Major Breakthrough in Watchmaking with the Zenith Defy Lab

Today is definitely a day that will go down in watchmaking history since it has been more than 300 years that the Huygens principles of regulation remained unchallenged and this day has finally come!!!

The genius Guy Semon, CEO of the LVMH Science Institute, and his team have been secretly working on a totally disruptive approach to the most important element of any mechanical watches: the regulating organ. This has been achieved through creative thinking and some very clever transfer of technology and the result is a monobloc silicon oscillator beating at 15Hz and super precise.

This is will what you will find out in the above video report, as we were privileged to meet this incredible team a few days prior to the official launch and are delighted to share on this very day this massive breakthrough.

Link to Guy Semon speech in French:


SK97 says:

The nice thing about your watch Mr. Dechoux is, that you have a power reserve display in the middle of the watch, that normally no one recognizes, this is really incognito…

griffn14 says:

Silicone? No, thanks. I prefer khm khm “natural” materials.

Joking aside, this is a fascinating new technology. Considering the size of the escapement, would complications like date or a chronograph be a little more difficult to implement here?

Amintas Neto says:

Exciting times in watchmaking!
Even though accuracy is not what drives high horology collectors nowadays this is definitively an important milestone for Zenith and maybe for the whole industry moving forward.
Looking forward to seeing how this technology will be evolving moving forward.


Ron Henry says:

Amazing work but still not as good as Seiko’s Spring Drive. My Snowflake is around 5 seconds per month.

Wave Dancer says:

The muslims already claim it as there invention!

Deepak Nigwal says:

This is amazing… 15 Hz, 70 hours reserve, bout 1000 G’s of shock resistance, less components… what else a guy wants??? This is a true revolution in watchmaking mechanics in years. I wish I was a part of that project team, great work. And the video is amazing… I wonder how many patents they’ve filed so far with this…?

sexy korean girl says:

isnt the future iwatch?

A says:

Will it be overpriced so only 10 people can afford it? Swiss will never learn.

Jake Roth says:

Why can’t you speak like a normal human? This channel wouldn’t be half bad IF YOU STOPPED TALKING LIKE A RETARD.

Gaysil Naubert says:

Bravo on a great breakthrough! Nice background on the relationship of watchmakers and engineers, it really seems an integral symbiosis for the development of new mechanisms and innovative movements. Looking forward to seeing more of this… and yes, the drones at the launch; lol!

Noel Mcdonagh says:

Very exciting!  Look forward to seeing this technology make it to Zenith’s mass production.  Love my Zenith El Primero 411 movement and this is a huge step for the brand.  This should put them ahead of the pack of the mass production brands, like the El Primero did in 1969.

MrVoayer says:

It seems that we are at the brink of a revolution in applying science and technology to traditional watchmaking !

Michael Frilund says:

And some say that mechanical watches are outdated 😀 They have no idea!

Nils Eik says:

Still haven’t found out what they call this new mechanism. Can anyone help?

Phil X says:

WOW ! .. this beats even the Breguet’s Transatlantique’s 10hz….. which I thought it’s crazy to achieve !!! Wondering if the low energy of the oscillator will limit the number of complications ? This is crazy!
Thanks for the awesome video Mark !

wornandwound says:

Great video! very informative!

Ernani Alves da Silva Junior says:

Really a historic moment. It’s not every day when you see something actually ground-breaking and truly innovative. This new regulation mechanism is a marvelous human’s ingenuity achievement. It reduces complexity, greatly improves accuracy, enhances power reserve, consumes less energy, even has a nice style! Congratulations to the team. I remember when Mr. Jean-Claude Biver said he had in his office a magical novelty. He was not joking.

Rafael Lastra com says:

Outstanding work.

Manuel Diaz says:

Just amazing!! J’ai vu l’interview avec Mr. Sémon et c’est vraiement incroyable, en plus, une jolie mini-histoire du développement de l’horlogerie, la mécanique et la science. So precious. Thanks for uploading.

AM lp says:

What do you think of apple watch ..? Now there are number 1 over Rolex is that right.!

John Lynch says:

Amazing.As always you are the one when it comes to watches and information.

Ryan Serritella says:

Mind blown, Marc! First video I have seen by you and definitely won’t best the last. And that movement… Simon + JCB + Zenith = the future of tradition… A lot of geniuses at work. No gimmicks – just unbelievable ingenuity.


What presentation was that??????? Drones? One mentality…..????? What was all about????!!!!!!

Paul A says:

What is the name of this movement?

Fahad Al Qallaf says:

Great report as usual !!

Capitano Americo says:

This is really exciting to see the level of innovation that is still possible in the Swiss watch making industry!

MrChangCJ says:

absolutely mindblown

Karson Barnes says:

Must have been an incredible experience!

MainerInJapan says:

A breakthrough from my favorite watch brand? Awesome! A video from you guys about it? Fantastic! Thank you for all you do!

Peter Olsson says:

Love your passion

sutats says:

Mechanical watches version 2.

One Watch says:

This is an outstanding achievement! What another beautiful triumph of Western Science! I imagine that pretty soon — say in 2 or 3 years — such wondrous horological technology will be available to watch afficionados at an accessible cost. I definitely would love to acquire any watch with the new technology.
MAD, I congratulate you for such an excellent presentation!

Galja says:

That was a fabulous video.!made fairly complicated concepts easy to understand.

daedraq says:

How is the sound of this movement?

Mads Thorup says:

This is so cool, it reminds me about mems technology, where springs are etched in silicone for gyros or accelerometer. Nice to see we still can think out of the box.

killamist666 says:

Yet again 10 steps ahead of other watch vlogs for new content & news. Love it.

Wishwader says:

Not just fascinating but a very professional quality video. Great stuff.

Prof Moriarty says:

Goodbye Seiko. Hello Zenith! 🙂 Great report, Marc!

John Circle says:

I am utterly amazed by this new technology! Fantastic!

Toby Hawkins says:

6.05 – It’s ‘quantum optics’ en anglais :).

Aloysius says:

Yes! more news! Thank you for bringing this to us. Can’t wait for this release yet alone those other 2 mysteries you mentioned 🙂

Jaroslav Záruba says:

I wish mechanical watches would keep track of current month, number of days, and also leap years… 🙁

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