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If the digital age has taught us anything, it’s that there’s something unquestionably appealing about analogue. Whether its hi-fi, photography, cars or watches, being in control of a machine with moving parts that we can manipulate and understand is inherently satisfying. But as technology moves forward, knowledge of the old ways wanes, some of it to be lost forever. It is our responsibility to pass that knowledge on to new generations of aficionados, our duty—so with that in mind, here are five things you must never do with your mechanical watch.

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Brighton Billy says:

Jesus christ look at all the little scratches and specs of dust on the dial of that UBOAT. Sad.

Lance Hatch says:

I thought he was going to say never put an ugly jeweled dial on your GMT.

Mick de Boer says:

Thank you for yet an other exeptional high quality (in every aspect) and informative video. Best wishes for 2019

Mike Rehfuss says:

That Bulgari is so cool!

Gisae says:

In short; don’t be an idiot.

Henk Van de Goor says:

To de-magnetize your watch: find old CRT (cathode ray) monitor, hold watch in front, press degauss button. And done…

Mr. Jack A$$ says:

Zenith channeling their inner Invicta with that watch…

Alien Machine says:

Huh… Look at the fucking snobs here wanting an apocalypse so they can be proud of their mechanical fucking watches. You really have so little hopes on humanity, you might as well kill yourself soon.

Dg Kg says:

Seldom seen basic information hidden so well in an abundance of flavour text…

korencek says:

U-boat watch is so poorly done. All the edges are not debured, dial so poorly made… holy shit.


#6: Never rest the watch on its crown. Use the other side or lay it flat if you can.

Peter Aremone says:

5 Things You Must Never Do With Your Watch

1) Use it as a hammer
2) Use it as a toilet paper
3) Use it to mix cocaine
4) Use it as a knuckle duster
5) Use it to compensate for a tiny penis

stockegsix says:

5:01 You really mean never put diamonds on a Rolex bezel correct? LOL

devilevic says:

Great video as always. Thank you!

Syed Hashmi says:

I have watched your videos so much that, anything I read now, I read it in your voice LOL. Really nice work. Thanks

neil piper says:

I often wear my Vostok Amphibia on one wrist and my 1974 30mm Hand winding Timex with date and simple white face. My favourite lady loves it and she knows if she is good to me I will gift it to her.
Also I always carry two fountain pens in case I feel the need to gift one to a friend. A Lamy Safari and a Pilot Metropolitan are the usual ones to get people into writing with fountain pens.

Adam C. says:

You should a video on a Patek Phillipe 3519. You can buy one now for the price of a Rolex submariner

Hayden Fleetwood says:

1 ; nooo not my Vostok amphibia snaps straight from day 1 to second day

strudercutie says:

do a video on the Nomos Ahoi Dantum please

Christopher Laidler says:

I love the videos ,my passion for watches has been for the last 50years starting with a Smith’s pocket watch when I turned 10years old . Now my go to present from my children is a chronograph of some kind ,I change watches at least once a day and love the fact there are like minded people out there . All these years I had no idea, thank you .

TheMedicalEngineer says:

This video shows an interesting collection… should I call it the cool oddballs?

Rohit Agarwal says:

Never wear a watch with the dial on the inner wrist. I know it is to protect the crystal and prevent accidental knocks to the case, but, don’t, just don’t. The exception being special situations like military application, doctors, divers, etc.

Franchigamer 22 says:

Buy antimagnetic 70’s watches

Naru timmy says:

That zenith is ugly

Kyle Leandres says:

What music do you use? It’s so nice

nualdifa says:

TIL hairsprings have about 50 turns

Ian Woollard says:

I don’t wear mine playing golf.

Laza says:

Realy important one: Never lay your watch down on the crown – it will damage the water tight “seal” (forgot what its called).

Trevor 734 says:

Is it safe to clean an automatic watch in an ultrasonic bath?

kisra kaden says:

Can do a review of the Longines heritage 1945 please ?

RahKi says:

Someone is stealing your content

yinping Cho says:

There are hundreds if not thousands of such watch tips videos, none of which put in words so elegant as yours. I always click on your videos not out of curiosity to the watches, but the words you are to craft together for them. Great channel for exploring watches and language. Thanks for the quality work.

Jakenova says:

Hamilton video would be cool

comment commenter says:

Never fist a bitch with any watch on.

Blake Anthony says:

I see an upload, I click, chadunga a simple man. Great video as usually.

BabyEater9000 says:

0:21 that ugly underside of the second hand.

neil piper says:

Vostok Amphibia……………………. click at midnight. Quicker back wind date change midnight click the wind back to 8pm and then forward past midnight and repeat.
Seiko 5 has quick change date.
Seiko 5 changes over 4 hours.

Face Meat says:

Watchfinder & Co.: The ugly (with the exception of the GMT Master) watch edition

Richard Spencer says:

If only they could replace all those wheels and springs with a tiny circuit board and a solid-state display in 24 hour format. Convenient, cheap, robust, and not that Zenith.

Kishan Prajapati says:

Is it safe to move crown when in its in when nothing changes or it can damage the mechanism

Pip Pipster says:

6) Leave it on the train.

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