Zenith El Primero Chronomaster Calendar Moonphase Luxury Watch Review (02.0240.410/01)

Today I get to review and take a look at an extremely classy watch I have always desired and lusted after from the legendary Swiss watchmaker Zenith. With 11 complications, COSC certification and the famous El Primero movement too, this is something of a horological treat for the channel. But not only all of that, it comes in one of the most elegant cases I have seen recently and thankfully in a more refined size than later incarnations of this watch.


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Jeff Ho says:

omg, this watch is stunningly beautiful.

slaQ83 says:

Dear Urban Gentry, I’m looking to buy a mechanical (automatic) watch around $200-$300. Are there any brands you can recommend? Right now all I know that I ‘trust’ is Fossil.

Roelf van der Merwe says:

I love this watch. I would prefer the normal El Primero, but this is a nice alternative and definitely a better piece for fancy occasions


Hey I have a question for you ? I was thinking about getting one of this for a long time , but then i realized that I could get the Concord Impresario for a little less. Its the same Movement , do you think I should do that or wait and get the real deal ?

richard leeke says:

what a watch that is!

Mike Nguyen says:

Yeah, I tried a vintage one when I was in London. I think it was 2003 or so, and was smitten but I was looking at something else. It was about 5k USD so a bit pricey.

E34Benzin says:

What a beautiful watch. A true masterpiece.

Geomanb says:

My absolute favorite watch of all times. Great review!

Leigh Todd says:

Quite a beauty TGV!

Ryan Mead says:

Hi tgv, what a fantastic vid and review, i too absolutely adore zenith, for me they just scream quality, and unique, your not going to see every tom, dick or harry wearing a zenith, so thank you for sharing that with us, keep up the good work, ONWARDS AND UPWARDS, your friend Ryan.

Maynard Joseph says:

Great video, classy Watch. incidentally if you can access the BBC4 channel from USA, there’s
a great programme tonight about Breguet. He made a watch intended for Marie Antoinette, this watch
had every single complication. Including Moon phase and a thermometer.

Austin M says:

Gorgeous until one of those complications breaks

Eric L says:

zentih El primero is a must have!

Kalateya says:


Good review that gives me some useful info. Thank you. 🙂
I will definitely buy this watch in far future. Currently I use Omega Speedmaster ref. 3520.50, ST375.0084 case as my everyday watch. I hope that some day I can move to Zenith El Primero as my new everyday watch. The reason why I fall in love with this Zenith because I see the changing day, date and month mechanism that they are instant changing and I think that is very neat and high quality movement.
Anyway, good review and thank you for sharing.

Sincerely Yours.

algorithm007ify says:

This is JLC level.. Zenith is a bargain compared to JLC. It’s also a smarter buy compared to JLC, Patek or VC…Under the radar.

Ante Samarzija says:

classy – beautiful…..nice one tgv

silkhead44 says:

my dad owned a zenith…my mom gave it to my brother when dad passed…my brother never wore it…..his house got broken into and it was taken

fahd s says:

This is why I LOVE this channel. TVG appreciates watches like Timex, Orient, Seiko, even Casio as much as his Rolex, Omega, Breitling. It’s so refreshing to see someone appreciate horology in general, not just the “premium” watches.

WatchStalk says:

Great video! I’m jealous of your workstation. Keep up the good work!

Paul Bugoni says:

Ottimo video. Pure class. Too thick unless you wear a custom made shirt-a word to the group-when going for custom tailored clothing wear your bigger watches to the fittings. That said, a wearer of this fine piece no doubt will have some custom clothing in his closet. Beautiful, a break from the herd.

algorithm007ify says:

best watch you have reviewed!!!

James Osemeke Ugbo says:

GUYS. What HAND should a wristwatch be worn on? Ive always worn my watches on the left, but is there a “correct” hand to wear it?

I guess wearing a watch on the left hand allows for easier operation of crowns placed in the 3 o clock position. But, then again, how often is a crown operated while the watch on on the wrist? :/

brian connolly says:

top notch review tristano on a lovely watch. 40mm perfect size.

Wally Netherlands says:

This is such a perfect review, thank you. now i need to buy one 🙂

Chris Borzi says:

Yes… much nicer than the current version!

newhuskytwenty says:

5:59 El Primero means the first in my language, Spanish. Among others I keep as a treasure a hand wind Zenith caliber 40 who bought my grandfather although for each of the services I could have bought a decent Seiko or Citizen automatic watch. http://www.veldeszenith.com/movement-info

Arnaldo Ramos says:

Great video!!! This piece looks like an excellent alternative to the Patek Philippe Grand Complications.

independent thinker says:

Don’t forget to mention Rolex used modified (5Hz / 4Hz) El Primero movements in their Daytona’s from
1988 to 2000. Their good value for money. Like the Zenith Ref. 01.0360.400 (caliber
400 the same used by Rolex in its Daytona) you can easily find a used one for
less than $ 2000,-.

sfdez01 says:

Hey, thanks for your videos. I love them. Love that Zenith, but I have a slight dilemma. I’m saving up for a dress watch. If your budget is limited, and you can only buy one watch, would it be the Zenith or a JLC UT Moon, SS?

Kyle Tabrizi says:


I was just wondering, since you love dive watches will you ever do a review on “TAGHeuer Aquaracer Caliber 5” with the black ceramic bezel? It’s a gorgeous watch and I would really appreciate it if you do a review on it!!!




What a Beauty!! Really is.. To be fair though, your Oris MoonPhase is just as nice!! Great Review TGV.. Bravo.. BMJ ENGLAND.

Mike Mantho says:

Pure class indeed! In rose gold I might sell on of my children….

Hywel Owen says:

You must tell us the intro music, sir.

Steve Bowden says:

@17:14 Double Bonus Points Awarded for Invention of the Term: “Horological Bermuda Triangle”

Steven Kidwell says:

The Watch you reviewed… you mentioned the lug holes. It’s important to note that this particular watch originally came with a steel bracelet. The 02 indicates the steel strap with the lug holes. An 01.0240.410 came with a leather strap, and no lug holes. FYI the steel strap is not easy to adjust or remove, as Zenith does not use standard Spring bars for their steel bracelets. Be very careful removing a link too!!! Very happy to see a review of a Zenith ChronoMaster!

Noah Solomons says:

hey, isnt that Arvo Part at the beginning?

mohamed Ali says:

Perfect intro for a class watch.

vmd says:

can you say how to change the month? other than that omission… a great review! 😉 thanks!

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