Should I Buy a Wood Watch? | Wood Watches for Men (2018)

As someone who purchased more than one wood watch in the past and eventually decided to sell them all, I wanted to share my thoughts on them for those of you that are considering buying one.

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Wood Watch Alternatives:
Seiko Sarb033:
Seiko Sarb035:
Seiko 5 SNK809:
Timex fairfield:
Orient Bambino:
Tissot Visodate:
Timex Marlin:
Tissot Classic:
Junghans Max Bill:
Hamilton Khaki:
Tissot Tradition:$100+-+500&gclid=EAIaIQobChMIw5_zp7Wz2AIVGFcNCh0tzAJeEAQYASABEgKpcfD_BwE
Citizen Eco Drive line
Nomos Orion:
Nomos Ludwig:
Timex Weekender:
Stowa Flieger:

Wood Watches I have Owned:

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Nerfe says:

Great video, Teddy!

MaͥrͣsͫBoy says:

Great video, will support you!

HonestMan98 says:

Hi Teddy, I ended up buying the Tudor Prince Oysterdate. Do you think its was a good decision? Also have you ever thought about joining Snupps, TGV is there along with other watch youtube community, that way it could give your channel more marketing?

Nicolas Low says:

I bought a wooden watch though it was fun owning one since nobody wears wooden watch. 1 year later i’ve never wear it out and ended up selling it for less than half of the price i bought.

Anthony Johnson says:

That’s a bad ass intro, Teddy. I really like that.

Act My Age says:

I look at this subject the way I do for all fashion watches: if you want it, get it — but don’t pay the ridiculous prices put forward by these fashion watch companies (and that includes wood watch companies). Most of these are Chinese made, which means they aren’t worth the $200 price tag. Look for different sources (e.g., companies which are selling watches from the same Chinese factories) and pay what they are really worth: about $10-20. At that price point, they are worth it for a fashion piece which probably has about a 2-3 year life span based on fashion trends. I own a few wood watches which I bought at this price point and they can be nice conversation pieces. And, when the time comes that they give up the ghost, I won’t be crying because I will have gotten all the value out of them which I wanted at a price which made sense. I have a video talking about the concept of going cheap for fashion watches over at my channel as well.

Mike Chaffee says:

I think when it comes to a wood watch you should buy it with the understanding that its not an everyday piece and that there are simple care procedures that go along with it like you said its wood its not going to hold up like leather or metal banded watches which is where people go wrong not truly understanding what they are actually buying

purity6sic6mc says:

Your watch didn’t hold up cause you didn’t care for it properly

Vavazelus says:

The answer is NO!!!!!

Danilo Ucles says:

Hey Teddy, Should I buy a pocket big screen TV?

hervé Chretien says:

Short answer : no.

Anthonius AlphaProject says:

Very honest opinion that I really appreciate.

Michael Frilund Bespoke Services says:

It might be a ‘fun’ thing to have for a while, but I can’t see myself buying a wooden watch and use it as an everyday timepiece.

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