Rolex Bubble Finally Bursting ? Why Is the Zenith El Primero Underrated ? Q and A

Rolex Bubble Finally Bursting ? Why Is the Zenith El Primero Underrated ? Q and A

In today’s episode of Federico Talks Watches it is once again time for the monthly Q and A. Today we are talking about the Rolex Bubble? Will Rolex prices go down? Why is the Zenith El Primero under ratted and will Nomos make a chronograph. All that and more in todays episode.


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Burkhold St. Rudderberg says:

I love my Zenith; in fact I have a plastic Charles Vermot figurine on my dashboard!

Mike Younes says:

I heard that the El premiero has shorter service intervals due to a movement design with more parts that normal. Can anyone confirm?

Peter Picallo says:

IMHO, the ceramic Omegas somehow look plasticky compared to the earlier models. Just saying…

Bogart1980 says:

If the bubble bursts my watches will be worth less but I’ll be able to afford more.


Honestly I hate the Rolex Company now and will not support it any longer. The “Rich new money” have devoured the supply and driven up the second hand prices. Rolex employees are taking cash bribes for waiting list sports models. Let the stupid Rich chase sky high prices and price everybody else out of the market. I’m shopping Omega & JLC now. Fuck the games.

Price Goosby says:

When Ric Flair dies, only then will Rolex prices drop, they’ll have lost their greatest hype man.

UKMJ says:

Panerai, seriously?

varanid9 says:

“In the early 2000s their CEO……released some really ugly watches – kinda like this one….” If that watch had been put out by Patek Phillipe with a $50,000 price tag, everyone would be going “ooh” and “ah” over it.

Alexander Glogar says:

hi Federico! love your show! could you do some content about Hublot as I am not really sure about the Brand and the used once are 1/3 less than new.. would be interested in the Big bang 41.. so far I just have a new Hulk as my first watch and I want a counterpart in the future! thx and keep it up

Raymond Lee says:

Bubble or no bubble….it all boils down to supply n demand. I could not see Rolex increasing their supply as this will do them more harm than good. Rolex do not need the money, they have more than anyone. I agree with a few comments below, it’s a matter of people easing on the demand side which have to do with the state of the economy. If people have a few more dollars in their pocket, they are prepared to pay more than Retail to jump the wait list

Power Auto says:

Please do an episode on what is actually the most accurate mechanical watches. We all know Rolex have the market on the snob side. But actual best made and most accurate. That would be good.

Andy says:

As long as we continue to have so many relatively wealthy people with absolutely no understanding of what a watch is and with the unshakable belief Rolex is the only luxury watch brand in the planet, prices are not going to drop.

Hector Morena says:

Predicting a bubble burst is a stupid thing to do if you don’t specify an approximate date to the debacle. Of course, by definition a bubble will eventually burst. Maybe it will burst after you die, dude, which would be irrelevant.

Sector Mentor says:

The IWC looks great on your Fede!

JayH says:

The Hamilton brand to me says blenders and toasters, not watches.

Steven Leonard says:

I treat all my watches like they are Rolexes.. I love watches

Spartan Buff says:

Hey Federico – random question: that Rolex Submariner wall clock behind you – is that a “dealer clock”?

tatshore says:

I would say no,I’ve got a bit of inside info,got a very close friend who’s worked in an AD for prob close to 10 years now i was asking him this same question he said no chance Rolex are working at full capacity now 7 days a week, spoke to him about this a few months ago i think he said there working 2 shifts at this as well, i guess they could put more out if they wanted to put another shift on but it not like a car assembly line there’s also skills and crafts to be learned,i guess they’ve hit there sweet spot.He said demand for ss sports models are through the roof and even a ss datejust if someone walked in 3 or 4 years ago they could get in touch with rolex and have one in a week now he said it could be 5 or 6 months,the gmt Pepsi list was closed after the first day they now have upto a 15 year waiting list on that,I’m on a list for a ceramic Daytona and there is nothing he can do to speed that up for me at all,we’ve been friends for alot of years and no reason for him to spin me a yarn,so i would say if there is gonna be a bubble burst it’s gonna be a long time in the future and def not on a Daytona or even your batmans or Pepsi

Kimsue222 says:

I will be going to Omega. Not sure that Rolex will ever come down enough for my taste.

horsefaceemily says:

Rolex bubble will never pOP !, there sports watch`s are so good and such a good price for a really good sports watch, every one wants one, exept you mugs now on yer bike son`s.

Duben De Fresh DJ says:

Yo dude you look way batter. Keep that clean beard bro. As always great content.

Charles Hope says:

I would trade 1 for 1 my sub for a royal oak anytime, where is that possible?

Carlo Filippo Pezzoli says:

Vintage Rolex prices and other iconic model like omega speedy are going so up in the next ten years that nobody can immagine. They will be next huge investing taxes. i think prices ill increase 1000% in the next ten years. Buying it until they had reasonable prices.

Titi teatea says:

Pepsi back down to earth, Federico??? From $20K to $18K?? You call that earth!! Fooken sky high bro..

david fulginiti says:

Fed, thanks for your vids, Happy Thanksgiving

Carlo Dimacali says:

I just like to ask you Fed, in terms of movemeny, materials, craftsmanship, fit, finish, and supply only, leave out the demand, what would be a fair price (for both manufacturer and buyer) for a brand new ceramic Submariner (116610)?

Daniele Poreba says:

That Laureus blu dial shirt combo is great

Sector Mentor says:

Hi Fede, it might be worth showing pictures of the new watches you have in stock as you name them..Just a thought. Thank you

TheRob says:

I would choose the wave on the omega.

Ben Sona says:

The watch bubble won’t pop until the economy tanks. If a recession happens the first thing to go is spending on luxury goods like watches and sports cars. I just saw a guy buy a new 911 GT3 at 50K above list price. That’s when you know a pull back or recession is somewhere in the new future.

loulimina says:

remember back when Fed said he’s tell us all about the whole TGV thing? yeah … kinda disappointed, Fed’s honesty is why I stick around, but I guess now it’s too late to bring that up.

Kor3xican says:

Would you recommend the Aqua Terra?

Scott SJ says:

The Zenith has a very nice movement perhaps the best, but the problem is the Chronograph you are talking about is UGLY to me. Perhaps beautiful to others. I love your honesty about the watch market and watches themselves.

Ben Wiseley says:

Wow – the Ming watches are amazing – thanks for the tip

Mark Playford says:

Good Q&A Fed enjoy your break.

eco8gator says:

You can get Zenith Split Seconds automatic chronographs with big date for under 6k. Amazing price for what you get!

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