Perfect Three Watch Collection: Under $10,000 Dollars – Omega, Ball, Sinn, Zenith & Grand Seiko

Welcome to another Episode of Properly Wound, where we offer a consumer’s opinion on everything watch related. Today we discuss… The Perfect Three Watch Collection: Under $10,000 Dollars.

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Anthony G. says:

You guys ever consider reviewing users collections?

Kalanyos Jozsef says:

big experts at the age of under 20

Atif Chaudhry says:

I liked for the video, but then unliked for the “yolo”. Just kidding, love your work guys.

Brian Mandl says:

Tudor Black Bay Black (ETA) – $2600
Breguet Type XX – $5000
Longines Heritage 1945 -$2000

Jordan 01 says:

I definitely like the idea of the 10 grand (or whatever budget) for different categories. Vintage, modern, etc..

Andrew N says:

If you want a perfect two watch collection get a sub no date 14060 for 4.3k and a omega speedy fois for 3.4. The other 3,3k you can spend on jlc reverso or master control, a vintage datejust, or accessories like straps etc. The sub and speedy collection is the best 2 watch collection you can get. For reals tho. Explorer 2 instead of speedy would be ok too.

chillwill120 says:

1. Chrono
Speedmaster Pro – about 3k used
Sinn 903 – about 2.5k used

2. Diver
Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean 2500 movement (about 2.5k used)
Seamaster 300 Co-axial (about 3.5k used)

3. Dressy Watch
Vintage Datejust (about 3K)
Vintage Cartier Tank (not sure how much they go for)
Rolex Milgauss with White Dial (under 5k used)

You can mix and match for an awesome collection under $10k.

Mister B says:

Great Video with quite interesting choices. What would I have picked?
Speedy all it’s way, 3.2K gray market with warranty in Europe
116200 white dial Datejust on the Oyster bracelet for about 4,8K gray
Blue SMP-C for about 2,65K
Ok not totally within the limit but close, dresswatch alternative could be though a nomos and with the additional coin I could get a Stowa Flieger 🙂
Ordered just one by the way and it’s your guys fault as I made my final decision based on your stowa review.
Greetings from freezing Germany, MISTER B

JungleEddie says:

1. Sinn 1736 Classic $1875
2. Rolex Explorer 1 $7500
3. Steinhart Ocean Vintage Military $460

k31fan says:

Omega planet ocean 600$6000
Tudor black bay 41. $2000
Seiko 300mm $2000

Larry Banda says:

Interesting selections, nicely done gentleman.

Wing Yip says:

Great choices, guys.

I think this is almost like a grail watch list if you had $10k to spend.

As such, I find my personal choices would be basically the same as what I wrote in one of your past videos about grail watches. Have made a slight change.

I write a lot, so let me at least get my picks up front first.

My 3 pics for $10k and under, they would be Grand Seiko Spring Drive GMT (SBGE001 or SBGE201), Triton Subphotique w/ Atlantic Blue Dial, and Laco Flieger 42 Type B Automatic – Paderborn Erbstuck.

Whether any of these actually hold high market value after purchase or not, I don’t really care, I know I like these and there in lies the true value for myself.

If I were to get a modern Omega, I have to admit that Seamaster Patrick pointed out is quite nice, however, I think I still like the Spectre version a little more.. hell, there are a few variants and all basically look really good with subtle changes. I also like that Railmaster I think you guys talked about an episode or two ago fairly recently.. the one with the grey dial and I think it has crosshairs.

I have to admit, I think I have similar tastes in watches to Adam.

First, my grail watch is the Grand Seiko Spring Drive GMT. For me, it would be the ultimate GMT. It has full lumed GMT bezel, something you don’t always find which is odd since many similar GMT style (such as Rolex GMT’s and the many homages) have lumed GMT hand, but no lumed GMT bezel which is like only getting half, or essentially no, GMT information in the dark. Also, the GMT bezel actually rotates in both direction, again a feature often missed in a lot of similar styled GMT watches as they often just reuse a unidirectional dive bezel with a GMT bezel insert swap. Rolex is the only watch that has the bidirectional GMT bezel with proper 24 clicks. I think the Spring Drive has more like 72 clicks. That GMT bezel is definitely a highlight of the Spring Drive… that sapphire covered bezel.. it’s just so dynamic looking.. sometimes black, sometimes a ghosted grey.. granted it may make it a bit hard to read at times, but a quick shift in the angle of the wrist and you’re good. The dial is quite detailed and equally impressive. I just love how smooth Spring Drive movements are and I don’t care if some think it’s not a pure automatic mechanical movement.. this is Seiko technology at it’s finest melded into one. They know how to do quartz and they know how to do mechanical, so here you go, the Spring Drive movement. I would say the Spring Drive technology is no less technically advanced than many of the finest haute horological timepieces or any high-end luxury brand.

