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Imagine that the following describes the watch you really, really want: 40mm in diameter, steel, design as uncluttered as possible without compromising legibility, a sub-dial for the seconds and—most importantly—an ultra-thin case housing a beautiful in-house movement that can be seen through a sapphire case back. Oh, and a silvery-grey finish to the dial to top it all off, why not. Okay, perfect. With this very specific set of requirements, it shouldn’t be too hard to choose the right watch … should it?

Featured Watches:
Jaeger-LeCoultre Master Ultra Thin Small Second 1358420
Zenith Ultra Thin Elite 65.2010.681/91.C493

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Ducati Drew says:

Fantastic comparison!!!!

Daniel Albala says:

Hi . Thanks for all your videos . I love the way you are telling the stories of watchmaking. Thanks again

Zubin Vevaina says:

Titan Edge

Dmitry Belyakov says:

Your videos just keep getting better! Thanks guys!

Chen Calvin says:

Can you make a video on the overseas from vacheron constantin ?! Your videos are so informative !

frieswithmayo says:

VC 82172 small seconds… love manual wind on such watches. Automatic feels out of place on such intemporal pieces.

gigar9000 says:

The Zenith looks gorgeous!

J Luftig says:

Waiting for a thin mechanical dive watch. C’mon, who is going to be first?

황종규 says:

Great presentatin as always! Please do a review of the Bulgari Octo Finissimo!!!

Frederik Hjortshøj says:

Would love to hear your views on the history of the Blancpain Fifty Fathoms. You could take us viewers on a cruise (forgive me) through not only the Cousteau divers watches but also the history of dive watches. This is the watch of my grandfather and the watch that got into watches.

pablebin says:

Excellent video as usual! It would be great to watch your take on the Breguet Classique Chronometrie 10Hz

zuti071 says:

Zenith caught my aye even before i watched this video !

Stu says:

Just one request…….do more vids 🙂

Jorge Gabriel Pasos Iñiguez says:

Although Zenith got a great watch at a killer price point that JLC’s it’s just gorgeous!!!

craik says:

With all due respect, mentioning the word accuracy in a mechanical watch just never seems to make any sense to me anymore in this day and age. Is it just me? On another note, speaking of ultra thin watch, how about the bulgari octa finissimo.

Starman 85 says:

Great videos! Hope you also review some ladies watches as well.

VIC says:

I understand that OMEGA Tresor does not come in Stainless Steel. But, the Master Co Axial In House Calibre, the provides a high power reserve, 15,000 Gauss anti magnetic shield, and hand applied details is hard to look over. Once again the metal being used prices most everyday wearing watch collectors out, but I strongly believe that if a stainless steel edition were to come out, it would beat both Jaeger and Zenith by miles.

Patrick Daly says:

“Yeager” LeCoultre!?!?. Seriously, learn how to pronounce Jaeger.

algorithm007ify says:

Zenith and JLC are both class…equal 1st place.

Vicky Sieto says:

jaeger all the way

Florin Bobiș says:

Superb presentation. I feel like watching a BBC documentary about the African wildlife, presented by Sir David Attenborough – a battle between the kings of the Swiss watchmakers savanna


Looks like they only review watches they have in there shop

David Pu. says:

Thanks for the videos, always detailed informations and a nice quality:)

swarnendu das says:

I wanna wear the Zenith on Monday, Wednesday and Friday and Jaeger-LeCoultre on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. On Sunday I would go work in a Meth Lab to pay the money I borrowed to buy these 2 thin delicacies.

Nicholas Wong says:

My Mido Baroncelli Heritage is less than 7mm thin and has a date window. All of that in a watch 1/6 the price of the JLC.

I like the JLC but to praise it for its thinness is rather daft.


JL is the best

sofrech1991 says:

At 1:51 , the smudges you see on the plate – are they excess oil? Seems a bit sloppy for JLC, in my opinion.

Romeo Balota says:

Everyone of your videos is excellent, nobody beats you.I hope I can afford a luxury watch someday, for now, I’ll enjoy seeing them here. Thank you

João B says:

the pronounciation o jlc is quite wrong…

Keuskansleus says:

Casio F91W beats it.

crybabyteamo says:

It would have to be the Grand Seiko SBGW253 – vintage remake with great movement, ultra clean & sharp design, classic vintage dress feel and and literally top-of-the-industry polishing, dial + casework. Price actually falls in between the two watches reviewed here, but better in everyway (other than the fact that it’s not swiss made).

Messina says:

Artisan reviews about artisan horology.

Canal West says:

Love both brands. But the JLC beats the Zenith timepiece here. Although Zenith’s color is marvellous. Tough choice.

Niely Boyken says:

JLC for sure! Nice video

Google Explorers says:

I would ave the zenith offering

Mcmiloy says:

Please review the most iconic JLC of all, the reverso.

Brien Bell says:

¿Y porque no los dos?

Bobby's World says:

What a great videos this channel makes. Wow just wow. Great filming, cutting and storytelling.

manoj bharadwaj says:

If Jaeger-LeCoultre produces every movement for top three how come they say their watches have in-house movement?
i always gets confused with this.
Also it would be really good if Watchfinder & Co. make a detailed video about it or who supplies movements to big brnads like those top three and Rolex etc..

giwr says:

Bulgari Octo Finissimo Automatic

Serj Kalsi says:

Can you review the tag heuer monza 36 please?

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