Hey guys! Hope you are all doing well!
I’ve not made a video in ages, I got this watch so thought I would make a review on it. I have to say I love this watch! Such an amazing concept of 100% Natural wood and steel. I ordered the Black & Rosewood watch from a company called ORIGINAL GRAIN based in the USA.

Have a look and let me know what you think.

Here is the website I ordered it from:

Rosewood Black Classic V1

Thanks for watching!



Dominic Burrows says:

Hey Bro, Again, How about this watch ? It is really stunning with no doubt but how about the wear and tear for daily use ?

Bandai Channel says:

This should be called watch review by Mrs. Doubtfire

Jim S says:

is it the lighting?  I wish it were more red.   thx

Turn Knowledge Into Action says:

Are you not uploading any videos on free umrah ticket?

Blake Star says:

Stop promoting SHITTERS.

Gary L says:

Its not made in USA made in China with inferior products and terrible customer service

ZJBC2203 says:

Hi, was just wondering if you still think this watch is worth buying? Been thinking of getting one and wanted to know if it still looks nice and works good a while after you bought it.

Thanks 🙂

Fregoli Delusion says:

For the same money, you can buy a Seiko or Citizen. Much better quality.

Hero says:

bro i  know you said you wouldnt recommend to swim with it, but how about taking shower and making wudu wth it?

Simon Mcilveen says:

Did you have any issues getting it delivered to the UK? Did you have to pay any duty on it before you could get it?

robbie574 says:

I just got the Black and Rosewood Classic. The black is a bit more mate now, not as glossy. Not sure which one I like better. Both are beautiful. Nice review! 🙂

jackiworld says:

Thanks ! i needed a review before buying it, you done the job well !

comment section says:

Terrible customer service!!!!!!!

Randomzz 963 says:

Salaam how much is it in pounds?

FerFer1958 says:

I enjoy the video very much. The only thing that you could add is a view of the watch on the wrist a bit further than what you show on the video (just being picky). The watch looks really good. I was wondering if the wood will resist impacts from a table to the floor. There is wood around the watch and I have a concern that a fall might break it.

African SilverBack says:

jazak’Allah’Kheir brother irfan for sharing. i was actually looking for a new watch as i not worn one for around 15 years just never came across a nice looking one which is within budget my last watch was an echo one from florida when i went and the one before that was a casio one which was a tv remote lol that watch got me into trouble many times when i was in school because i would keep messing around with the tv hahahhaah
This rosewood and sandalwood one looks beautiful Mash’Allah did you have to pay import tax on top of that price? i never purchased from outside uk so not to clued up on the rules.
jzk in advance
p.s its good to see you vloging again keep it up insh’Allah

Mj says:

I love all your vids carry on.
and asalamu alaycum from london.

Judge Virulence says:

congrats on your shitter watch

Skjoldborg says:

What’s with your fucking username? Hajj Umrah??!?! Are you a fucking muzrat?!

Gideon Buiting says:

5:16 what do you mean by that, that there’s no warranty outside of america?

Mark Alamares says:

total rip-off of the Longines HydroConquest case and bracelet

Mack10 says:

Horrible company terrible customer service do not buy from them!

Desiree' Cabinatan says:

I just ordered this watch for my fiance, can’t wait to get it!

Briz RC says:

Worst watch packaging! Really screams cheap and brings it down overall. I know people don’t but watches for the packaging but it really does count to the overall feel of the brand.

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