ASMR Softly Spoken Tapping, Scratching, Unboxing Wooden Watches, Binaural Sounds, Luxury JORD Watc

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ASMR Softly Spoken Tapping, Scratching, Unboxing Wooden Watches, Binaural Sounds, Luxury JORD Watch

Yummy tapping, scratching and unboxing sounds with soft spoken review. Many thanks to JORD for sponsoring this video!

♥ WIN a FREE Watch:
♥ Save 25% NOW with coupon: y103059t

Contest End Date: 12/3/2017
Winner will be notified by JORD.

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Featuring Corrina Rachel

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22thumb says:


Rose Watson says:

hey I didn’t win but I got a $50 off gift code even so it’s still a little too expensive for me seeing that it’s christmas time. My point is does anyone want it the email said if I didn’t to give it to someone else.

あなたらしさってなんだ ? says:

The watches are aesthetically pleasing

Elena Landsea says:

Omg sooo amazing thank u Corrina

Katia Draws says:

9th comment

Big Sausage says:

those bags make really nice scratching sounds

Nina Nina says:

Love this company many friends and relatives have gotten these as a gift

Izzyyy says:

i love you so much❤❤

Jura ssic says:

It’s a good thing I don’t normally pay attention to the visuals cause that background is a little stressful, the sounds are amazing tho as always c:

Kristiina Kangur says:


Katie Wingert says:

What watch company thinks “Hm whats the best way to appeal to buyers…. I got it! Through a ASMR channel that people use to sleep to! We will get a lot of customers by sponsoring a video where the watcher watches only the first 3 minutes of the video””

Bienve Alacid says:

Tercer comentarioooo

art lover says:

Great asmr skills so tingly

Shaya says:

this was very relaxing

Groker says:

Too much commercial, not enough ASMR.

Berto L.B. Best says:

Beautiful watches especially the new design. Awesome video that I might add!!

Strangely Stupid says:

Thanks, needed something to help me concentrate on an essay. Keep up the awesome work!

Dale D says:

good job

Jillian O'Hara says:

I love your asmr❤️❤️❤️

Casey Wilkins says:

I just finally realized why I’m one of those weirdos who loves infomercials!

J j says:

I don’t like it. Too much comercial and it’s absurd Sorry

Sonia Tchip says:

Like always you helped me to sleep thank you so much ❤❤❤❤ ( sorry if i dont speek well I’m french )

L M says:

Ayeeee early squad ❤️❤️

ASMR Massage Psychetruth says:

Hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving!! We are so thankful for all of you, we hope you’ll enter the Giveaway to win a watch!! Good luck 🙂

John McNutt says:

You did this well Corrina & the watches are very nice. You integrated this well with the ASMR

Natalia ASMR France says:

*I do not cease to admire the beauty of your hair! fantastic!*

Rxdiate says:

Amazing video! Those microphones are so clear and sound beautiful!

Georgia Davenport says:

Blonde Con says:

I just wish she would rub those wooden boxes on that blue fabric for 20 minutes straight

e says:

corrina please do more singing its the best thing in the entire world when u sing

Danielle Hobbick says:

The both look beautiful

Nina Nina says:

The craftsmanship of the watch and container certainly makes for a unique and beautiful gift, thanks for giveaway info

Livin' With Two Littles says:

Am I daydreaming or did you already do a similar video to this before?

Dan says:

yessss wood sounds are my FAVE

Corrina Rachel says:

Please let me know if you like this video… I was LOVING all the sounds, and I just love this company. Any requests for videos to help you through holiday stress….?

daneshia taylor says:

I wanted one of those watches I seen glamazontay with two of them

TheWalkingBritt says:

I looove soft spoken and strongly dislike whispering. Whispering can be very hissy. Relaxing video Corrina

Aina Angel says:

Sorry Carina but this video just adverd not asmr :(((

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