Wooden Watches? No Thanks!

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Miguel Aulet says:

Duracell is probably paying you for this video T3, we can’t trust you!

Putra Ramadhan says:

i suggest you to look at Matoa watches

WatchDisplay says:

Super cool dial and case on this one!

Itsalgud1 says:

Im no purist, but wood watch, NEVER! But the DuPont, first ever rectangular watch I really like.

gardehusar24 says:

None… I’m interested in none of the wooden watches….

Edward Ledin says:

The only “wood watch” that is worth buying is a Rolex Day Date with mahogny dial.

lilpwnige says:

Valerii Danevych makes some pretty amazing wooden watches, and sells them from his etsy page. Including watches with wooden movements with or without complications (as if the movement being made of wood wasn’t enough of a complication). His watches usually sell for around $12,000-$70,000 but simpler watches without wooden movements can be had starting at 400$

armando cardenas says:

Can you imagine a wooden watch made by Michael Kors , infested by termites ….. ?

mrkiky says:

Have been getting ads on facebook from Holzkern. I thought they were original. Didn’t know wooden watches were an actual thing that more manufacturers are doing. Anyway, wood is a soft material so it will get beat up like crazy with regular use. It will get messed up just from brushing against your sleeve everyday. A wooden watch is definitely not a thing that you will be able to pass on 30 years later, unless you keep it in a box, and that kinda loses the appeal compared to a “regular” watch.

Jeremy Menning says:

I got a wood watch…as a gift for my dad…the hobbyist woodworker. First and last wood watch I will buy.

VictimRAID says:

my brother has two wooden watches, im not a fan at all

RejZoR says:

There is actually a watch that’s entirely made of wood, even escapement and gears. Only thing metal is the mainspring and the balance wheel spring. Can’t seem to remember the name or the maker 🙁

Christos Segkounas says:

I enjoy your videos but cannot justify the title having witnessed the content.

100pila878 says:

Yes, you know nothing about this… look at Valerii Danevych

João Bessa Martins says:

Gorgeous watch, and I like the low key Montblanc pen acting as a support

Viv Savage says:

Check out Tissot wood watches from the 70s or 80s.

IANSPA says:

Valerii Danevych, makes extraordinary watches entirely from wood, apart from the spring.

Rev. Jim Jones says:

Wood watches are good for termites and woodpeckers and thats it.

mena seven says:

I dont like wooden watches because wood is not as strong as steel and gold. And wood doesnt last longer then steel and gold. the ST Dupont Chinese lacquer is a very beautiful and classy watch.

Mark Playford says:

Sorry Jury but I like that more than your tank. Fits you better and looks way more classy too. As for wooden watches… WTF why?

Tom Faranda says:

Very cool vid.

shop tube says:

Plz shave that beard.u look like an ISIS soldier!

Dale Taylor Jr. says:

Those tiny screws. With big sausage fingers like mine, they can be challenging.

Will Roberts says:

Check out PETRIFIED wooden watches. You can tell friends “I like 50s watches…. 50 BC that is.” Boom. Extreme vintage.

Mark Dah Shark says:

I own a wooden watch. It was given to me as a gift and I get way more interest in it than any other watch that I have. Mine is a Bewell watch. They can be found on amazon and on Walmart’s website for about $25. They aren’t the best quality watches. I have also had to repair one of the links because it fell off and got stepped on when the spring failed. I just used wood glue and you can’t tell anything happened. It has gotten me into watches, and despite the cheapness, I still wear it as a casual watch.

I would be curious to see a Jord though. They are mechanical and look decent although I am not certain of the quality of the movement.

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