Wednesday Wildcard With Brian: FP Journe, Rolex, Patek Philippe, Zenith Watches

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Discussed in tonight’s show: the Patek Philippe Grand Exhibition, Zenith Watches, Roger Dubuis Watches, Rolex Watches – especially the Rolex Daytona – the Patek Philippe Aquanaut and Nautilus, and the Tudor Heritage Advisor. Tim shares his Jaeger-LeCoultre Master Compressor Extreme World Alarm, and Brian discusses the best of 2017 from Bell & Ross watches and F.P. Journe.




Yanran Wang says:

I don’t understand why so many American say “Yeger”, I am sure they know the correct pronunciation. Still very good show though.

Eric Nielsen says:

Welcome back – you were missed during the move and the Exhibition! LOVE the wristshot cam, that greatly improves the show’s flow. Please make the picture brighter (not so bright you’re sweating on camera) and as mentioned boost the sound volume a bit.

Wolfowitch says:

I hate GMT watches.

GameTime says:

Bring back Fed!

AndréFelipe says:

Glad to see you back on track, Tim! Great show today, keep it up:)!

CamCrunch says:

Loved today’s show!

Amintas Neto says:

Great talk Tim!
Very nice to see Brian on the show as well.
He definitively adds lots of value to the discussions.
Hope you can keep partnering in future editions.


Dennis McFeely says:

Good show although a little antiseptic. Brian’s knowledge is fantastic, should be a good match for you Tim. I do miss Fed though.

Jake Roth says:

The typing is seriously the most annoying thing in the world.

David Cote says:

I wonder when Fed is coming bac?

Watch Looker Watch says:

Good watch show. I didn’t necessarily like Brian’s demeanor but it may just be the newbie syndrome. Regardless, I am here for watch content and it delivered. Tim, you are the man.

shambam says:

who is this guy?! This is no where near as entertaining as when frederico was your co-host…

Yanran Wang says:

btw, nice sunglasses.

Gary Xu says:

Hi Tim – thanks for producing good content again – life feels normal again! (After all the unresolved UGWC drama)

A Leone says:

Tim, Brian may give you a run for your money. He seems to really know his stuff. Once he gets as comfortable as you in front of the camera, look out!

Danny says:

Love Brian! That’s an upgrade compared to Federico! Love his knowledge on Pateks/gold Daytonas. I don’t have the money to buy one rn, but he is giving me something to shoot for — and educating me on my future goals. Thank you!

John GT3 says:

Great to have you on again, best watch show in town hands down.

Fayssal Kaddoura says:

I want a horolum! Any in stock ? At the right price ?

ptube1514 says:

That 1000 yard stare…

Mike Mancinelli says:

Great show guys!!

Daniel Katz says:

The pin buckle vs Deployant answer to the reiterated question to Hodinkee was another perspective with some overlap….so valid question to ask….plus it takes reiterated questions and answers in a learning process to any subject for people for me to get it, and learn something

Bubba B says:

That’s what I’m talking About! Back to our programming. Thanx Tim! Nice job Brian.

trevor walker says:

Great show Tim, just bought my first watch from Govberg on Tuesday and it will be hear in California this morning ( Thursday 7-27) Not an expensive piece but a watch I’ve been chasing for a long time and you don’t find a bunch of them on the market, the Longines Legend Diver from the used side of the business…. I cant wait! It’s not a Patek or FP Journe and I already own 2 Rolex Subs..

Gerold At Large says:

Thanks for your perspective Brian. A bit different.

Neil Gordon says:

So much knowledge between the two of you. Awesome show.

C'Q Gottlieb says:

Great Show Guys!!!

alford35 says:

Glad to see Brian on the show! A little camera shy as to be expected but was on his game for the most part other than the “Deployment” of the troops ;-). Bet he doesn’t call it that after he catches the flack that is coming his way especially being a watchman’s son lol. Very knowledgeable for someone that appears to be quite young so he did great! Looking forward to you all being back on track!

Roelf van der Merwe says:

How old is Brian? He seems really young.

Purplehaze5995 says:

Brian did a great job and has good taste.

Dave T says:

Glad to see clear and in focus wrist shots!

AjaxForever says:

Just a tip for my part, add a more colorful background. This looks sad.

minibus1351 says:

take a shot everytime you hear “you know”

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