiny silver going on…and its Zenith not Zenith..

Bruce Williams says:

That is awesome man I am happy for you. 2 things- you need a dedicated unboxing knife haha will make it a little easier. and 2, I say ‘zen-ith’ like the uncultured westerner that I am

Rich Buddy says:

Hi Mark. The watch is pronounced Zenith. The television company is pronounced Zenith.

ForbinColossus says:

Marc, with the silver dial it may be too understated for you. Given that you like BALL watches, have you considered *SiNN* ? U1 is cool looking and flamboyant enough to please. See this colorful one
article: https://wornandwound.com/review/sinn-u1-s-e-review/
I wont disclose the movement for fear of prejudicing this suggestion but the review above likes ’em (and as Don might say, carefully regulated to five positions). Regardless, I like their designs. YMMV.

Vladamir says:

Good work Mark.Very nice watch.

genkibochibochi says:

Hi Marc, I have a similar el primero, the El Primero Sport 45mm with the slate grey dial and the screw down pushers (200m). Congratulations on your purchase. I alternate between the bracelet and a tan/brown leather strap that has a silicone backing. The watch really works as either a dress or sporty piece. Enjoy! I recommend looking at the wonderful movement with a good bright light and a loupe to enjoy all the cool details.

frank todaro says:

Beautiful watch…Congrats!

ForbinColossus says:

Marc, YOU are my * El Primero* ! The watch was nice too

Bobby Ray says:

Beautiful watch

M Edmond says:

Now that is a wonderful wristwatch with a legitimate heritage.

Jarrod Lee says:

Actually don’t mind the El primero. I prefer the normal version


Gorgeous Marc,Congrats!

Andrew Mark says:

Sweet watch Goldberg………nice addition to your collection

lord david says:


Watch Aficionado says:

Nice Zenith

Flippin Zippo says:

Zenith with an “e”

Roamy360 says:

Zin ith, not Zee nith. That how I hear German speaking people say the name. Close enough to Switzerland for me. Nice watch. Hope you like it. I had one before and really liked it but got a version that was hard for me to read. Looking for one sooner or later that is better for my eyes.

Jim Bastian says:

Hi Mark–I wouldn’t expose it to water.

Mike Stone says:

Love the new El Primero, great addition.

The Watch Lounge says:

Classic piece, wish I would’ve gotten the bracelet on min didn’t realize they were that much knew they were expensive but not a grand expensive, nice buy !

Barry island says:

Who buys plastic flowers…

NSsomething says:

Cool watch purchase! (Probably would go swimming with it.)

Brad Orchard says:


Nick G says:

Great watch!!!

Phil Bero says:

Great watch, congrats! And good job on sniffing the box

Shipmate says:

Fantastic watch; like it more with the bracelet.

AjaxForever says:

Beautiful watch. But unfortunately no micro-adjustment on the clasp. So that is a no-go for me

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