Top 5 Most Undervalued Luxury Watch Brands- Episode 2

In this video Federico I. discusses his top 5 most undervalued, under-appreciated and underestimated luxury watch brands.

Most of these can be picked up for a fraction of full retail.

Zenith, Piaget, Nomos, Girard Perregaux, Glashutte Original, Piaget.

El Primero, Lemania, Valjoux 7750.

Seiko SKX:

Seiko SKX:
Seiko SKX Black:


Hamilton Khaki King:


Tissot PRS 516:

Victorinox Maverick:

Tissot Powermatic:


Worth Less says:

I found the El Primero Original for essentially half off on Jomashop. Are they a legitimate seller and is that a good deal? From 9.3k down to 5k.

Michal DreamKiz says:

one of the brand’s I find underestimated is Atlantic. I own an Atlantic Worldmaster from 1980 and it works fine without any care… great great. what do you think about this brand ?

medgasguy says:

Federico, could you explain in a sentence or two about how a watch manufacturer comes up with their MSRP? Or maybe it’s worth a short video if there is a lot to the story. Thank you so much, love the channel.

Jan Skorka says:

Please, can you say the “in-house” word more frequently? Ideally, in each sentence at least once. The watchmaking these days is all about in-house and this word deserves more attention. Saying it like 100 times in 9 minutes is just not enough. Thanks.

TochVanDeGekken says:

Just some trivia: Glashütte is located in eastern Germany, in the Saxon Switzerland-East Ore Mountains; not in the Black Forrest. The Black Forest is in Baden-Württemberg in southwestern Germany. It is where the cuckoo clocks are believed to have come from.

mohammad amin says:

Piaget is so beautiful. It`s a jewel watch and agree that probably , they are the only manufacturer with fully in house movements .Their watches are even more expensive than others.

James Wong says:

I am about to pull the trigger on the Zenith El Primero. Thanks to your video.

medgasguy says:

I think a couple of brands that in my opinion produce quality timepieces but do not receive a lot of love are Eterna and Armand Nicolet. For some reason both of these brands have extremely high retail prices but sell in the secondary market typically for up to 80% off, but the quality of their pieces rival those of JLC and other more prestigious brands. Since I don’t plan on selling any of my watches I don’t worry so much about whether or not they can hold their value. I believe that I’m picking up a quality Swiss Made timepiece that will last a lifetime.

Ricardo Moraes-Pinto says:

Federico: I love GPs – I have three GP Vintage, two 94s and one 95 which I am proud of. My Piaget Gouverneur (an early 2000 model, very classy) is one of my preferred watches. Unfortunately, none of these watches score a fair send-hand market price. What a pitty! Thank you for the video.

Peter Marchant says:

Can you help me on the Orient Bambino ER2400LD? Long Island Watches does not have this in stock & Amazon is high priced. Where else can I get a good deal on this watch?

Mike Howard says:

Pre-owned Breguets are a good value. A type XX1 chrono for the same price as a new ceramic Sub. That’s a no brainer.


Nomos means law in Greek language .

Cole Bruce says:

what model is that first zenith he put a picture of?

john g says:

good vid – you could easily add more: UN, Blancpain, and Jean Richard

bobbieber says:

Glashütte is located in the Erzgebirge, not in the Blackforest. Just fyi.

Jonathan Ellard says:

Piaget Polo S…love! IMO Jaeger LeCoultre is also undervalued.

RMW says:

Thanks Federico. Not sure if anyone mentioned it already, but I think Sinn may fall into this category.

RationalPragmatist says:

Of the five brands you mentioned, Nomos is the closet to ‘undervalued’ as it has the smallest difference when it comes to listed retail and grey market prices. The others (esp. Zenith and Piaget) have a 30-50% difference when it comes to retail and grey market. Like you said, shop around to find these brands at a fraction of their retail to avoid taking a massive deprecation hit.

TXchadTX says:

What do you think of the Bremont brand?

smr144 says:

Stop wondering why the apartment looks so shity!!! The man spends his money on high-end watches! Anyway, good videos.

super 09 says:

Paul picot

Alan c says:

agree with zenith and Piaget..but zenith needs to stop with the open dials. GO is not underappreciated in my opinion very popular in asia, nomos is plain and actually over appreciated imo, I don’t understand the fuss about them from watch guys for such unimaginative designs. GP makes some horrible models, sea hawks the square ones called vintage I believe the Ferrari models, they deserve to be trashed

AjaxForever says:

Grand Seiko.

Don says:

Is the speed master not the most iconic chrono?

Mike Chan says:

Nice video. I totally agree with you on the Girard Perregaux watches. My mom told me they used to be really popular during my grandfather’s time, but they sorta lost their mainstream popularity over time.

I think Piaget is doing pretty well though. Hahah

K onliner says:

Thanks for the insight. Now Im gonna buy a used one 🙂

Philip Lee says:

Zenith indeed. I love their watches and would buy more if they were all 2mm smaller – so the El Primero’s at 40mm instead of 42 and the Captain/Elite dress watches at 38mm instead of 40. I have the Elite moon phase which I like a lot but think would have been perfection had it been 37/38mm rather than 40mm.

Interstellar Lapis & the CCCP says:

Piaget is actually one of my favorite watch brands… technically I’m only a huge fan of one model (the Emperador) but there are multiple variations of the watch and they are all beautiful. I feel kind of the same way about Audemars Piguet; only like the Royal Oak line but I love them a lot and there are so many different models to choose from. Patek is really the only high end watchmaker which makes multiple models I absolutely love, such as the Nautilus and Perpetual Calendar.

adde hat says:

I really like this guy

Alan1234x says:

excellent video! a good pace throughout. I like vintage- Corum and Universal Geneve. Their old stuff is pretty in terms of value.

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