Baselworld 2019 – The new Zenith Watches Explained by CEO Julien Tornare


Michael DeMaio says:

Fed,You hit the nail right on the head. Agree 1000%

Divino Sabino says:

Completely agree with your comments that Breguet watches exude more luxury than PP.

Pedro Saenz says:

Once agai thank you for this interesting note!! One main thing about some brands is the marketing investment. Omaga with James Bond; Rolex with Tennis, F1 etc
Breguet seams not to be well marketed brand. Many of their features you discribed were from me unknown. Thanks again and keep the pasion

J S says:

It’s important to remember that Patek has a decent history of using outsourced movements (JLC, Lemania, etc.) as well. NOTHING wrong with Breguet using a FP or JLC movement as long as the finishing and pricing are in concert with one another. Not long ago Breguet was using a pretty plain JLC 818 movement in some pieces…but boy did they turn the finishing up a few notches!

nolito2013 says:

Breguet has the prettiest hands in the business

Michael S says:

agreed ref Patek , a little boring and other than the Nautilus there is nothing I would consider.

Wilhelm Otto Dusseldorf says:

A. Lange & Sohne, Vacheron Constantin, Breguet, Audemars Piguet > Blancpain, IWC, Jaeger LeCoultre, Rolex > Patek Philippe. Line up a A. Lange & Sohne and a Patek Philippe, and tell me honestly, which design is far superior. The designers at PP are getting lazy because their watches have been poorly designed as of late. Blind fold me and ask which looks better: the AL&S or PP and I’ll always pick AL&S. Not even being sarcastic. The Holy Trinity is a joke. A marketing gimmick established by Patek. It needs to be done away with. A Lange & Sohne reigns supreme. Breguet is awesome. I want a Tradition 7027.

Al Wan says:

This is a problem of watch youtubers that they talk about the same brands all the time having not experienced great brands like alpina, eterna, roamer and lot other. They do not know, don’t have experience, can not compare, so in many times have wrong conclusions.

Frantisek Kurcik says:

Come on. Why are you even talking about brands like Breguet. These watches are only for super rich or for Arab princes. If someone wants a flashy wow factor watch in order to impress people, it’s better to buy oversized Invicta chronograph with fake gold plating.

Wilhelm Otto Dusseldorf says:

My favorite watch brands are Breguet, A. Lange & Sohne, Vacheron Constantin, Audemars Piguet, Jaeger LeCoultre, Rolex, Omega, IWC. Just not a big fan of any of Patek’s designs.

Iqbal Roskolnikov says:

Fredrico: Excellent video. I think there is just isnt much information on the Breguet watches. One of the main reason is that Breguet does not have a brand Ambassador in todays media driven economy. This is specially important because the contemporary generations idealize to the iconic figures and try to be much like them at least in terms of what they wear and how they spend money. Look at the daytona collection- to be honest there isnt anything special to it expect some amazing marketing. I have always liked Breguet over the Patek. I have had Patek but not anymore…may be down the road I will have one for conversations sake. I am not a collector for the sake of safe queens. I like to wear my watches and Patek never tickled me that way ever. I have 2 Breguets. One is the type XX in full gold and the other is 5707 classic alarm which is my everyday watch. XX comes out now and them when I am in wet sports of want to show some yellow. The next Breguet on my list is the Perpetual Calendar with Equation of time complication. When that happens most likely one of my current Breguet will have to go only because I am a 2 watch guy. I have some others that were gifted to me and they just lay around escaping sale/trade only because they were gifts.

Frederick Denina says:

As for me, the Co-axial Master Chronometer movement of Omega in collaboration with ETA , could be the best movement that can last for life without having services to be done. Believe me, it’s the big secret that big watches society doesn’t want you to know. Most probably the inventor of Co-axial Mr. Daniels knows that.

C.E. Parks says:

Don’t have a lot of experience with Breguet but the Calatrava is hard to beat…

Anton Bandillo says:

Couldn’t agree more.

paul ellis says:

i own a breguet marine i took i was in a shop in birmingham uk mentioned to him that i owned a breguet marine he had never heard of them this shop sol rolex PP iwc AP everthing the man had been buying and selling watches for 20 years and that is the reason i bought a breguet !!! incidentley this is not the first second or third time this has happened

Martin R. Krause says:

The issue with Patek, just like with Rolex or Breitling, is that they are over advertised. To many wrong people can identify them. If I see a Breguet, I know I’ve found somebody who understands watches and understatement.

