Zenith El Primero Original 1969 Review

Pictures and video do not do this watch justice. This is one of the most stunning and impressive watches that I have handled. Big thanks to my generous friend for allowing me some time with it. Please let me know if you have any questions, thanks for watching!


Daniel T. Müller says:

Great review, Bruce. Awesome macro shots.
D., you want to sell that beauty?
You’ll have to elaborate on the IWA as to why 🙂

Arthur Leyenberger says:

Bruce I hear you’re getting a GS. I look forward to your review. I have a SBGA085 Sping Drive (black dial). I think it’s the bees knees!

Pedro Dias says:

Great review once again Bruce, totally nailed it! and no words for the El Primo. Cheers Buddy

Simon Crane says:

tried that exact watch on today .

Ghaith Darwish says:

Great review. How big is your wrist ?

Duke of the Vly says:

BW, Thank you for the great macro shots and all the other fun videos you have posted (I am aiming to own a marine master some day because of your videos). I bought this watch a few months ago. It’s a bit shiny for me but good lord it’s so much fun to listen to. It’s so good looking too. What a great price too! There is something about this watch that makes me stare at it. It’s such a fun watch to wear. Once again, thank you for all the entertaining videos.

Ben Hughes says:

God I love this watch. Great review

MagicRising says:

First!  …ooh my birth year, love it

Scott S says:

I have the same watch with the steel bracelet and haven’t worn my other watches since I bought it.

Mike M says:

Bruce…The background music came on fast and WAY TOO LOUD ! . OUCH ! Great video . I do enjoy your well thought out presentations. Thanks

John Price says:

That is my favorite Zenith – what a beautiful watch.  Thanks for the review.   Cheers, John

Watch Geek says:

once you said 38mm I was sold!!
so rare to find nicely sized watches in the last 10 years, hopefully the trend of smaller watches is coming back!

Luca Simoncini says:

Superb watch. My grail along with the Grand Seiko SBGR053.

Watches Galore says:

Absolutely Gorgeous!! I’m Sold!!

Marilyn Teoh says:

One of the best videos I can find on the Zenith 1969 Original. Really enjoy your videos. Keep up the good work!

divas masas says:

what is the accuracy on this watch. if it wasn’t for resale, i believe they make one of the better watches out there for the price

Alan c says:

I had to sell mine because the overlapping sub dials just grated on me..if only they can correct that, seems easy right

Zsolto66 says:

Some amazing macro shots, Bruce, thanks for the video, I love this watch and it was so nice to see it demonstrated by you.

Tom Roman says:

I was lucky enough to get one of these, the Boutique Edition with black dial and ‘open heart’ feature. I just want to mention that my unit is shown as 42mm but it does not feel large on my 7″ wrist and as Bruce said, it is really thin compared to most chronographs. Also, this movement does not hack in case that may be an issue to any of you considering this Chronomaster 1969. I also have a Rolex Daytona pre in-house movement (circa 1999) so I’m familiar with this non-hacking situation. It truly is a gorgeous piece. As far as the sub-dial overlap, each time I’ve used the chrono I’ve missed the time when this would be noticed. I think that would be around 2 hours and 20 minutes. I’ll have to remember to set an alarm so I don’t miss it next time.

Manish Sahay says:

My favourite chronograph. Thanks for the review.

ChasingTruth TakingFlak says:

In my opinion, it was a mistake to have the hour register dial overlap the minute and running seconds.

It’s much easier to work out whether the hand is at 1/2, 1, 3/2, 2, or 5/2 hours, than it is to quickly know whether it’s at 17, 18, 19, 20 or 21 minutes.

Dutzu Miho says:

This was a very pleasant surprise. I’ve been looking for a good review of this watch for quite a while now. Thanks Bruce!

CarMasterz says:

Hi Bruce, could you share your wrist circumference with us again please? Just for reference when looking at your wrist shots.
Thanks! Best.

Nige Reviews says:

Love these and there is one for sale in Australia that is tempting me. Worried the 38mm might be a little small though. I’m used to a 42mm watch.

krbcrwlr says:

wheres the GS vid?

Brett DiMichele Studios says:

I came real close to buying one of these when I bought my Speedy Reduced. This is a gorgeous watch with an amazing movement and the prices are so reasonable. I really need to add a Zenith to the collection!

Dylan Ly says:

Love the intro and the touch of the colors 1969 and off course the EP itself. The best chronograph today imo. As always you are one of my favorite YouTubers, if not the best. Love to watch your new GS soon my friend.

Anton Gunnarsson says:

Which Grand Seiko did you get? Very nice video, your production quality is really getting up there! This is my favourite luxury chronograph… much nicer than the speedmaster

Random Rob says:

Excellent. That watch is much wow indeed. Think your friend may regret selling that one, even though he is monster hunting.

Zeljko Marcek says:

Great review! Thanks!

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