Zenith Defy Classic Review: BETTER than a Rolex?

Zenith Defy Classic: BETTER than a Rolex? | Horology House
$10,000 can get you a whole lot of things, including a few nice watches.
Rolex, Omega, Tudor, Glashutte Original, Grand Seiko and Zenith are just a few brands fighting it out.
In this price bracket, Rolex is often touted as the “top dog” with its mastery of marketing and subsequent market position, simply dominating the opposition.
However when we take a further look into some of the world best watch brands, our eyes are often opened up to an entirely new world of watches, watches that offer so much more than we get used to with that marketing and hype consistently in our eyes.
Zenith is one of those brands, with history, and pedigree, that simply outdoes its more popular crown logo wearing swiss brother.
Zenith are responsible for some remarkable feats of engineering in the watch industry and, are right up there in terms of innovation.
Lets take a closer look and see what this new release from Zenith has to offer, and is it a better option over a Rolex Submariner?
Lets find out. 
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smr144 says:

the only problem is, it’s going to depreciate like a champ…

MrJKL Foams says:

As always great review. Wondering if WA can have a group gathering for all watch lovers. That would be great to see all watch enthusiasts sharing knowledge and timepiece.

christoffer pedersen says:

la Montoya

Paul Masnick says:

Great video and review. It is an awesome watch, incredibly comfortable and a dial that is always interesting to look at. Legibility has never been an issue with it.

Steve says:

I don’t get people who buy watches such as Rolex to invest. If you had bought a BLNR say 4-5 years ago when they were a bit easier to get you would have made a profit of about 6-7k if sold today and more than likely wont go up much further than that say max 8k. In terms of investment, that’s not great.

I think people who buy a Rolex purely so it doesn’t lose value and lock it away shouldn’t really buy one because they must be stretching themselves a bit financially with the purchase if they are scared to get it scratched and just don’t wear it and enjoy it, it just becomes a stressful event every time they wear it out.

Tim Queenan says:

I just picked this piece up this week. It’s amazing. These are best photos & videos of it on interweb. Good one.

Eric C says:

nice video, even more beautiful edit.

smr144 says:

too much attention grabbing… not that the Rolex patriot is not a watch for pimps but you get drift…

DuKirpalani says:

Amazing video Chris! Your witchcraft is making me consider a skeleton watch.

K.G. L says:

Great vid ,the watch is a beautiful work of art. Skeleton style just not my style.. would love to see it with a chronograph face

Eric Wong says:

EXCELLENT opening shots, watch porn at its best LOL! I handled the watch in hand, WAS tempted to get it but IDK, somehow it fell short and bought a Rolex OP 39mm white dial instead. It’s a really nice piece to be honest; the design, material used, fit and finish is top notch… but when I think a little deeper, a few things threw me off. First it’s a sports watch, a 100m depth rating should have a screw-down crown no matter what ppl say about how advance seal technology has gotten. 2, I handled the black rubber strap version which I think suits this design more than the blue alligator version… the rubber strap was TOO thin, not sure if it will hold up long enough before a replacement is needed (God forbids it snaps off in the midst of usage and the watch crashes on hard concrete!). The full Ti bracelet version is too over the top so I gave it a pass. 3, You’re gonna get A LOT of ppl saying that looks like a Hublot… design ques from a AP Royal Oak etc… nope, I’m not gonna waste time defending my choice. Overall, it’s a cool watch from Zenith for sure.

AH Baig says:

Cool watch and the video of course too

Oli Smith says:

Tried the same watch on recently and was very impressed, it would be good to buy on bracelet and pick up a rubber strap as well which is very good. I tried the el primero 21 on but was just too big on my 6 and 3/4 inch wrist but the defy fitted perfectly.

Pabs says:

Great review. I got to go see it in person now.

farmi86 says:

Epic Macro intro – stunning, great job! ❤️

Herb says:

The photography in these videos is absolutely brilliant. I wish you did videos for other products too.

