My watch swiss watch collection, Rolex, TAG Heuer, Zenith, IWC, Breitling, Jaeger LeCoultre

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zoomustard says:

Nice collection, but TAG doesn’t belong there.

Theo Petros says:

Why don’t you just wear gloves?

Constantine Ivanoff says:

Beautiful watches 🙂

Lee Botticelli says:

fantastic iwc , really a nice timepiece

Kuba Kardaś says:

Just a fantastic collection

archi baldikowski says:

you should cut your fingernails. 😉

CG AWC Channel says:

It’s a gorgeous set you have put together. The care and patience that it took, says a lot about you (all good!). Thank you for sharing.

pissywilly says:

absolutely Stella collection. well played sir

Craig Farquharson says:

Nice collection, I love that Zenith just fantastic and the pretty IWC.

V Cccc says:

*nods… yea that El Primero is GORGEOUS! Now that is what I call a dress watch! and I prefer the round case to the modern case. stunning. Let me have that one, I’ll buy you a stainless steel one!

You are Offensive says:

hey man, I started reviewing my own collection. What do you think about my first review?

mikelime514 says:

Sweet collection!! Really nice watches!!

Adam Harris says:

I really enjoyed watching this- thank you. I’m new to watches, and am generally not a spender, but if I was, I suspect watches would be my thing. Having hovered around the watch counters for several months now, I find I am drawn to Jaegers, Breitling, and then Rolex, in that order. I already own a Tag, and similar to you, it is my personal, most sentimental, favourite. This video helped me see the value in owning several watches, and the sentimental aspect being its own value.

kk Hong says:

wow nice collections. zenith is awesome

Guideaux Pelagos says:

Nice video, great to see the Zenith, I just got one in ss, but waiting for the watch maker to give it a good service. 😉

Locutus D'Borg says:

Superb collection.  All bases covered.

Matt Stevens says:

Very very nice. Would kill for a Reverso.

SB SB says:

Ironically this Zenith models are more unique and limited, than Rolex’es with Zenith movement, or the Newman one.

Luis Alfonso G says:

córtate las uñas No mames

iLikePie says:

great collection

CK ROY says:

Bar the Tags, what a decent collection that hit the sweet spot

Phillydog1958 says:

Nice collection. Love to hear the sentimental side of one’s reason for owning his pieces.

Abhishek Srivastava says:

My Favorites Zenith, JLC, IWC

SB SB says:

Great collection..

Lazar Coco says:

Good man the only one real chronomaster the 410z is so perfect good buy and great collection! Have a nice day 🙂

mtorricos3 says:

Cut your nails

George Grasser says:

3:50 The problem is that America’s popular chain Kay Jewelers wanted to send my Movado out and charge me $100 for a Battery and Seal change. I took 12 watches ranging from Skagen to my best Tourneau Safari Chronograph in to S.B. Jewelry in Lauderhill, Florida and the total for all 12 came to $57. To hell with the seals if it is going to cost me $1,200 for $12 worth of batteries.

Abhishek Srivastava says:

Indeed you have a very good taste in watches.

lalotong says:

Very nice! My collection is kind of similar, I have the Breitling Airwolf (similar to the B1) a Tag Heuer link CT1111-0 and a Rolex Submariner in Ceramic. I wish to have an IWC like yours. Your Tag Heuer Link Senna beautiful nothing to do with the newest one. Thanks for sharing!

eric lee says:

great collection

algorithm007ify says:

Zenith is is the JLC reverso.

Blu Brad says:

Really nice collection mate. Is that Reverso the Grande size? Love the JLC alarm too and the Zeneth, iwc. Sorry but cant stand the Tags dont like the bracelets and they were faked too much, killed the real ones for me.

edgar gimenez says:

love your collection is great watches

Marcelo Uhlig says:

What about swapping one for a nail clipper

maluy1 says:

Look at ur nails, dude!

Watch Collector says:


Slaven Grbavac says:

Malo nokte druže podašišaj

gulfmen86 says:

What a nice balanced collection! Im not a fan of tag or breitling but thats just my personal opinion. The JLC’s, IWC, and Zenith are glorious!

Lionel Myers says:

Nice collection. Love the Rolex and IWC especially!

Amit from Israel says:

fantastic collectiom. I do not like divers watches so the Rolex success is a mistery to me but the whole collection is really beautifull thanks

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