This us the first sponsored video I have EVER done on my channel. I really love the message behind it, so that is why I have decided to make this. Use my code ABV17 to get 15% off your order at

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Mike Jansen says:

this was a cool video though

Aaron & Andrew Productions says:

Awesome Video!!!

kids play games says:

wait they are using trees

it doesn’t make sense

Sam Christenson says:

That was low key click bait

nicole m says:

Umm maybe if they didn’t use wood to make watches they wouldn’t have to plant trees

Snood Bear says:

Only 45 comments not much considering it’s been 5 hrs like if u agree

Matt B says:

Who had the genius idea to kill trees to make products to sell, but they want to plant 1 million trees? kappa

Joseph Kenneway says:


Dominique Hill says:

Awesome video Adam.

Tyler Wibberley says:

that is horrible people adam your great don’t know what they’re all talking about

Dylan Taylor says:

Under 100 comments

Callum O sullivan says:

He sounds sick

Nerf gamer 13 says:

I have a question when do you start to get paid on YouTube if you know

Joseph Kenneway says:

Third like!

Kyle Toy says:

what are u going to get tomorrow? a Rolex?

Ryan Grant says:

Adam u don’t seem to be enjoying YouTube anymore

CJSpot says:

Nice! How much are one of those gonna cost? Just bought a $300 Fitbit surge, so I’m not exactly in the market for an expensive watch, but I do really like the looks it. Surprised that you didn’t get a turquoise one…

Ianthe3rill 2005 says:

Adam been watching for 3 years

*zapper* FBR says:


Black Silver says:

Damn these guys should be ashamed! This is a straight up ripoff of Original Grain Rosewood/Black steel watches. Companies these days are disgusting! Shame!

Phil Falkenberg says:

you know that the gases is a woman type! right.

Just Chilling says:

33rd comment

Peter Mills says:


AmiDoesStuff says:

They plant trees right but they spend so much wood on the watches and their stuff too so what is the point

DJ TTF says:

did anyone notice the sloths on his shirt had the same sunglasses as him

Ross Peebles says:

bring back your old intro

Max Tide says:

Great vid pls reply and these are great vids

Sam Too says:

The trees didn’t die in vein they were sacrificed for a greater cause.

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