Zenith: El Primero Synopsis collection at Baselworld 2014

Because most watches bought on the market are three hands models – hours, minutes, seconds -, the manufacture launches the El Primero Synopsis collection with El Primero calibers but with no chronograph function. Listen to Jean-Frédéric Dufour, Zenith’s CEO, who explains how he deals with the current commercial and industrial challenges.


Craig Farquharson says:

Zenith, please don’t do it. You are Zenith, why buy in a movment. I own a Zenith because you produce every part and don’t compromise on quality. I would never buy a Zenith with a none Zenith movment. Done become commercial do what you are the best at.

Cranking All Day says:

Why in the world would zenith bring in non inhouse movements while they are selling movements to tag heuer?? I am losing pretty all respect for this brand.

David says:

Look like the new CEO are worst then old one.

Rafael Wang says:

Sellita? buy a sellita I prefer Oris brand!

MunKeat Ho says:

Couldn’t understand the company direction. All for the sake of more profits …..shame

Arthur Montiel says:

The key was his final statement: “The economy is a little shaky, so we better be careful than being too bullish.” I know it sounds counterproductive, but Zenith has reached the limit of what their manufacture can bring and to expend their reach and influence, they need to open a new price point; decidedly middle tier but still respectable. Think Rolex and Tudor; though Zenith has a lot of catching up to do with the image of the Zenith 3000 equiped watches. Tudor has had 60+ years to develop a niche for them and they have a cult following. I respect the decision, but I also understand why some people are cynical about the choice. 

llcharl1e says:

It’s like making a Daytona without the chronograph. Horrible idea, and then he bounces to rolex

James Mark says:

Zenith quality’s not what it use to be. I know someone who’s $10k watch stopped running after less than a day. Returned it for a refund and refused to accept a replacement.

Sam Man says:

The paradox is that their entry level watches can now reach to a much broader audience but it hurts their brand exclusivity because of it

Truth and Downfall says:

Ok, so what do we have of Zenith this year? We have a so called El primero, wich just holds the name of the legend to bring in more sales. Infact if 3-hands sell the best, you must have them too, right. Then we have a new non inhouse movement made by BS fucking Sellita and the watch costs 2500$. Zenith was off with a great strategy making verry nice watches and even i took in concideration of buying one.
But what they did this year, kinda ruined everything for me…

Marco ocraM says:

A Zenith, is a Zenith with a El Primero Movement

Kasper Eriksen says:

Jean-Frédéric Dufour is gone now, so lets hope for better times.

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