WHAT IS THE BEST ROLEX DAYTONA? Zenith or In-House Movement?

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Dave Lee says:

Didn’t the ex wife buy you the JLC with your credit card…

Stephen Miller says:

Gotta luv YT analytics – yet another feminine hygiene advertisement….

Zeddington says:

Another fuck stick throws 20 bucks away.

Jeff Dinges Films says:

The best one is the one that follows you to the grave you worthless piece of human garbage and waste of oxygen.

Just thoughts really says:

Bloody hell! Loud train intro again! Have mercy on the fuckers Arch!

clyde a says:

Oh…I’ll take that nasty, nasty zenith Daytona oph your hands. Lovely, lovely SS vintage daytona. Agree with the Pontiph on terms oph collectibility phor the Zeniths.

Exploding Horns says:

Archie would commit suicide for $2 mil us

horn blower says:


Biggils says:

Did you just introduce yourself as Paul fuck head pluta! That’s it I’m outta here! No more Archie no more subscribe.

Amintas Neto says:

Great video for a change big boi.
I’d go for a Zenith model first and then a ceramic in-house one when the buzz around is over

243wayne1 says:

Are you phucking kidding me?  Zenith movement doesn’t even come CLOSE to Rolex new in house movement.  Class dismissed.

angrydachshund says:

Good vid, the classic Archie quality is back!

hcavn says:

The inhouse is a phucking dog TURD

what cunter decided it was a good idea to have the subdials at 3 and 9, not in line with the middle of the watch

phucking phelchers

and doing give me shite about it being harder for chogs to phake

Exploding Horns says:

I’m confused. Is this mikes watch or Alex? You showed the same pic for both and did Mikes b day vid first. Irene got it for him. Your vids continue to suck. Thank god tour “fuckhead” friends continue to put you down in the comments. Only reason I still watch. Arch that van is looking good right now

Exploding Horns says:

You really need to pay someone $20
To ask about a $12k watch and if it’s good? All Rolex is good.

Greg Mieg says:

The best movement is the current one. Why? Cause its new and you have 5 year warranty. The older ones might be worth more and and are more collectable but they are not ‘better’. You dont know when they were serviced last, maybe had issues in its life like water got in accidently through the pushers. Who knows. New is best. Fuck the snobby collectors.

Zeddington says:

Archie gives me the shits and that’s movement enough.

Projekt6 says:

Outstanding video! This is the type questions that we should be asking the Pontiff.

JohnstonPettigrew says:

THAI AIRWAYS EMERGENCY LANDING AT DENPASAR INDONESIA TG473 ………………”I nearly died” on the Puto travel channel.

CavsAllDay says:

good question Alex

Honk if you're HORNY says:

the best rolex daytona is the one that you dont buy and fix your leaking roof instead.

Just thoughts really says:

Zenith dial looks better but the current model movement is better

CavsAllDay says:

tried so phast I mispelled . sorry phellows

South Carolina Bankruptcy says:

Sell your Patek World Time ASAP and get a Rolex Daytona with a Zenith movement.

Exploding Horns says:

At least his kids would be taken care of finally

Lil Papi says:

Worst opening to a video ever!

Mad Man says:

“Daytona is valuable” + “both movements are good”. Fuck me dead, 20 bucks went through the shitter.

Mike Dennington says:

need to change the lighting fatso as the warts are glowing in that light.

Stephen Miller says:

Sorry Alex, if your fiancé has bought you Daytona my guess is that she is about to come clean and tell you that she didn’t work as a Dental Hygienist in Denver but was actually an entertainer at Shotgun Willies.

Bill Cull says:

He’s back! Quality content and no crazy hooker shit

JohnstonPettigrew says:

how about we get that video of you dressed up like the transvestite named Devine (now deceased) and eat a dog turd, just like he did, on film?………Archi Bald Flamingo’s……..

CavsAllDay says:


Jose Cantu says:

you know what i think archi i think you should have respect for the ones that bust there ass to get that rolex the lower class person that works hard saves his money and pays cash for his watch im one of those people i think people that buy with credit cards i belive never own them until its paid off!!! im just saying what do you think archi???

Teamhonn says:

bad hair day but the man knows this stuff cold. he is like a savant with these model numbers.

hcavn says:

Archi Bald Puta has a lot of knowledge about Rolex model numbers…………….HOWEVER, he has A I D S

Ming's says:

Here The Pontiph can be seen working for his money. Good job Sir Pontiph

flukom says:

make the intro louder arch, I think i still have some hearing remaining in my left ear.

Cas Hau says:

He never owned a Daytona so how can he talk about them?

Terry Mc says:

The Pontiff is in his element discussing these Daytona’s and the differences between their movements. Great video!

Exploding Horns says:

And to answer this pour phucks question and not charging $20… any Daytona is good!!! Fuck me dead it’s a Rolex Daytona!!! Zenith or in house. It’s a fucking great watch.

Dom Von Hutch says:

The fake aristocrat finds it very difficult to respond to these sort of questions. Too much an actual opinion and retrospective required.

Jshortca1 says:

Good vid Arch.


just watched gentry s latest edc video , left a comment that he forgot to mention is rape whistle … how fast will he take it down , keep it up Arch!!

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