Why is this Wood Watch going Viral?

Get one like it here- https://amzn.to/2P06a1N

Wooden Watches are the next big thing. Take them with you….an idea, an adventure, a memory. We live in the moment, in a fast paced world we aim to slow things down. We still appreciate what comes from nature like wood, metal, minerals and stone. These naturally occurring elements are what we use to craft the WoodStök Brand.




John Gardner says:

Thanks for this review, mine is being delivered this week. WoodStok has some great gear coming out this year!

John Powers says:

I have 2 wooden watches. Original Grain brand

purity6sic6mc says:

That is a beautiful watch! I came across another great store called TheClausExpress. Check them out! http://www.theclaus-express.com

Aman Bhatt says:

He seems to copy unbox therapy

Fitz- PSG says:

That is a beautiful timepiece!

Vijayapragas Muniandy says:


Geeknoid says:

Wow, I thought I was watching Unbox Therapy https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bv5JcXcI1ic

Cygnus Array 12 says:

I smell another 70’s coming on… time to cut the beards and intensify those sideburns LoL!

Amenshi says:

The quality if your videos are so good. Can’t believe you still have 280+ subs…way under subscribed in my opinion!

Randy Murray says:

The homedepot watch and the other watch are both from the same manufacture. They are just different woods and styles. I got the Bewell , which again is the same manufacture as those two.. Its a great watch never the less.

Sandra Curtis says:

Sorry, I like my Bamboo Watch from Swell Vision better. Even lighter and a totally renewable resource. Great cool shades too that float! Won’t loose them in the ocean.

Till Man says:

The face of the watch was so dark I couldn’t see the time. Is my screen that dark?

Ready Set Drone says:

Woodstock Watch! I’ve never wanted a wooden watch before…until now. Great video!

Mandy Fuller says:

My husband has been wanting a wooden watch!

SF141 says:

This video deserves more views. Heck, this channel deserves more subs for crying out loud. Great job man 😉

Joe Brannen says:

That watch seems legit!!! For real!


That’s cool

antwon Stark says:

That’s so dope, I want one now lol. BTW have you partnered your channel yet?



box N box says:

Now that’s some next level wooden watch, damn that looks amazing!!! your video setup is pretty cool 🙂

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