Zenith Defy Lab Watch With 15Hz Movement Is ‘World’s Most Accurate’ | aBlogtoWatch

Zenith Defy Lab Watch With 15Hz Movement Is ‘World’s Most Accurate’ | aBlogtoWatch

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Zenith announces the brand new Zenith Defy Lab collection that contains what they claim is the world’s most accurate mechanical movement. The in-house made caliber ZO 342 automatic operates at 15Hz, which is faster than the vast majority of mechanical watches out there.

Correction to the video: the movement has 148 parts.

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rupert93r says:

When some pseudointellectual twat says “mechanical can *never* be as accurate as quartz”, show them this. Yes, it can, it just usually isn’t.

Link says:

dont like it much, the sound and the fast moving make me nervous and drive me crazy

Captain Z says:

I like skeleton watches

Molly O'Brien says:

looks like a pimps watch

Elite NWO Agenda says:

I love it

PopeLando says:

This is it. This finally is the watch I would buy and wear if I were a billionaire. It’s a mechanical skeleton, but completely original and has the USP of high accuracy and a unique oscillator. And it looks dead cool!

Teachering says:

Very cool!

Fabio Mattetti says:

Che meraviglia,questo oscillatore zenith rappresenta davvero la piu grande innovazione del bilancere dai tempi di Breguet.Davvero straordinario,altro che Rolex .

We are the World says:

I feel like the movement of the rotor would eventually cause the wearer to lose their mind

Abhishek Srivastava says:

The movement looks too distracting to me. (may be its just me). Sometimes the watch has too much gimmickry going on that it forgets the purpose of the watch is so that someone can tell time easily. Love the innovation … but not the aesthetics.

jcs200000 says:


Chris says:

Amazing technology and innovation but they surely need to do something about the legibility .

Xiang Fan says:

just remind me the sewing machine my grandma used to have,

DesTroisCents says:

Whew, so ugly.

Christopher Wood -MDH- says:

That is a horrible looking watch. Who cares how accurate it is if you can’t bare to look at it. No wonder Zenith constantly gets overlooked.

Heinrich Heuer says:

It looks too busy it makes me crazy

valebliz says:

Waiting for the hipsters whining it looks like a Hublot.

sergh8605 says:

I taught this was going to be ugly, but I’m in love.

reza h says:

If you use silicon you might as well put it in integrated circuits. This material is not acceptable in mechanical watches because it goes against the concept of classic tech. And it is also very ugly.

Irnbruist says:

okey this is dope!

A says:

30k for less parts easier production and ugly bezel. Swiss learned nothing.

Braden Click says:

Oh hey look, it’s a Hublot lol.

Joell Mabe says:

Movement is incredible but the design is awful. It looks like a Hublot and that’s not a compliment. Please don’t turn Zenith into Hublot JCB, I beg you.

Dan RC says:

A real shame it looks so hideous.

TheOneInYellow says:


Hung Lowe says:

Reminds me of a solar powered dashboard hula girl. Nice watch.

Tunti Turpaan says:

Quartz still beats this for accuracy and runs basically forever with solar recharge, all for less than 1/100 of the price. Let’s face it – automatic watches are just male jewellery, where 90+ percent of the price is made up of brand images.

Alpay Bayraktar says:

Just another reminder that Zenith is one of the best watch brands in the world.

Fabio Mattetti says:

Questo nuovo approccio di zenith all’organo regolatore del tempo e’ destinato a cambiare per sempre la storia dell’orologeria meccanica e riportare Zenith ai vertici dell’orologeria mondiale.Veramente straordinario.

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