Crazy Gyroscopic Escapement Module with Zenith Watches

In this video report, we are coming back on one of those very impressive timepiece seen over the last few years, the Academy Christophe Colomb, because we just wanted to understand better how this super complex mechanics works!

This gyroscopic escapement module is simply fascinating to look at, as it remains flat whatever your movement of your wrist. In a certain way, it uses the same idea of the gimbal seen on marine chronometers, but here it’s not the entire watch that moves, but only this very original and magical module.


Pauninho92 says:

Wich software 3:14?

Gleb Karlsen says:

Just another awesome video!! Amazing job and great movement!!
Btw, does anybody know which program is used for 3D modeling watch movements in a computer? I believe there’s a few of them, but wondering which one is used by Zenith for example…

so crispy says:

how much is a service on one of those bad boys? or does zenith do it for free considering astronomical price tag.
Also is your watch mobile anything like the mystery machine??

Wesley Dickerson says:

I have wondered for a while how this works, thank you so much for making this video! Keep up the good work! Can’t wait for your Basel coverage!

Peter Olsson says:

Wonderful film

Khaled salafi says:

يا إلهي ما أجملها كم يبلغ سعرها من فضلك

Zeeshan Muhammad says:

2:30 A feast for the eyes! Gorgeous bit of engineering 🙂

Roelf van der Merwe says:

I love your channel! I hope I can visit you in Geneva one day!

Jordan Lapointe says:

wow!! THAT’S INSANE! ok, Now I want to build a model of an escapement! For now I’ll settle on a single axis!

Amintas Neto says:

Amazing piece and great video!
Thanks for sharing Marc

LutherWallander says:

This is the type of watch video that makes me take a break from my work in no time.

roli g says:

That movement is just crazy beautiful!

tabakos7 says:

The quality of the video is too deam high!!!! Keep it up.

jokur says:

absolutely gorgeous

manduheavy vazquez says:

Inclusive now when is one the best pioneers in the business it’s designs always are futurist. Amazing. Greatness. Beautiful. With own soul and iconics. Wonderful.

Алексей Вовк says:

gyrotourbillion!!! what will be next?

Samuel Charpentier says:

La vidéo ne pouvait pas mieux tomber, je pensais justement un peu plus tôt aujourd’hui au fonctionnement de ce système avec un ami ! Merci pour la réponse !!!

Noun says:

That looks incredible. Thanks for making these videos. Cheer!!

Evolved Rabbit says:

By the animation it looks like the actual escapement is swiss lever but it’s all mounted on a gyroscopic module.

devjock says:

Subbed! I thought a 3d tourbillon was already pretty crazy, but to integrate the entire escapement and mucbh of the hand gearing, is absolutely nuts. The only way this would be improvable is to make the tourbillon inside the escapement move independently, but that would just be showing off. This is already an insane achievement right there. Thanks for sharing!

Harold Bullock says:

Fascinating engineering.

JF schnell says:

this has to be on watch porn of 2017 :D… I think it is amazing

Van DeBar says:

I really love your channel. Very informative and entertaining !.

Sort Of Interesting says:

Absolutely amazing, truly art and science in one piece!

DJZ says:

So the evolution of this module is what Jean Claude wants to tell the world about (in June)…

Gianpa kasa says:


Matthew I/Sa says:

Absolutely love your videos! O.o

Could you give us the link to these awesome beats in the background? ^^

Deepak Nigwal says:

this is amazing. I always wanted to know the exact working of this mechanism, and you did it. Thank you guys…

João B says:

3 videos in 3 days
awesome work
i like the detail of the timer on the top left corner of the screen

Rob Logan says:

Switzerland is definitely on my bucket list! This watch in particular is so amazing, yet I have a feeling that it is also rather uncomfortable as the sapphire under the cage sticks out a bit. But I do love the concept!

Adam Vedde says:

Quick question why is it the Great Britain falg and the Rolling Stones logo when Christopher Columbus was from Italy? I know there is many different versions but still, doesn’t really make sense to me 🙂

freshramses says:


SK97 says:

Do you maybe know how accurate this watch is?

Ernani Alves da Silva Junior says:

Your channel is unique, Marc André. The access you have to the horology temples and their masters is formidable. I thank you so much for the opportunity to virtually visit all this wonderful world. I didn’t understand how the magic occurs in that mechanism, but I’m happy that it works! See you in the next video!

ryvr madduck says:

Zenith is moving the ball down the field. Amazing mechanics. I couldn’t get my head around the actual function trying to read subtitles and look at his computer and model, but I’ll look at this more as it is out longer, there’ll be more info about it. Very intriguing.

The Watch Passion says:

This watch started my big passion for watches! Its just am magical piece of haute horlogerie.

Abhishek Srivastava says:

Is it true that the management of zenith was sacked recently? and that guy from tag heuer took over?

Tony says:

Truly in a class of its own. Great video!

Jeviar Firsta says:

love it! very intriguing as first they introduced it as a tourbillon but nevertheless I love it! Saw a few times and it’s breathtakingly beautiful and unique. But one thing though, I think witschi can’t record the accuracy of this piece because no matter which position of the watch is, the balance always in the “dial up” position compared to “normal” mechanical watch our a tourbillon, the position did changed when the wrist/cage is rotating so virtually we could see how was the chronometric performance in each every positions. Another example was the Astroregulator by Cartier with balance and escapements are placed in automatic winding that act like a gymbal, eventhough it’s still needs to be regulated at least in 3 positions like dial up, down, vertical in 6 o’clock position. And this Christophe Colomb mechanism is GENIUS as it really takes the advantages of movements in their dial up position, as the point of gravity only being centered at the bottom of the balance staff…. Thank you so much for this video! I expect to see a lot soon! SIHH2017 is around the corner!

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