PAID WATCH REVIEWS – Zenith El Primero, Omega OM300 and other garbage

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Tomasina Covell says:

Why must you always mangle the simplest to say words like that? Why don’t you just call it a Zenith “First” or “No. One” or something? You’re a Bogan, and deserve nothing less than to get launched into oblivion (which you can’t pronounce) with a magnum of sparkling wine!

John James McCartney says:

zenith blows the balls off rolex.

me you says:

big mouth wanker

Andrea Farrugia says:

Now you like panerai…man of..

Ch az says:

Phantastic review phucker.

Craig Farquharson says:

Zenith is cool I agree, but Archie is not. The sneezing is disgusting. Archie is just the sort of wanker I would avoid at all costs.

Homeboy Chris says:

the old el primero

ISexuallyIdentifyAsTheGrimdark41stMillenium says:

Watches; overpriced obsolete jewelry for old faggots.

LA90004 says:

Archie is probably getting high blood pressure, diarrhea and an ulcer for lowering his standards, but at least now he’s giving good marks to Panerai, Zenith, and Grand Seiko.

King Bee says:

Phist Omegas

KaneChamp says:

Delusional fucker. Saying an in-house Chronograph Monopusher Montblanc is a shitter while praising his fucking ETA-Panerai that’s worth far less than the Rieussec.
“Fuckin Panerai fuckers”
LOL at this dude.

Peter K says:

What about the PAM scandal Archie?¿ would you still recommend a Panerai?

JustSome Dude says:

This guy is a cheese ball, it’s like hes stuck in the 80’s

Mark says:

The black ceramic yacht master is the tits!!!

Tomek Tomek says:

wypierdalaj palo do lania!!!

TheBeaseman says:

“The Mont Blanc? No fuckin way in the world!” Lol!

Homeboy Chris says:

whats the difference between a sea dweller and a deep sea?

ryvr madduck says:

A day without Archie is like a day without my hot coffee enema.

newhuskytwenty says:

My grandfather bought a hand wind Zenith in the early sixties, when he passed away my father used it for the rest of his life. Now I got it and it keeps the time as good as any high level mechanical watch, that means “almost” as good as a cheap quartz model. Of course I service it every five years and for each of those I could buy a decent new watch like a Seiko or Citizen.

Mike Dennington says:

I got a Timex so I suppose its a shitter as well.
Archie gets more views when he walks around Brisbane than going on about watches.
Where are the Ladyboyz panty reviews Archie????????

Jonny casual says:

sadly your phucked phucker, 2015 was bad, 2016’s gonna be worse, the panerai says it all really, you’ve completely lost it man!

Shaun Farrier says:

Less vulgarity would equal more admiration.

eco8gator says:

Good review big boy.

L8bro says:

El Prim*ERO*!!! Another great vid Arch.

Cone Head says:

If Aliens ever come to take over the planet we should all do a big group Skype chat, sip the finest spirits, take a last look at our beloved time pieces and tell the aliens to fukkhoff as we partake in armageddon.

Arvind Pillai says:

Play cheesy mewsic nyiioooww fuckaaass

algorithm007ify says:

Zenith rocks!!

mac 269 says:

this person needs help.

Cone Head says:

Hey Archie, could you review that Seiko 5 refurbish I just ordered from India for $25? Something none of those rich fukkahs have!

Sir Alfred Powell says:

Good boy Archieballz, you did a phistwatch check!

Stranded Alien says:

You bagged Panerai for years and now
you’re wearing one?

Mario Lopez says:

El primero, Not el primo!

Tizoc Sagoyewatha says:

Archie, you fucking slob. All that sneezing and coughing and shoving the camera down your fucking throat–stop that shit! You have no fucking class, you fat faggot cunt.

Eric L says:

for once archie validate à zénith! do he starts to be a watchmaking connoisseur! 🙂 good start in 2016 archie! 🙂

M3au says:

You don’t see many white-faced Panerai on youtube wrist checks … another first for Archie?!  Good advice, but a second hand Yachtmaster (steel and platinum) has pretty much undergone most of its depreciation already … I think it is a very reasonable piece to go for .. if you like that sort of thing (which I do).

Fernando Gomes da Costa says:

Have you already tried Seroquel? You can still have hope.

Fatty MacNasty says:

Is Hamilton a good entry watch??

Michael Moss says:

nice advice big boyyyyy!

freshramses says:

Good one

Makpak Beans says:

Roll the fucking credits!!!

noonsight2010 says:

The garbage is fat Archie the loudmouth toss-pot.  Ignorant fuckwit with no interest in horology, only money.  He fat git has a face I just want to wrap a cricket bat around.

Suj says:

“and other garbage” lololol

Imad Basayev says:

“El Primo”?

OnPointFirearms says:

Roll those fucking credits! Wrist watch check! Pencil moustache check!

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