Zenith El Primero first impressions and watches for sale!

Zenith El Primero unboxing video:

Instagram: Chicago_dog_trainer

Let’s have a look at my first impressions of the 42mm Zenith El Primero Chronomaster. Also I have several watches for sale which are featured here. Email me for details.


Zzygyy says:

Very cool watch. Enjoy it.

Nasty Vinyl Cun7er says:

Trim your bush

cédric says:

I know you’re a bracelet guy but you should give a chance to one of your leather straps. It really pushes this watch to the next level imo.

Vingtenier says:

This is what happens when all the gardeners get deported.

Len Powell says:

Zenith as I understand created a calibre that ran at 10 bps! I think they came to the conclusion it was just wearing itself out! Imagine running up and down the stairs when you could just walk? Superb piece and jealous.! Cheers ,Len UK.

Tony Soprano says:


MrMuttonhollow says:

Marc, good looking watch. It’s a keeper.

Blueshirt Buddah says:

Congrats on the Zenith. Wise decision not to go with the open heart, the original dial is way better.

It's Complicated says:

I’m the same way when it comes to the non-hacking on my Speedy. It’s a pretty cool watch though. Especially being a 69!

Phil Bero says:

Great looking watch Marc, the 42mm size is perfect on you


It’s just not sexy.

ForbinColossus says:

Can Marc *imitate the sound* of the El Primero movement? Silly, but it’s from *ZENNITH*

M Edmond says:

Zenith, that’s what’s up. Classic horological wristwatch.

Barry island says:

The flower is a thing of beauty…the Superocean is a great looking piece.

Bill Cosgrave says:

I have the same watch only larger and on a rubber racing strap. Love it!

Crappy Watches & Cheap Whores says:

Man, I’d love to have a Zenith. FMD, I can’t even afford a pre-owned G-Shock. Liphe hard.

Bugsy Malone says:

Nice watch

otten1714 says:

NICE choice!!

rrp925 says:

Wait a second, didn’t Archie go through a phase of showing us his yard!! 😉
Marc, hang on buddy, don’t go full Arch on us xD

Brett Cochrane says:

I have been looking at the El Primero for a while now. Don’t know if I want to go with the model you have, the open heart or their classic cars model. I’m sure any will be a great watch.

Nexus Achiles says:

It looks very nice. Does anybody know how high it is? It’s a pity it won’t hack but not a deal breaker. I’m debating between this and the Speedmaster Racing Master Chronometer for my next watch. I have no chronos at the moment. 36k bph means the Zenith will need more maintenance than the 28.8k Speedy.

Buwsur says:

Beautiful property! Only millionaires can afford land like that here in LA.

Andrew Mark says:

The more I see these zeniths, the more I want one – great watch Mr Goldberg!

Hisham Habib says:

Beautiful watch Marc! Congrats!

The Watch Lounge says:

Great piece only thing I regret when buying mine is not going with the bracelet

Z says:

I love that Zenith. That specific Chronomaster El Primero is my favorite color combination. Nice pick-up.

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