A Walk Through Zenith Watches – Ep. 9 – WATCHMAKING ROADTRIP

Today’y adventure will let you enjoy a walk through the entire fabrication process of watch. From raw material to the actual finished product, Zenith has it all under one roof and is a fine example of what industrial watchmaking was in the late 19th century up to today, though we are now talking of much smaller and more exclusive volumes.

Zenith is also the creator of one of the most iconic watch movement, the El Primero, a movement which played a major role when it comes to accuracy and precision. This movement is still produced today and at one point equipped the famous Daytona from Rolex.

ERRATUM: Just wanted to clarify something because it is said that the El Primero is beating at 4Hz in the video and we all know that it beats at 5Hz, little lapsus from our side.


CarlWong510 says:

So if Zenith supply movement, can I get their movement and make the casing my self? And if possible, sold them commercially?

Eli Law says:

Is that an mb&f watch on your wrist?

Mark Job says:

This was again a fascinating road trip episode ! Even a company which uses production machinery to produce its watches can result in a product of an incredibly high level of precision and sophistication !

officialpartychannel says:

I really need to visit Switzerland, I heard it’s cheaper to visit than France.

Ben Owens says:

Hey guys – I like the videos that you make. Keep up the good work.

SoCalFreelance says:

9:30 That’s some passion for watchmaking right there. I would be curious to know how many watch components can be stamped. I’m also fascinated by the precision machining. Look forward to the tools segment.


You guys better go to Rolex

Andrew Steel says:

very fun video…..

Luis Navarrete says:

Excellent series. Looking at different manufacturers and their production processes and philosophies is very educational. Thank you.

Raj Oak says:

Surely these guys are mesmerised by this fabulous trip, waiting desperately for rolex and thank you all to give us a chance to have a glance at these industries.

Amintas Neto says:

Love to see the diversity and content richness of this trip!
You guys are killing it.
Well done Watch TV!!

Peter Byford says:

A fitting time to pay tribute to Charles Vermot who created the el primero movement.
Due primarily to his efforts, it escaped being consigned to obscurity. “Cream always rises to the top ” lol ! …..the el primero still regarded as one of the finest movements ever made. Many brands toyed with 36,000 bph movements but Zenith perfected it…..though it requires 20 different grades of lubricant, including 2 dry ones, to keep it on song. My Chronomaster ‘T’ triple date moonphase just keeps on going after decades of wrist time.
Glad to see the Co is still moving in the right direction after the, IMHO, poor period with Thierry Nataf as CEO.

G-FORCE says:

I was able to visit Zenith a bit more than a year ago and it really is a remarkable manufacture and one of the only one still producing 100% of the movements in-house. This was a great way to relive this awesome day, shoutout also to Paul Wirth for showing you around, I had a great time with him and Patrick Jaron that day. Cheers!

JF schnell says:

With the money from the auction (the Patek) I think I would have a good time on a road trip of these Masters of Time!

Joonsuk Kim says:

Doesnt the el primero movement beat at 5hz? 36000vph?

Claus-L. Müller says:

Wow! Another episode that gave me goosebumps! A Zenith El Primero is still on my list. But I’m afraid it is going to be there for quite a while… 😉

Phil X says:

love this channel.

Chris B says:

They are dies not presses

Hamza Khawaja says:

These Episodes are just amazing. Great Work.

MrMuttonhollow says:

Well planed out trip. The guys are seeing everything. Thanks for some fun videos.

Simon Fan says:

Great tour by Zenith! I love the history, methods and the art of watch making!

dinesh jiawan says:

Very impressive once again.
You should know that watchmakers are also involved in manufacturing tools for the finest field of surgery like vitreoretinal surgery done by ophthalmologists.

Kwek Joo Chuan says:

5 hertz

Googlegenius says:

A proud owner of the El Primero Chronomaster. Will never own a Rolex…never!

Philip Allen says:

Amazing vidoes amazing trip very lucky guys

markolml says:


divas masas says:

how does one plan this trip? looks like a great time

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