Wooden watches by holzkern

Was given the chance to take a look at this amazing watch, handmade out of recycled wood.
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Included in the box is a cool wooden business card a soft cloth for cleaning and everything you need to adjust the strap size
It is a Nice product and would make a great Christmas present.


shirley sumner says:

I’d be to scared to use it lol oh i b watch u a while john sent me love it Chan tim

pam white eagle says:

thank you tim.

Gene Guy says:

Merry Christmas, Tim!

Matt Turner says:

By the way Tim, nice watches, just checked out the site, i’ll be badgering my lady for a b/day present :). Keep up with the camping vlogs and videography, it’s really nice and relaxing to watch.

graham graham says:

Carlisle 195 wants to roast bit ov pork ova tht watch tim.. make it fire proof.haha

Woolie195 195 says:

You are just copying carlias195 you videos is exactly the same .not that good

Tressa Zimmerman says:


Nat Uralist says:

Nice review Tim on a nice looking watch. I wear wooden sun glasses and love them. Do you know if the strap can be easily adjusted, a link taken out , if too loose?

Gail Mitchell says:

Nice video Tim

Jera_rune says:

True wood does glasses and watches. What’s the difference?
How much sir? Is it tough enough for camping? I am thinking that I will flip a coin to decide

junocide says:

Tim Robson, Fashion Icon

Kent Survival says:

I don’t wear a watch but if I did id be on that.. thats really nice, well made video too mate

neil mac says:

Have a GOOD, Merry Christmas Tim.. An ALL the The Verry Best For 2019!!✅

jason antigua says:

Nice watch

Tony Philbin says:

Better not let John see that coz he will burn it. Lovely piece though.

Priscilia Estrada says:

Wow. It’s gorgeous!!!!

James Ellsworth says:

Hey, Tim! Hope all is well…and Best of the Holidays and the coming year to you and to Carlisle195!

pam white eagle says:

hi tim just a quick question. or comment hi we were wondering if john is ok we are hoping he is not ill or hurt. I know neither you or he does not know us but we always look forward to his videos. please take care and stay safe and well and happy. pam

snowfire5050 says:

What a beautiful watch! You are a very lucky man.

Acruz2 says:

Nice watch and an even better presentation Tim

Lilli StJohn says:

Nice watch….and hand made. Looks great…don’t let John burn it when he runs low on wood. Haha cheers

Richie Rich says:

What a nice looking watch

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