The Most Underrated Iconic Watch Or An Epic Fail? – Zenith El Primero Timeless Chronomaster Review

In today’s watch review I set my eyes on one of the most understated and classy incarnations of perhaps the most important and iconic chronograph of all time.

To start, I review the history of Zenith as a brand and some of their key achievements before getting to grips with this extremely limited edition.

The Zenith Chronomaster Timeless Heritage El Primero is certainly one interesting watch. Despite this piece making me feel rather conflicted due to some faults in its design, one thing is certain – it ticks all the boxes when it comes to what you want in a luxury watch. It’s a legendary heritage brand, has an exclusive availability, is stunningly refined in terms of quality, has some serious horological muscle to power it, and all of this is done in a classy and “timeless” (forgive the pun) style.

So what could possibly go wrong? Join me as we take a closer look and find out.

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JustinMiles17 says:

Zenith is just one of those brands that has something special. Amazing review T!

Sirius says:

Am I the only one watching these videos that can’t even afford most of these time pieces?

Nikioko says:

6:30: That is really a beautiful piece. Unfortunately not for my wallet.

omnia resipsaloquitor says:

my ALPHA SPEEDMASTER PROFESSIONAL KNOCKOFF…… keeping great time,,,,,running 2 sec per day fast…… cool is that?

Jorge Acevedo says:

Do you measure the wrist below or above the bone?

Sebastian Schmidt says:

Another damn cool intro :D! The 60s El Primero are so stunning, especially with gold case. So good looking…but the prices :O

Roamy360 says:

This Zenith to me is a total dress watch and not a sports watch whatsoever. But I really like it. The negatives you talk about are negatives relating to a sports watch. You don’t want a large crown on a dress watch and the hands are dress watch style that look great on this watch. Zenith has plenty of sports models available but this is not one of them. To make this watch a dress/sports combo you would make the crown a little bigger, throw just a little lume around the dial and delicately integrate the lume into the hands. I would really like to see Zenith actually do this with this case size and style because they have so many great elements going for it in this model. As it is right now this is a very good looking watch, but it really is a dress watch.

David Cyr says:

Love that intro!
I would also love to see a deep dive on the Defy Lab. That sounds so sifi

TypeSly says:

When did they start and stop making televisions?

helder gaspar says:

It’s a beauty but i’d still rather have an el primero.

Vladimir Ponomariov says:

Красивый цвет у секундной стрелки

Bradley Baker says:

I could really do with some advice. As a teen with no job,my budget is extremely small. I am going on holiday during the summer to quite possibly the last holidat with my parents and was wondering if I should buy a “cheap” watch of about 30-70 with water resistance enough to enjoy and make memories with whilst swimming or doing water sports, or should I save my money past that to buy my first “real” watch;either an skx013 or something along those lines and just take my 20 pound casio beater over there with me. Anyone offer any advice?

HokeyBear says:

Another outstanding video with a breathtaking open score

Ernest Krajnc says:

I love love those leaf hands! It’s class, pure class.

Wong Jefx says:

Crazy nice watches.

benoit debrock says:

Love the El Primero movement! Thanks for the review. Funnily I don’t have this movement in a Zenith but in a Tag Heuer Link Chronograph Ref. CT511A. One of the better looking Tag Heuer’s imho. Just a little peeve with respect to your review… the “c” in “oscillator” is silent I believe…

towert7 says:

Looks great. I like the hands.

dufferjuice says:

Great review TGV. Beautiful watch!

Tariq York says:

Jean Claude Biver is actually the president of LVMH’s watchmaking department – not the CEO of Zenith. (However he is CEO of Tag Heuer currently )

CEO of Zenith is Julien Tornare.

Not a huge part of this video I know, but was mentioned at 1:53
Thought some would appreciate this knowledge.

Great vid and stunning, historically brilliant watch!

Rich Alvarez says:

Hey any thoughts on the Luminox military style watches? Navy seals and Sentry styles?

Rowan Brown says:

Love the extended history of the brand. Great as always.

The Watch Lounge says:

Zenith make great pieces , my grail is an el primero tri color chrono probably gonna get the blue dial 38 mm version by the end of this year great video as always 🙂

Dominik Logert says:

I think the cal. 11 from Buren / Breitling / Heuer and Dubois Dépraz was the first automatic Chronograph movement. But there were only weeks between. But both are amazing movements

Sam cooper says:

yes tgv! best intro song ever!!! great video as always, please keep up the great videos

_echnaton says:

Pure rare

Jon Fox says:

Amazing watch and great video and i was wondering what you think of air blue watches thx.

Ross Moran says:

Do you think you could get ahold of a piece from Briston watches? I would love to see someone’s opinion on those watches.

PawsleyDirt says:

Wow! Just wow! I’d wear it with the back side up.

_echnaton says:

Jean Claude “Beaver”

likeDC79 says:

Sorry to nitpick…I believe you’re mispronouncing the word “oscillate”. I know Brits pronounce certain words differently, but I’ve never heard that iteration before (I live in the UK).

Bugster987 says:

What a beauty.

Peter E says:

Excellent intro to a great review of an under appreciated company. Full marks.

FallingTitan says:

I just bought my grail today TGV! Its a perfect day! Still dont have a chrono but if I do get one it will be another grail the El Primero

Bruno Elmo Portilho Mendes says:

A have a dream that one day i’ll see the review of the Seiko sbdc051. I need help to decide between this Seiko and the christopher ward c65 Trident.

Blase Casillas says:

El Primero…my favorite chronograph. Imho head and shoulders above the Speedy and Navitimer from a true enthusiast’s perspective…that “stealth luxury” you mentioned is precisely why I love it so much! I agree that the crown and pushers should display a bit more symmetry, but that dial just sings to me. That gorgeous movement reminds me of something Lange might do…I could stare at it all day! I still think I would opt for the iconic tri-color El Primero though…but I am going to take a look at your vid of the Chronomaster Calendar Moonphase. What a gorgeous piece! Cheers and thanks for another fantastic video TGV!

Juan Farrell says:


Yunus Emre Bayu says:

Nice review man… Today I went to the gym and I am kinda tired but I saw your video and made a cup of coffee to watch it while I am drinking. Also Beatles song was awesome!

Esteban Ortega says:

super class watch, great video

vmarsch says:

Oh man, I had an El Primero in the late nineties. Most beautiful chrono I’ve ever owned. Also, the most heartbreaking watch I’ve ever owned. After a couple years, running the chrono seized the entire movement. I sent it to the US authorized service center twice, and both times they failed to fix it. Local watchmakers say it’s impossible for them to fix. I didn’t buy another mechanical chrono for almost 20 years because of that watch.

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