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Less human, more being. Keep being. I love you.


Tracy Dean says:

that my friend is a grey pillow

Ramiro Deleon says:

great review man !

Angela - says:

Wooden watches are just so unique and down to earth 🙂

Kath Ross says:

i love your videos, and i love u tooo

I Am Kristin says:

good vid! but it’s pronounced “Yoad”

Maxime Desjardins says:

What is your wrist size ? I am really interested to buy the same watch but i am scared that it is too big for my wrist…

cheyenne Flexrecords says:

Additional to your talents you have an eye for great things……All the best

Joshua the Giant says:

I need that in my life. I collect pocket watches and this is like a perfect cross. Ps How you been! (Tall pentatonix concert goer)

giyeol kim says:

you look super happy which makes me happy too

Gabriel Coppersan says:

Love that watch, you have good taste! I like wood as well so I signed myself up for the contest.

Karen Hdez says:

The contest also includes Mexico? says:

Bad ass watch man. Diggin it

A L F I E says:

ahhh thats some good looking wrist wear 😀

All Wooden Watches says:

Indeed a wood watch that scents nature.

dali bnt says:


contest ends 13/07/17
win a $100 on any jord watch
Enter link in instagram bio
here is my account must follow me on instagram giveaway post
3.enter link in instagram bio
good luck guys

EndPoleForLife says:

By far the coolest watch I’ve ever seen so I of course signed up for the contest! love your videos, keep up the great work!

tacoburger5 says:

i want one!!

Peter Shields says:

actuly bought one after watching this, just arrived today and its faulty so disappointing

Dianna Calbaugh says:

That is a stunning watch and you did a great job af selling it and describing it. I want to get one for my husband now.

Oscar Mendez says:

I hope I’m not too late

Oscar Mendez says:

How do we know if we’re one of the first 100?

Ruth Zuniga says:

Very neat watch! Definitely will invest in getting one!

Sues BookNook says:

OMG! That watch is gorgeous! Going to check out the links to the contest! Thanks so much!

Mr Junior Fox says:

Wow way to support your local trans man business owner who happens to make wood watches. A big box brand swoops in and bribes you with a watch?

TJ Hutcheson says:

is it bad i knew he was gay as soon as he started talking, no normal man thinks that many things are cute lmao!

Jon Myers says:

Did it come with ecstacy too? Because you really really love this watch. I love watches a lot but damn dude lol. much love bro.

Danilo Coelho says:

Hi, I loved it! I miss you on! Peace! Dan C

Bodaci0us says:

the tree logo shows you the tree that was cut down to make the box and watch from it….cute.

ourpensareourlips says:

Thank your sharing!
Fingers crossed that there are some that are all wood or have as little metal as possible.

Side note: does anybody know of any good all wood/metal free watches?

Lelaina Riley says:

Wow, doing anything for money now?
sympathy from +100 to -100!

Umar Ahmad says:

“Little brown pillow” 0:27

Gary Jordan says:

Beautiful timepieces, thanks for the contest.

Nicole Seago says:

You sound adorable while you’re trying to explain the watch. I love it though! I’m going to check it out. Sad I missed the giveaway!

rex gorgar says:

this was weird

982743 says:

i can’t believe, even you are advertising this ugly as hell wood watch lol
it seems all youtubers are selling them nowadays

Bob Awesome says:

Is he gay

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