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For a long, long time, watch movements have been made primarily of metal. But there’s a new kid in town, a so-called wonder material that claims to be completely anti-magnetic and require zero lubrication: silicon. But is it as good as the watch brands would have us believe?

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theuglybiker says:

Technically you could say that silicon has been used for well over one hundred years, as the ruby jewels are composed mostly of silicon.

Balance says:

El Primero the most underrated watch out there today.

Balkan88 says:

less than 1% dislikes welldone

MrVoayer says:

A short course in materials and technology. Probably not as alluring as some previous videos, but informative, nonetheless !

DeAd says:

this watch looks like someone broke the dial and then assembled it

L Angelini says:

+Watchfinder & Co. Where do you get the background music and soundtracks for the videos? I’d like to download them on Apple Music/similar service, if possible!

Derick Gabrillo says:

5:39 I giggled

Jean Kunkler says:

Think about the lithium batteries in an electric car. Bad comparison. U can’t build electric cars for everyone even if you wanted to.

Brian Lawson says:

I love the Zenith Chrono. You get a lot of bang for the buck when you buy one. I think Rolex was smart with what they did to the Zenith movement to get a 70 hr power reserve and removing the date wheel back then when they put it in the Daytona (date wheel had issues back then anyways).

Blake Anthony says:

It’s ridiculous how much better of a watch channel this is from 90% of what else is on YouTube. Keep up the great work and incredible presentation.

Zoltan NS says:

Silicon or not, this El primero is stunning

Jim Begin says:

Excellent! Another day in science class, brilliant!

The Critic says:

There is a massive advertisement of a chinese tourbillon for less than 1.000 us dollars. Did you see it? Could you evaluate it? Love your channel. Cheers

Dag Sabot says:


rrp925 says:

Wait, did you say cheaper?!! HA

MALIBUMAN666 says:

Please review the TAG Heuer Monaco 24

Ricardo Anjos says:

My advice to you is: stick to the watches because you know nothing about cars.

kevin yap says:

You sir, are a brilliant writer and story teller. I really admire the quality of the content you provide. If only I could afford the watches you sell, I would support you. But for now, my like and subscription will have to suffice.

More power! Cheers!

click my picture says:


Rayan sailani says:

This channel gets refined by bounds after every single video.

Saif Addeen Al-Manaseer says:

This was extremely enjoyable! The style, explanations, logic, visuals, and more. This is perfection, thank you!

Lima Juliett says:

The close up shots are amazing!!!

footballcoreano says:

Zenith has the best of best movement!!! Most accurate movement in the world. Epic craftsmanship and engineering!

john cena says:

really looking forward to a non magnetic and lubeless mechanical someday

SeaMaster says:

The best horology channel on whole damn YouTube… Beautiful voice, exceptional quality videos, great macro content. We should pay you, just to watch your reviews. Thank you!

Watch Geek says:

Not a thing was said about the watch in the video and yet somehow you made me want it and entertained me at the same time

Alvin Aw says:

Awesome video,,,,,, I owned this very timepiece from Zenith….. Even by looking at it will make me smile.

mena seven says:

I think silicon is the future of mechanical watch technology because silicon doesn’t need lubricant, is shock resistant and is anti magnetic. the quartz watch and electrical car technology are better technology then the mechanical watch and mechanical car technology but history, tradition and emotion will keep mechanical watches and cars more popular then electronic and electric one. wonderful video.

Octavio Arvizu San Vicente says:

I really enjoy all the videos of the channel, your passion to speak can be felt, and the shots of the time pieces are exquisite. Thanks

Kevin Corkery says:

A watch repairman named Hans from Federico eluded to silicones shorter life span. Any comment on that?

MikeZ32TT says:

More Minute repeaters please. That is a nice looking watch.

David Supple says:

Watched the video, clicked through to Zenith…

Andreas Larsson says:

Very cool!Eterna Madison 8 day power reserve.Christopher Ward sh21!

jiancitox says:

Do you know anything about the zenith defy lab. A video from you would be extremely educational

alan smith says:

Range anxiety aside , are you s******g me.

Ahmed Helmi says:

Is this a discontinued model?

babalooey100 says:

Some day the watch horde will discover what an incredible value Zeniths are. Then they won’t be an incredible value ever again.

pplpilot says:

My next watch 100%… would have to have to have metal bracelet though, something in wont allow me to part with 1000’s for a leather strap watch.

Mufaddal Bombaywala says:

Please review the Altiplano 1200S

Regular Guy says:

That is one beautiful watch.

مهند اسعد says:

ترجم عربي

Jay Hong says:

Could the channel feature AP Royal Oak chrono pls? Haven’t seen much AP in thus channel.

Ben Calabro says:

bruh name an electric car that can accelerate to 60mph as fast as a top fuel dragster. Those beasts only take 0.5-0.8 seconds to do it.

JayeBird says:

Read me a bedtime story?

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