The older SBGE001 is a fine choice for about $4k or just under. However, I have seen the newer replacement model, SBGE201, for about the same price.. not under $4k, but under $5k. Not sure if it’s worth paying more since the only difference I can see or is known is the dial. The SBGE001 has co-branded SEIKO and Grand Seiko, the SBGE201 only has Grand Seiko.. which I think is proper as Grand Seiko should get top recognition.. plus, less text and better rearrangement of the lines of text in the SBGE201 makes the dial look a little cleaner. But, I am personally not put off by having SEIKO and Grand Seiko on the front of the SBGE001’s dial.

I also really like the Zenith El Primero with the tri-colored overlapping subdials.. same one as Adam likes. It’s just a stunning mechanical chronograph which I wouldn’t mind getting if I had to get 1 nice chronograph in my collection.

I think any watch with a Valjoux 7750 movement should be great, but I have actually owned many watches with that movement. I think the 7750 performs great, BUT, I have to admit for a chronograph I am not into the layout on the dial with the 3 subdials being on the left with day/date on the right. Thus, I like such watches as the Zenith El Primero, Omega Speedmaster & Rolex Daytona, etc.. 3 subdials on the bottom half of the watch dial is a preferred layout for a sports chronograph, imho. And, I don’t need a day or date, but if there had to be one, just the date is fine.

Yes, I have really had A LOT of watches that had the 7750.. Again, they perform great, but I think the look of it I’ve gotten bored of in addition to the above comments.. and, they often tend to make the watch they’re encased within rather tall or chunky.

I will go back to my other grail pieces, I would spend part of that $10k (if I had $10k) to spend on a Triton Subphotique with Atlantic Blue Dial. It’s so retro and I just love the unicorn design and bit of asymmetrical styling between the top and bottom lugs. I think it has a unique hinged solution for the crown guard at the top. I think the flat and angular profile is really cool. For some reason I imagine if I had that, I should also be driving a Lotus Esprit Turbo.. and the one that transforms into a submarine in 007’s “The Spy Who Loved Me” no less!

I have recognized and come to terms that my watch collection does not have to be super diversified and collect watches that just aren’t me. Knowing this, I think it makes sense I am more sports/tool watch orientated than dress. As such, I think with the change I might have left over, I gravitate towards something that can also age nicely and that would be the Oris Sixty-Five Carl Brashear Limited Edition. That classic retro dive watch configuration in all bronze including the bezel looks awesome.. and that deep deep blue dial is mezmerizing. However.. after the first 2 watches, I think that would set me back maybe about $2k over the $10k budget.

Damn it! Ok, I think I would have just under $2k left of the $10k budget after the first 2 watches.. With that, I think I would go aviation. I like military aircraft and things that fly in general. I have to say I would go with a flieger. My choice would be a Laco flieger. A or B dial config?.. I would say B as almost everyone seems to pick the cleaner minimalist A dial. And, I think I’d like to get the version with the aged and patina finish they offer.. even the dial is sometimes flaked with bits of dirt and lume missing. Having a faux patina like this might be tricky, but since Laco has the heritage and background of being one of the original flieger manufacturers, I think it is acceptable and works and they do a damn good job of making it look the part.

So, to recap my 3 pics for $10k and under, they would be Grand Seiko Spring Drive GMT (SBGE001 or SBGE201), Triton Subphotique w/ Atlantic Blue Dial, and Laco Flieger 42 Type B Automatic – Paderborn Erbstuck.

Coming back down to earth, or up from the depths, I would personally only look to own one grail watch and at this time it would still be the Grand Seiko Spring Drive GMT. Note, I’m not saying it will be the only watch, although if it had to be just one, I think that could be it.

I have had a recent re-appreciation for the Seiko brand, heritage, technology and large variety o models and styles… thanks in great part to your channel. I never intended to be a 1 watch brand collection, but there’s a lot of good offerings from Seiko that it would not be so bad if a good portion, if not in total, of my watch collection ends up being comprised of Seikos.

Tony P says:

Hi guys! Just stumbled across your channel! Excellent info! Keep up the great work! Best Regards Tony

MK. Harvey says:

Alpinist 400$
ecodrive one 2300$
master memovox 8500$ (I seen some lower so hope the right deal can make less than 10,000 fit)

Brian Ronne says:

gshock gw5000. seiko 62 mas reissue. grand seiko sbgw253

AjaxForever says:

Omega Seamaster 2254.50
Rolex Explorer 1
Omega Speedmaster MOTM
-All on the used market.