Mohamed Alketbi says:

Breguet is an Orginal brand that most of the other brands follow the their design ,,,,

LFCzeppelin8 says:

If money were no object I could find numerous Breguets and Blancpains that I’d love to have. I just don’t get that feeling with Patek.

Alexander Puhovitsky says:

totally agree with you . by definition “Breguet” is for royalty. “pATEK” is for “peasants” who won lottery and have difficulty to impress other not important people . LOL. yea , i sound arrogant , and i would be very happy to have a breguet or a patek. got my lottery ticket …. keep my fingers crossed. if you see me wearing a breguet, i won.

Terrick Guindy says:

Great video!

Canal West says:

Awesome watches. Super complicated. Zenith Defy series take mechanical watches to the next level. An 18Hz (129,600bph) movement is unmatched. I am lost for words. Double tourbillons of 5Hz and 50Hz respectively. Also a 50 year warranty for the El-Primero re-issue limited editions is just unheard of. Zenith is a cut above the rest.

Mike W says:

Great reissues of the El Primero to celebrate the anniversary, but sad that a 50-piece LE unobtanium release abandons a larger collector and enthusiast audience.

Jorge Gallegos says:

If I can only agree to one thing, is that I will buy watches that I lust for. Surely Patek is a fantastic watch, but most probably I will enjoy more a Breguet. Following my heart only!

george varughese says:

Beautiful watches. Just wished they controlled their inventory better thereby increasing the values in the after market.

pgatt62 says:

Hey Frederico, Totally agree with your austere comments about Patek. Very plain but very expensive. Boring hands and boring dials although higher end and likewise higher priced models offer something that more reflects the price. Just bought a 5707 Reveil du Tsar and absolutely loving it. A veritable piece of magnificent engineering.

Hendra Gouw says:

Many watchmakers input said 3hz el primero makes the movement worn out faster (even Rolex in early Daytona slow down the Hz) , what about the 5hz? Does this make service interval worse?

hrabanus says:

Thanks for shedding some light on the lesser talked about high-end brands like Breguet, Piaget, Lange etc. I remember these brands from when I first got interested in watches, and I think they’re not playing the online game very well. But maybe they don’t have to 😉

SevenDeMagnus says:

Hi. Of course the elephant in the room- they are all just too overrated, and of course beyond overpriced.
Watches shouldn’t be the price of cars or even scooters but that’s life. They should just mark it all up to just 33%
So they can sell more, sell more to hire and train more to built more while still maintaining the high quality.
The highest quality should be within every person’s reach.

We’ll still save for them.

God bless, Proverbs 31

Stuart Spillman says:

Federico I love your show and I love watches. I don’t have a lot of money to spend on watches but I have the previous model of the Tissot Seastar and I think it’s a beautiful piece. What do you think as an inexpensive diver?

Man Nok Choy says:

Breguet is my favourite brand. But I think the reason why they are not held in as high regard is because their movement finishing isn’t up to patek standards. But they more than make up for that in the dial finishing and design.

fmanuferro says:

BREGUET for me. All day.

Julian Mcwey says:

this is why I look at your channel!!! I totally agree breguet best watch in the world

Wilhelm Otto Dusseldorf says:

Of course Breguet is better than Patek. Their designs are art. I have never come across a Patek Philippe and thought, “wow, beautiful”, or “that’s a work of art”, or “I have to have that someday.” With Breguet, I want their entire line of watches. They are stunning. But that’s not what the “crowd” wants to hear. The crème de la crème want you boasting about your Patek. If you don’t think Patek is the Holy Grail, you’re just not as classy as the ones who are “in the know”.

Hungrytongues 69 says:

I always felt that Breguet carries at the very least the weight of the likes of AP and Patek Philippe. Same goes for Lange 🙂

Hairol Izhar says:

Hi Federico. Breguet is the brand that makes me into watches after reading The Count of Monte Cristo. “Danglars’ watch, a masterpiece by Breguet which he had rewound with care before setting out the previous day, chimed half past five in the morning.” Alexandre Dumas The Count of Monte Cristo, 1844

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