WTW S2:E4 – Basel 2017 New Zenith Watch Announcement!

Today we are going to be talking about Zenith’s announcement for their new Heritage Pilot Extra Special Bronze Chronograph. If you want more information read more here: https://goo.gl/Y6vOv3

1. MMT E-Strap Smart Module Watch Straps:

2. Swatch Group To Increase Prices In The UK By 5 Percent

3. U.K. Study Into Rolex Ownership Reveals…Nothing New

4. The Zenith Heritage Pilot Extra Special Bronze Chronograph

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Maarten Van brakel says:

Great video! Keep up the good work

Peter Lorimer says:

Hello Josh and many thanks for that video. Funny you should mention smart watches etc. I very nearly went out to buy a Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge phone today. They’re giving away a Samsung Fit bit? 2 with that phone. I’d rather be seen dead than wearing one of those things myself, I was going to give it away. In the event I’ve decided to wait and see what the new S8 is all about next month. As for the news that we are to get shafted by yet another company using Brexit as it’s excuse. Well it’s no real surprise to me. I’ve watched Microsoft, Apple, HTC and I think Oneplus all stick it to us over here in this Land of Hope and Glory over the past few months. And worth every penny to get our sovereignty back I say! Lol lol Right I must away.. Stiff upper lip needs more starch! Bye.

mark percival says:

I agree; the movement tracker is rubbish. Moreover I recently read a study from a reputable university which found smart watches and fitness trackers didn’t improve fitness one iota. Swatch group raising prices is silly. The recent FHS figures on exports, which were released 2 days ago, continued downwards. Seems Swatch conglomerate and the other big Swiss players just aren’t waking up. There have been a couple of articles about the new Zenith Pilot’s chronograph in bronze.Truth be told, bronze is an awful Watch case material that won’t stay trendy. I think the Tudor BBB and Oris Carl Brasher were the best. They got it right at the right time. Now, the bronze game’s almost over. At 47mm it’s way too big and far too highly priced. However, I do like the style it conveys. Large crown; big Arabic numerals with aged lume; chronograph function. Get it into a 40-42mm steel case and cut it to 3.5-4K and it might sell. Moreover it might keep looking stylish for decades. This monstrosity hasn’t a hope. Thanks for sharing!

Antti Möhköi says:

Hmmm… How many calories would that module count when “someone” is jerk…ehhh…mastur…hmm.. watching training videos of hydraulics?

nicolajc says:

Great idear with the module – why not – best of both worlds. But another option is to just wear it on the other wrist.

Un-Named Trucker says:

I’m not loving the bulbous onion crown nor the bronze case on the Zenith.

Victor Guillen says:

Hi Josh, great information and thanks for sharing. Personally I have NO intention to buy and wear a smart watch, I think I’m a purist when talking about watches and take them seriously. No damn Apple watch or any other wrist gadget can’t be compared to the pleasure of wearing my Breitling or Tag Heuer; and regarding the Tag Heuer article, I liked it, since this is one of my favorite brands. Good job!

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