LUXURY WRIST WATCH SOFT SPOT – Girard Perregaux, Zenith, Corum

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pavy415 says:

I guess it’s ok to buy if you get it super cheap and keep it forever

john g says:

first – if archie doesn’t own the watch – then it is dogshitsecond – it is El Primero NOT primo – for the 3rd time we have told him – but her doesn’t read these response. and it is pronounced Girard PerreGO NOT PerreGAY

Nick Siragusa says:

got it wrong with gp …. great bank per buck…for fucks sake VC used GP movements in the Overseas


I think I would take any of those so called shitters over the ugly ass white Polar you have there that must be the ugliest watch in the whole universe

Richard Stevens says:

You need to expand and elaborate in detail on watches instead of rattling on about resale value.

Brittania says:

Rolex is like fiat currency. all hype like then USD. ok it has history and makes its own movements but c’mon it is not innovative. just for fat porkers like AC3 and bankers to flip and flip and flip like fiat money. That is why Rolex retains its value – but its inherent value is actually probably 50% in reality when you consider it on a technical horological stand point compared to zenith or other brands.

CK ROY says:

Horological gospel by Rev Archie, on point.

Mad Man says:

El PRIMERO, Archie, its PriMEro not PRIMO. Fuck me dead.

OnPointFirearms says:

Bell & Ross was the worst purchase I’ve ever made. What the fuck was I thinking? Anyone want to buy one?

Alan c says:

Archie suck my lady boy cock u fucking moron..zenith el primero shits on your rolex exp 2 every fucking day

Dom Von Hutch says:

With Archie it’s all about Shitters and Flickers. If it ain’t easy to flick its a sSHItttteRr. His advice is on the money.

Steve says:

you can get a formal zenith el primero watch for $2500 used. OR a steel rolex with a generic 3135 rolex movement with the generic mercedes hands for $1200 more. hmmm. i guess you could get a man ont he moon for the price as the zenith, but itll cost you more to actually confirm that with archie. technically id say the zenith is better than the motm at that price point but people who will never go to the moon want to feel as if they could.

skitman1958 says:

NO CUNT WANTS THAT SHIT! hahahahahahahahahha! That is just fucking priceless!

Mike Dennington says:

Archie do I notice underarm sweat stains again??
yes sir it is and I bet he did a wet fart at 2.02

LA90004 says:

I’d rather have a Zenith any day of the week instead of Archie’s fugly phistable Rolex Explorer 2 Polar.

Daniel Lees says:

“soft as dogshit left in the hot summer sun” – thats got to be a PB

cookingprof says:

You say that a Girard-Perregaux is not worth s__t.  I disagree. I have a Gyromatic day date from 1963 that keeps time as well as the best Patek in my collection. It hits the day and date function exactly on midnight.

Sean Westbrook says:

“Girard Perregay”

BeautyofScent says:

Looks like Archie hasn’t showered in 2 weeks

Ming daMerciless says:

El Primero phucka!

Jay Sikes says:

I have no interest in flipping or re-selling. I’ll keep my Zenith, that’s why I bought it. Makes me feel I doing what I supposed to do. It’s not a question of money, is my pashun.

Robert Halasz says:

I just bought a Zenith Pilot Annual Calendar Rose Gold / Titanium, and the timekeeping is superb, much better than anything else out there. And most people don’t want to buy and sell their watches. You buy it and keep it, grow your collection. Here in Hong Kong every street sweeper runs around with a Rolex, but a Zenith is rare and “stands out”.

Cone Head says:

sending you $5 for a hair brush!

Johnston Pettigrew says:


Amintas Neto says:

El Primo. Pure class!

W19 ELY says:

Archie you need some real pieces of horology back in your collection, your Reverso is getting lonely. Your brain has turned to Rolex mush, you’re more worried about image and resale value nowadays.

Carlos De La Cadiz says:

Most people who buy great horological pieces aren’t trying to sell them.Only people who spend past their budget for over priced Rolexes worry about flipping their watches later.Should save and buy what piece speaks to you not try and impress someone else.

GunsCarsBikeCigars says:

You have got to watch Arch with at least 4 fingers of scotch! Hilarious and TRUE

Greg Miel says:

Girard Perregaux make some classy watches. Theyll be popular once more after people get bored with main stream.

gypsykatcher30 says:


Marc Judge says:

zenith el primero all day long…..For people who really know there watches, ” what does your watch say about you”

Herman Ingram says:

Meatball head.

Eric L says:

again he shows his limits in watchmaking! he is Always pushing for JLC that (except maybe for the reverso which is mechanical winding) are much more fragile compare to zenith (after-sales-services figures). And, thechnically (El primero and dials), zenith can easily compete with JLC.

Tomasina Covell says:

And GOD will know anyway!

algorithm007ify says:

Zenith is way better than Rolex.. Hand made watch movements !!!! JLC level quality. This guy doesn’t know much about watches I guess


Mired in horological sludge. Which can only be likened to the AC3 sewerage system below his command centre. Vulcain for instance cannot be included with the rest of this mundane, bland mediocrity. Fifties and sixties were there heyday. But this is the brands heritage which it continues to build on. Recreating modern classics such as the 50’s President watch, the cricket alarm complication. True classic timepieces for the discerning, genuine collected of wristwatches who will never sell them. For the simple reason it adds depth and character to the collection. These watches hold there own value and significance.

apan gurra says:

How much for a carpet beetle? Are they toilet trained?

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