Zenith Defy El Primero 21 Skeleton Review – Impressive High Horology

The most technically impressive watch I have seen to date in person. Hope you guys enjoy taking a close look at it. Let me know what you think in the comments. If anyone is considering one, or other Zenith, AP, Blancpain, Hublot, etc. Give Ross Gallin a call. Link to the Authorized dealer is here: https://diamondsdirect.com/ecj-watch-boutique


Einar Green Eidal says:

Ever since I saw this watch for the first time, it’s been on the top of my wishlist. Sadly it might be just a bit too expensive for me, but who knows…stranger things have happened, Great review as always Bruce. Keep up the good work!!!

Jean-Marc Brechbühler says:

not from this world!

Boosted Bricks says:

I would spend most of my day just staring at that watch.

Andy Doe says:

Absolutely love your vids Bruce, smashing it buddy x

Bruno F. says:

Loved the intro!

Tony Hill says:

Amazing watch. I have had my eye on the 38mm chronomaster 69 reissue for a while (I’m definitely a traditionalist) but this machine is so good.Thank you Bruce. 🙂

Luciole Dizerot says:

Love the watch and love Zenith, but I don’t love how their new watches look very similar to Hublot. Seems like there’s a homogenization of design between the two brands (+ Tag Heuer), which I’m not a big fan of.

Dario De Agostini says:

Hey Bruce, the intro of this video is really something special. Good job. Now I will just have to drug myself to forget this watch exists or I won’t be able to cope with the need to have one.

Pojosamaneo says:

Been waiting for this!

Zodiac says:

Been looking forward to the review of this! Gorgeous watch:) will we see a state of the collection from you anytime Bruce? Perhaps now you’ve added the planet ocean? (which I hope is a keeper for you)?

Momentum 1508 says:

Awesome piece!

Bugster987 says:

This is pure, wearable art

Matt McLoughlin says:

Ross is a standup guy… glad he’s taking care of you!

Bryan LP says:

Definitely the most underrated automatic Chronograph on the market. Makes the Daytona look downright simplistic.

The Watch Lounge says:

Awesome piece for sure can’t say enough about Ross and his crew, I’ve bought two pieces from them directly this year.

Echo Chambers says:

Great Video as always,Loved the “Valkyrie” intro and what a Beautiful Timepiece.(I dunno,just calling it a Watch seems to cheapen it)It is Gorgeous and im extremely jealous…Lucky You!!!!! Just to be able to borrow it for a week or so must be wicked fun.Letting it go must S*ck!!

MrLantrix says:

I’m convinced, there is a god.

Alex Yoon says:

It is an amazing “looking” piece. Of course, anyone would love to have one… or 10 ha ha ha however, i think this watch is an art piece because to serve as a watch watch, it is very difficult to read the time, specially old guy like me. thanks for the review, Bruce. again, Awesome watch.

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