Dave C says:

Great intro, Zenith should pay you for an advertisement.

I like this watch, but I wish they used an El Primero based 10 beat/sec movement and a screw down crown as a true sport watch. I have a Zenith Synopsis; 10bps, hacking, and even a longer power reserve of 55, plus screw down crown. Why didn’t they make this watch technically as good? Aesthetically it’s a winner.

Ismael Bonal says:

Quite impressive. I think I love the video more than the watch itself. Zenith should use your shots! It looks like a Hublot/AP crossover.

Joe Wen says:

Loved the intro. Anyone know what the song is?

Deez Nutz says:

Beautiful watch, I now like Skeleton watches. And yes, This is better than any basic Rolex, makes a mockery of them to be honest.
Pricing, build, history, innovation, materials, and finishing. Rolex are good at marketing, Zenith are better at making watches.

Dale M says:

Pure awesomeness mate that macro work was outstanding!! Beautiful watch too!

Magic Mike says:

Now you need to get a GP Laureato and do a serious comparison between the Zenith, AP, and the GP… Very interesting!

A P says:

Zenith has so much potential to manufacture amazing timepieces, the technical know-how is all there. The only thing that bothers me is the Tag-like case design. I wish JCB didn’t enforce this design language at Zenith. Would love to own a Zenith but the case is somewhat off-putting. Great review.

Edwin M says:

I like the back, the way it meshes with the case. The dial is impressive but, it would be the blingy-est thing that I own, might clash with my earth-tone outfits. Or, might be just the thing…

DLH says:

Zenith make the best quality Swiss watches under $10k US

chavo8891 says:

Wooooooow. I neeeeeeed this watch. Absolutely stunning work as always!! And the music choice is the cherry on the horology cake!!

Umar H says:

Omg this watch in the bracelet looks so darn beautiful!

2melapelasway says:

The band is horrible! Sad.

ralnuaimi Alnuaimi says:

Does it hold in value ?

Jason Chan says:

Best macro shots in the business! Always look forward to seeing your updates. It’s a weekend treat!

Vahid M says:

VC Overseas and a little AP Royal Oak vibes.

Wrek U says:

Absolutely incredible video! That lime work was lovely! Also the intro is fire.

Darryl Fraser says:

Spectacular review. I’m not a fan of skeleton watches, but I can certainly appreciate the quality of this piece.

That date wheel is a nice little feature.

Publius Velocitor says:

Beautiful watch!

jtt4chem says:

Grail watch.

SevenW25 V says:

Zenith are super underrated in the luxury watch space. Great video

gmshadowtraders says:

Wow. It does not beat at 36000 an hour… what a slap in the face. Otherwise the best watch out there.

Tariq York says:

Mate. I cannot fathom why all watch reviewers try to show off casebacks and movements without removing the bracelet. It is SO frustrating to watch.

You mate are the first to take this small but thoughtful measure (that I’ve seen at least).
Small details like that are the reason I like your channel so much

peggy69peggy says:

WOW this intro is quite special. The zoom on the balace wheel and the macro of the escapement. The transition into the UV black light to showcase the lume. This is next level quality.
The legibility of this zenith skeletonized dial is not fatastic. Better execution is the Hublut Mecca-10 in my opinion.

The Rolex Submariner comparision is fair but unrealsitic. In Australia you can not even get on a waiting list for a submariner. This was already bad 5 years back, but now its impossible. The realistic grey market price in Australia is 14k for a 2018 sub. Even the blue DJ41 on jubilee bracelet is 12to13k grey market.

If you bargain hard enough, the might give you 15-20% on the Zenith.( If it is in stock). Which would a price of 8k in Australia. For this money i would personlly look at a Omega Aqua Terra.

I really have no idea, how you could top this video quality. ! Love It !

The Wristwatch Experience says:

Terrific watch but could have been great if they had made it more readable – hope it sells well – I rather like Zenith

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