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If you’re just getting into watches, it won’t be long before you come across the El Primero. Meaning, ‘the first’, it was the name given by its creator, Zenith, to mark the creation of the world’s first integrated automatic chronograph movement. That was 50 years ago—there’s been a lot of progress since.

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Christopher Bieniarz says:

It might be ab engineering marvel but for my taste is a coyote UGLY watch!

J R says:


Gautaman Senivasan says:

How do you get that camera angle and the camera to focus on the watch?

&Ö& Paneristi says:

Zenith defy superior. Rolex Daytona inferior.

Davideo Jockey says:

jesus christ……

lobserve1 says:

Cool watch but since human reaction time is over a tenth of a second you could never measure time within a tenth.

the Epster says:

50Hz in a mechanical form is surely the limit. I’d imagine the service frequency is just as staggering as will be the cost. The hyper macro shots show imperfections in the finishing but this is a volume manufacture piece hence the high price isn’t astronomical. But it’s very cool and such a handsome piece. Well done Zenith, top of class.

Garuda Phoenix says:

Ahh that looks like my Pentax MX.

tusmaniandevil says:

The tech behind the 1/100th second El Primero is amazing but I hate what Biver has done to Zenith

Paul says:

love this watch beautiful design

Dionysus Fascinus says:

At first I thought that this looked like a pretty nice watch, then it started going bonkers. Holy shit is that an amazing piece of engineering.

cookingprof says:

This Zenith EL PRIMERO has a very cool factor for me. The 1/10th second movement.

sochyvonn nora says:

That cheeky side eye at defy media worst prefect

xrendezv0usx says:

Jesus this watch is dope

primecreator says:

Holy crap, that is an exceptional timepiece and compared to some other luxury brands, very well priced for what you get. Could be my grail.

Conqwiztadore22 says:

it’s cool but it aint a rollie

D. S. says:

Where’s the second hand? Oh, wait. There it is I think.

Siong Hee Leong says:

I prefer it with a solid dial instead of the transparent dial used. The watch face is too busy looking and has poor legibility. Otherwise, I take my hat off to Zenith for producing this well engineered watch. In my view, this is a more collectable chronograph watch than any Rolex Daytona.

Dark Forest says:

I will have an orgasm if I wear that

Suhas Pawar says:

My Casio G-shock beats all these single handedly!!! These all watches require maintenance that would require lot of time, effort and money. Casio is the best. Just can’t go wrong with its in house tough movement. No maintenance whatsoever and watch for life!!

MJH says:


Welchia Nachi says:

“Zenith Defy Zero G”

L G says:

The usual silly jealous comments about Rolex ?

finnikris says:


Rintaro Hernandez says:

Daytona: lvl. 1 crook
Defy 21: lvl. 50 godfather

Nicholas Contey Jr. says:

Beating at 360,000 VPH? That’s as fast as the polarity cycling in the Brits’ residential AC electrical supply.

Does this watch cause motion sickness, or is that just from my mind being blown?

Willie Boon says:

I rarely use the chronograph function

David says:

Very nice. But I prefer watches containing Omega’s coaxial Caliber 9300/9900 family of Chronograph movements.

Galih Prabasidi says:

Review Lange 1 please

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