Zenith El Primero Original 1969 Watch Review | aBlogtoWatch

Zenith El Primero Original 1969 Watch Review | aBlogtoWatch

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Our David Bredan reviews the Zenith El Primero Original 1969 watch, a stunning, modern reiteration of the A386 original from 1969.

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alter3go says:

Is it do-able with a 7,48 wrist?

Craig Farquharson says:

A true masterpiece the El primero movment. I would choose a Zenith over any other maker. The watch makers watch maker.

darcy gunning says:

Beautiful, classy sports watch. Could ware this at most occasions with pride.

ripperx444 says:

Doesn’t the reliability really go down the higher the beats aka more expensive and more frequent services?

Sam Saliba says:

Good review! I own the 42mm version of this watch and can’t stop starring at it. My other timepieces will be taking a break since this one will not be coming off of my wrist for a while. It’s gorgeous with a legendary mvt.

Ghaith Darwish says:

I ordered the 38 mm first, but I exchanged it for the 42 mm version and I really love it

algorithm007ify says:

Zenith is the most underrated brand..Much better than Rolex..slightly better than IWC..Often equal to JLC (and sometimes surpasses it for value for money).

Watch Time says:


RosenFiddlesYou says:

Seconds hAIIInd

Nathan Black says:

Loving the new into!

Ghaith Darwish says:

I watched this movie for at least 100 times 🙂

ryvr madduck says:

Great video. I wish more companies put a second hand of contrasting color. It makes this watch pop.

innerpurpose says:

Currently $5k online for the steel bracelet.

Rover Waters says:

top watch

Jun Yang Chia says:

I hate how Zenith overlaps the sub-dials so much. Makes taking readings more difficult.

Henry Hannah says:

AMEN Zenith for holding to your traditions of quailty

Stewart Pierson says:

A guy can only dream….

SevenW25 V says:

Beautiful macro through focus shots, and a great review as always

Wenhao Nie says:

why is there a date? why?

Johann Beatrice says:

Beautiful watch.

Atif Chaudhry says:

Please review the new Zenith Elite Chronograph Classic!

Boss Del Guapo says:

Which size did he said?

Mattia T says:

FINALLY, a nice review of this El Primero!

Jarl Ballin' says:

10 times per second is the same as 10 Hertz NOT 5 Hertz…

KevG1962 says:

one of my grails

classic kool says:

Timeless Classic.. Kool..!!

officialpartychannel says:

Remove day window and it’s perfect. Watchmakers stop obsessing over day complications!

Evgeniy Sukhoi says:

Very good overview. Thnx. Zenith El Primero – I love it!

Richard Gaule says:

Can Ariel please do a review of the Gucci dive watch!? Very little information about it anywhere online!

Cranking All Day says:

I love this watch very much. The movement looks fantastic from first glance but I really wish they decorated some of the smaller pieces

Erik Strickland says:

Nice watch. Could do without the automatic w/ the 36000VPH on the dial. Really wish they hadn’t confusingly called it the Original 1969.

Pedro Q says:

Nice review! Nice watch and the price is very very competitive for a Zenith

Mike Howard says:

Rolex charged twice as much for the Daytona compared to a Zenith with the same mov. Zenith look far better too.

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