Patrick Ma says:

I like picks! Was just looking at the SM300 literally hours before watching the vid…perhaps it is a sign.

Steven UK1 says:

3 for $10K, I’d pick: Armida A1 42mm, Seiko SBDX019 (re-issue 62MAS), IWC 3706 Pilot (40mm). Still have change from $10K.

Njama Jones says:

My favorite brands I can name … gonna have to come back with specific models though. Sooooo
Ball is my first choice
Omega and finally

James Duffy says:

Pre-owned or in the gray market, my three picks would be for a Rolex OP 36, Seiko MM300, Nomos Metro. That should cover my bases.

ajt222 says:

How about a grand on a watch and blow the rest on whores an coke ?

Crowsnest3000 says:

The Daniel Wellington fashion watch is the greatest achievement in horological history

Lee K says:

WHAT?!!! No Rolexes?! No Speedmaster?! You wild and crazy watch nerds — selecting Ball, Grand Seiko, and Zenith? Get outta here! 🙂

A couple of comments:

1. Ball is a really off-the-wall brand that many know nothing about. The company has a rich historical foundation in the US even though they were bought out by a Swiss conglomerate. We actually have an AD in my small town and I’ve been able to spend some time with their pieces in the metal. Interesting, quirky designs that have impeccable finishing.

2. The “old radium” trend continues with the new Seamasters. I wonder aloud whether this is going to be really dated in the coming years. I have two watches wth this luminous paint and they look fine, but it does change the color dynamic of a watch. In 2030, will we look at all these faux aged designs the same way we look at Limp Bizkit music today?

3. Suggestion for a future topic, based on a previous segment you do do a few months ago: Dress watches — do you need one anymore? I noticed that all six of your selections are sport or divers. I know how I would answer the question, but would interested to hear your take.

Unadulterated Mischief says:

My current collection.
Daily beater: black Rolex submariner ceramic.
New daily beater when wearing blue: Blue Zenith type 20 pilot with aged weathered case.
Special occasions: Panerai Luminor 1950 pam1392 with Panerai deployant clasp.

mark percival says:

My Sinn 356 Sa Flieger II copper dial has a boxed sapphire crystal. I don’t think they have acrylic at all, though the boxed sapphire resembles the look of acrylic. I also think that the Ball with temperature gauge does pick up body heat and that Ball advises that Watch be off the wrist for a few minutes so as to give an accurate temperature. It might be worth doing some more research on these matters so as to clarify what’s what. Keep up the videos guys.

weaselid T says:

Love you guys

Riposte says:

Seiko Astron 40th Anniversary Edition, Seiko SBDX019 (SLA017), but I can’t choose 3rd watch. Have 2 Seiko iconic watches is enough for me, maybe add Grand Seiko SBGV009/011 but it will overlapping with the Astron
BTW, Zenith Chronomaster Heritage Limited Edition (by Timeless Luxury) is the best El Primero for me

Mark C says:

Speedy Pro, MM300, Oris 65 Bronze.

Modern Classic Chrono, Modern Diver & and Vintage Diver. Perfect trinity imo.

TriforceRich says:

Rolex Submariner Pre-Ceramic No-Date- $5k (Used)
Omega Speedmaster Professional- $3.3k (New)
Omega Seamaster 300 Blue Wave Dial (Used with remaining money) or Sinn 104 (New)

Who needs a dress watch 😛

J Hoag says:

Omega Planet Ocean Co Axial 2500 since 2006. I had it fully serviced in 2014. I’m pleased with its size and comfort. I do not like the thickness of the new Omega PO. I’m sure that will be the next big thing 8 day power reserve that is thin as paper. I will be in the Big Apple Thursday. judging from your t-shirts it still hot. If I had 10k Rolex GMT Pepsi + Batman. Hopefully I would still have enough to get a Seiko Turtle. Ball Watches scratch up like rice paper.

Moment in Time says:

Great picks… love the Ball, Seamaster, Sinn, GS, and even the El Primero (albeit, I’d rather have an Omega Speedmaster or IWC Portuguese).

I would go Omega Seamaster (black dial), Tudor Pelagos (blue dial), IWC Portuguese (white dial).

Kobi Rob says:

Rolex 16570 “polar” $4800.00, Tudor Heritage Ranger $2100.00 & Omega SMP Black for $2700. All used or Grey market.

hervé Chretien says:

My take on this 10k enveloppe : Rolex DateJust, Nomos Club California dial and good ole SKX007. What more do you need ?

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