Measuring 1/100th of a second with the Defy El Primero 21 by Zenith Watches

Introduced recently, the new El Primero 21 movement consists of a “classic” version of this legendary movement, coupled with an incredible 50Hz chronograph allowing to measure the 1/100th of a second! We know that to mechanically measure such a short period of time doesn’t really make much sense, but that doesn’t matter, the technical achievement is still remarkable and this is what we salute with such a development for a brand first and foremost known for its technical expertise, innovation and manufacturing capabilities.


Andreas Klar says:

Really an exciting watch. Do you happen to know how they will COSC certify it? Will only the timekeeping part be certified, or will it have two certifications for each part of the movement?

Tim Archer says:

A fabulous show. What was that on JCB’s wrist!

SoCalFreelance says:

I like the black skeletonized version. Reminds me of Briareos’ analog chronometer in Appleseed.

Watch Geek says:

great video as usual, and Zenith is one of my favorite brands, next to JLC, Seiko and F.P.Journe

Mohammad Ghiasi says:

The quality on this channel is insane! You guys deserve so many more subs!

DJZ says:

Very cool. Can you explain for us on which mathematical principal this new escapement is based?

Willie Kamin says:

W oo o oo o ooooooo w!!!! I love it. Thanks for sharing.

Carlos Rolaça says:

great milk shaker for an espresso macchiato 😉

H Jones says:

Beautiful watches. Only problem is with the human — human reaction time is on average 0.20 seconds. I still like the watches anyway.

thabest007 says:

Don’t see the point of making something so precise when human error is still always greater. Excited to see that new type of movement though!

The Critical Gentleman says:

Another great vid! Can’t help but keep hearing “Mr. Beaver” XD

Nicolás Emaldi says:

The watch is a total beauty and technologically is amazzing. I love it, and in you wrist it looks perfect. We are always wainting for news and launchings and the next Biver’s watch looks really interesting, but by the time this “el primero” can calm us. it is a great piece and the video has been great. congrats

THe COntrarian says:

wish i was as cool as you

Noel Mcdonagh says:

Love Zenith, like Hublot, sadly if I were to purchase another El Primero I wouldn’t want it in a Hublot style case…not Zenith style and want nothing to do with TAG.  It may make a lot of money, but too commercial, but Biver is about making commercial and money.

stardust4711 says:

always very entertaining to see Mr Biver. Everything he puts his hands on turns to gold

Something says:

looks awesome with that hublot like case.

Richard Ryan says:

It always amazes me the amount of bleeding edge technology you can find in, well, clockwork.

Divyansh Mishra says:

the hublot inspirations are very apparent

User says:

Beautiful watch but 44mm kills it :/

hervé Chretien says:

One hundreth of a second Chronograph when human reaction time is one twentieth of a second, or crazy googles worn by the guy. Which one is the least reasonnable ?

Sb Sb says:

zenith. the best

wawan hermawan says:

So that was what mr. Biver said in baselworld 2017,,new watch on his wrist,,looking forward for that

BfoSHIZnats says:

I can’t wait to see that new escapement design.

Ghujvan'Dumènicu Ghjuvan'Dumènicu says:

C’est juste une Zénith dans le boîtier d’une hublot Classic fusion,je ne vois pas ce qu’il y a de génial :/

Steve Austin says:

thm glasses tho

JohnSmithisnotme says:

I thought that the tag heuer brand will focus on affordable luxury watches.. Carrera 02 Is ‘affordable’ I hope the new watch will be affordable too… Tag heuer has the punch to make it affordable I think…

dimitri pappas says:

El Primero 21.. ¡Que Hublotismo!

An Sung says:

most mechanical watch are calibrate at no larger than 4hz because they worry higher frequency would decrease the life of watch. i dont know how long will a 50hz watch last at its best performance.

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