URGENT PAID WATCH REVIEW – Zenith El Primero Chronomaster

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Alysandir says:

“A Zenith is shit, but a Zenith in a Rolex case is awesome.”Good lord…

robbyjai says:

do you think the fat cunt hates zenith ??? 😉

Josefin Kjellsson says:

i would pay 5000$ to see this fat fuck shoot himself in The face, F U “Archie”

Marc Judge says:

zenith el primero all day long Arche you are a fake.you can’t afford a zenith, with your cheap AAA copy. same shit different day.

Alex park says:

Buy the Zenith!

David R says:

Archie wants you to buy the Omega Man on the Moon because he is an Omega fan boy. Nice but the Zenith is an amazing watch too and the absolute BEST VALUE Swiss Chronograph out there! You can get one new at half the price of the Daytona.  I have the El Primero Original 1969 (without the movement window) and it is amazing. Not oversized like some fucking sundials can be on a wrist. Also Archie doesn’t tell you that the El Primero has its own in-house movement so you can tick that box off too.

john g says:

is anyone else grossed out by looking into his big fat mouth?

DharmaTechster says:

This is one of the best watch buys in the universe. A truly beautiful, classy watch with some real history to it. I would definitely recommend it to anyone who deserves wearing one. So…. Bullshit, worthless review, Archie.

Blu Rox22 Js5 says:

aids cough?

Stoica Mihai says:

this is why people stop watching your videos because you are such a fool…

Blu Rox22 Js5 says:

Yellow teeth phist phucker

Frank Schroth says:

This guy is just disgusting!

glennsmooth says:

And why would Rolex use Zenith movement? because Zenith is killing it! Awesome watches. The new pilots are fucking amazing. Rolex made a great movement dumb by slowing it to 28k vph (Rolex is stupid). it’s supposed to have 36,000 vph fuckers! Fuck Rolex and get the better zenith! 🙂

mario siaven says:

jomashop is kosher i can attest to that and as for zenith el p.. is a respectable brand maybe not on the likes of rolex or omega but it deserves due respect for that amazing chrono movement and fyi ive seen old preowned ones rumning even higher in price than the new editions so soft my ass archie!

Benjamin Dover says:

Every time you say “Zeneth” instead of of Zenith, God strangles a ladyboy.

Syphax says:

the real question here is : can a pig really appreciate caviar?

Polar Roller says:

Arch..you just buy to flip later….what is assessment of Zenith, if you buy to keep, with no concern on re-sale soft market? Is it good quality?

LA90004 says:

Why can’t this yobbo pronounce a four syllable name like El Primero?  Not El Primo, you Brisbane bogan!

Mike Dennington says:

Keep it cheap, nasty, sweaty and full of fuking vulgar phisting actions

Keekee Fries says:

Bought an Omega from JomaShop. I have no complaints….good discount, no issues….

Rob Logan says:

Go eat your ice cream Paularchy.

LeicaBob says:

That cough has been lingering for awhile Arch… get it checked out.

Dodger Lane says:

I’m sorry I don’t agree, zenith is a great brand, I would do a p Pepsi challenge any day of the week with zenith against JLC,Rolex etc any day of the week.
Zenith watches are made of the highest quality period.

algorithm007ify says:

Archie you are stupid, Zenith is better than your beloved Rolex.

Ricardo Fernandez says:

El PRI-ME-RO, no el PRIMO.

Silver Nomad says:

Paul, you are DEAD WRONG here. Zenith is a great brand. Just because something isn’t an old man Explorer, Old man, Gold Sub, Or Old man Man-On-The_Moon doesn’t mean it isn’t any good. You need to expand your views. You are getting boring.

Hidden Emperor says:

Dude you gotta stop praising everything based on it’s resell value?! Wth haha

pengo242 says:

i think archie is a little jealous of the zenith here

MrJKL Foams says:

El primero mvt with 36K vph shit? Dont think so. Freakin rolex used the mvt for a decade. I would say buy what you like and forget what other people says about it coz most of them cant even afford to buy one. Reality check mate!

DLH says:

breguet is a soft brand… like dog shit in the rain

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