Wood Watches… Can You Wear Them?

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So wood watches, are they acceptable to wear as men?

The watch is a real menswear staple and we’re often very quick to dismiss a new style or design. Personally, I was never a huge fan of the wood watch but I explain why my opinions have changed in today’s video.

Is it good to be unique?

Here’s my two cents on men wearing wood watches.

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Enter the giveaway to win a Jord Watch here: https://www.jordwatches.com/g/yt94734ig

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datsunmadman says:

Wood watches are great for the fireplace

Paul McGregor says:

A slightly different video, but an important lesson. Dress for yourself, don’t dress for anyone else 🙂

njuafed71 says:

No…it depends.Just like skinny jeans and tapered leg jeans..no way.Anything is to give a try.Maybe i will give the wooden watch a try but not skinny or some pencil leg jeans.

fцику мцику says:

Kerbholz is another great brand.
Sleek and minimalist, or loud and ornate. Either way, affordable and unique.
Personally recommend it.

Escobar Style1 says:

Looks heavy but I love unique items. Very nice but a hefty price.

Ayush Kumar says:

it looks very bulky in hand

Noize Tank says:

I wouldn’t buy a wooden watch (again). They won’t last you as nearly as long as any metal watch. There’s a reason why legit watch manufacturers aren’t making new models out of wood. That said, if you must buy one, I hope you’re paying less than you would for its metal equivalent.

gold coin says:

Looks interesting..

LateToTheParty7 says:

Great job i pointing out that men should dress for themselves in specific capacity of developing their own sense of style. Additionally, it’s great that you acknowledged the evolution of your style. It’s very easy to get stuck in a rut and resistant to change or revisiting options you’ve passed over before.

onic onic says:

Sure you *cane* wear them, *wood* you, tho?

vinay sukhwal says:

I liked the watch u were holding in the video ..good

Chris B says:

They look like rubbish sorry

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