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Izo Izo says:

Fuck me dead. Vintage Zenith is for bloody undesirable dead beat fuckas. I would only allow a Vintage VC to grace my wrist.

SpartacusDog1 says:

Redials are OUT! But, where’s the darn photo Archie?

eagle says:

Your right on the money there Archie boy, yes bit of a cold feeling towards Zeniths.

G J Carr says:

Man on the mooooooooooooooooooon fuckers

My Email says:

Buying vintage takes research, a lot of it. You pick the model learn, go on forums learn more. Then ask advice to make sure it is not a franken or redial then you buy. You dont go on ebay and think today I buy a vintage watch.

HafizPlunac says:

After first 20 seconds I decide not to watch this video.

lvmusicman says:

I think Zenith watches are fantastic quality, you should be reminded that zenith made the movements for the Daytona and the Submariner.
In addition, Zenith is one of the only watch manufacturers that make everything, including the screws. So I think Archi dear boy, your comments about Zenith are unjustified.

Mirokism says:

This guy looks really socially awkward.

argopunk says:

This may sound incredible but most people buy watches simply to tell the time. And if they last twenty years telling the time then they consider it a good watch. How about that, eh?!

Panerai Ferrari says:

I just bought a new Zenith Pilot watch … looks amazing, great history and 100% in house movement … If you like IWC take a good look at Zenith …

Brian Booth says:

Archie likes all show and no real stylel. Is philosophy is pay a lot for that that glitters even if the class of the watch is superrficial

LA90004 says:

Would it have killed Archie to show us the Zenith watch so we can see what the fucking video was about?

Tony N says:

Who is this idiot ?

1989osu says:

Fucking Archie dickhead, not everyone buys watches to make a profit on them, you bogan.

RaiderInNY says:

What a cunt! Why bother with these derelicts, Archie. Well, they paid… they paid to get shitted on. Idiots. Zenith is SHIT!

John James McCartney says:

just bought an el primero hw for my collection. i don’t sell my watches, i have no need to. i love zenith. they have quality in house movements. ask rolex.

hcavn says:

Fuck redials Archie, patina all the way on these vintage pieces.

Chuck Atkins says:

What a fukin GOOF!

willkilla says:


KING says:


lombady banker says:

Archibald, sound advice.

Turk Sandwich says:

A commercial in the middle of the video?  LOL!

John j says:

Three strikes and you’re out! lol, it took 3 clicks.

Roman Jeremy says:

Rolex ceo is the former Zenith ceo . Not sure what it says about Rolex

SB SB says:

Zenith Chronographs have the same movement as Paul Newman Daytona, but they are more unique,and smaller number of them.And why buy watches in the first place, if you thinking already about flipping them or selling.Are you collector, or flipper?

Steve Allen says:

Phist you mean nasty fuckas !!!


Redials are dog shit. I bought my Zenith Captain from the original owner and it has the 133.8 cal movement. It’s an awesome watch and bargain

Dániel Kovács says:

Why do u people still asking archie about anything? His answer is always “buy rolex”. And you can recognize this after watching like 5 of his videos… He doesnt even love the watches itselfs just posing with expensive rolex watches. Typical dumb american who buys only overhyped watches. Maybe rolex has excellent quality but it has no style……

Craig Farquharson says:

Zenith are pure class, Archie, your not. Rolex don’t buy anything but class and they bought the El primero movement from Zenith for their Daytona.Sometime people don’t want obvious choice. It’s so easy to go into a jeweller and buy a Rolex or Omega, but who are you buying it for? Is it to impress your friends ? Buy a watch for yourself buy quality, buy something a bit different, stand out from the crowd. Zenith does all this and more. When somebody asks you what sort of car you drive and the answer is Porsche I always feel a bit embarrassed saying that. That’s exactly the same feeling you get when you own a Rolex and someone says what’s that watch. it’s not a talking point. A brand like Zenith is.

algorithm007ify says:

Zenith rocks! However, redials suck…

hcavn says:


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