ASMR Soft Spoken Tapping & Scratching, Wooden Watch Review, 3Dio Ear to Ear Sounds for Relaxation

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ASMR Soft Spoken Tapping & Scratching Wooden Watches, 3Dio Ear to Ear Sounds for Relaxation

Corrina reviews beautiful wooden watched by JORD and shares relaxing tapping, scratching and soft speaking sounds to help you relax. Recorded with the 3Dio Freespace Pro for binaural sounds to trigger your ASMR. This video is sponsored in part by JORD Watches.

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Featuring Corrina Rachel

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NEW ASMR Binaural Microphone! Whisper, Ear Massage, Thank You Patreon Supporters!

NEW ASMR Binaural Microphone! Whisper, Ear Massage, Thank You Patreon Supporters!

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ᑕYᒪIᑎᗩ yt says:


Rosey Vegan says:

I love Corrina.

AYB says:

My husband has one of these watches, and it is a stunning work of craftsmanship.

Leryn Baker says:

i really enjoy your slow soft speaking!

Loraina Tillmann says:

You should use the pillows the watches came on in a scratching video. Love the sounds of those

Zoe Rodman says:

We talk of new watches like endangered animals. It’s sad.

Ana Sofía says:

Joder pero que si son de madera, estás maltratando a todos los árboles.

Francesca Bisilione says:

Ooh boy the scratches 🙂

Barry Lee says:

more power to em for earning money…but the infomercial thing is not relaxing

Steven Nicholson says:

I’ve never heard of wooden watches before! These are amazing! Definitely my type of watch!!!!!

Cathy Cool says:

These watches are ridiculously beautiful. As someone who wears a watch everyday I really hope I can get my hands on one of these someday.

RockyRox says:

When can I sponsor these guys! I want one

Đức Nguyễn Minh says:

What camera do you use? It’s super sharp :O


Hi Corrina… 😀

Anastasia Aqua says:

love from GREECE

Artrix_ Overlord says:

i really liked this video. Idk if it was bc f the watches or te taping, but i think it was how genuine it felt.

Phil Norman says:

Yeah they are nice but $100+ is a little out of my price range for a watch lol

youngbutnotloaded says:

God so beautiful

Olivia Rachel says:

I’ve begun to think I’ll never see the Cookie eating video ): Oh well, this was just as relaxing, great job!

Madison Steenrod says:

save the trees

Skylar Bryan says:

The rectangular one looks like my kitchen table

What Ever This ASMR Channel Is Called says:

Right when I heard you speak in this video it brightened my night and put me in a great mood

Anjelo Carey says:

this is heavenly

Natalie Mae says:

For some reason I love the men’s section at the mall it just smells like mint and shaving cream. I need help

Ichi Crypt says:

More wood type of vídeos please!

StarlitLilies says:

I’m sorry but those watches looks so clunky and gaudy
That wood pattern even looks like animal print (yikes)

the leena and sahna show says:

who else wanted her to brush the 3dio with the Cloth?

Ashley Klug says:

your sponsors are always so well chosen! i love that you don’t accept any and all sponsorships and that you try to maintain the channel’s integrity. you’re the best, corrina!

The Random Phantom says:

It’s about TIME! I have been waiting to WATCH something at good as this! time has just been TICKING by and I have te seen any other videos like this one! 😛

Dakota.kempp says:

Awesome as always

TheRosabin says:

will you actually be using your newer mics more? from what i’ve seen of your videos, you continue to use the 3dio despite you spending the donated money on newer mics?

Red Zether says:

Ravioli ravioli give me those tingiolis

Gwiber WurmChild says:

I hate to be the one to say this, since i enjoy the videos this group puts out.

But this is not an item haul video channel. It is a, massage, channel.

ASMR Massage Psychetruth

The title even, says, so.

Brandon Mc says:

Could this video be any more sponsored lmao

Joshua Bland says:

Wood tapping is my favorite sound ever. These watches are gorgeous and a great conversation piece.

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