Why Buy Vintage Watches? Answered – Omega, Vacheron, LeCoultre, IWC & Doxa – New York Minute

Welcome to another Episode of Clock Stock & Barrel, where we offer a consumer’s opinion on everything watch related. Today we discuss… Watches with a true gentleman and veteran within the watch repair/sale industry: Maurice.

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– Clock Stock & Barrel

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David Pearson says:

new subscriber within the last week. Enjoying your content and especially your new “New York Min” segments. being from South Carolina, to really see some wonderful boutiques may be Charlotte NC. it definitely Atl Ga which is 3 1/2 hers from me. anything you bring and produce outside of your studio will be fun and interesting. Keep the adventures out into the big city coming and in sure we will keep watching.

Chandan Bhuran says:

Nice series! I am lucky enough to live around NYC. I will definitely check out Maurice’s watch stall. Can you suggest any other places to buy vintage watches?

Patrick Naswell says:

Good job. Cool, but how do you know Maurice’s stuff is legit?

Big Lenny Fan says:

Where is that location with the vintage Omegas?

Patrick Naswell says:

The Frankenstein and fakes. I’m not sure I could ID them. Is he honest about their histories or is it purely on you to know the watches?

Andrew K. says:

Production value way up. Condensed into :15 or so you’d have a killer intro for individual episodes.

bluebottle650 says:

Amazing video!!!! I’m in SF and there’s nothing like this here, at least that I know of. New to the content and subscribed right away. Fantastic editing all around and look forward to more similar content. This is the 1st vlog of this kind where I’ve seen anyone go vintage hunting. Would love to see more episodes like this!!! Keep it up!

Dat C says:

Great interview with a local watch repairer/seller. More hidden gems please!

irfan khan says:

amazing man

The Clairessa says:

I loved listening to his opinions. I only collect vintage.

Patrick Ma says:

I’ve 100% played basketball in that gym 2 years ago. love love love those vintage Omegas.

MrBacchus18 says:

good stuff guys, living in the city has its benefits

Meltdown grfx says:

Saw Maurice today at the Green Flea Market. What a great collection of timepieces and such a cool guy. Thanks for pointing me in his direction.

themasterswordlink says:

Where is this located?

Ivan Mejia says:

Hey guys, first off great job on the video! Second, I’ve noticed you guys do a lot of unboxings/reviews and was curious what online site you guys use to buy them from? I’m new to the watch game and was hoping you might be able to shed some light on this topic. Thanks in advance!

kenshin81x says:

Still waiting for a video like this. Love it. Reminds me of how I always frequent flea markets with good watch bargains in my South East Asian country

Seiko Rebel says:

Patek on Madison for all those crazy high end complications

Amilton Pires says:

Can you share the location of this place via email or something? I’d love to drive down and visit his shop.

nimag88 says:

nice job guys, keep up the good work.

Fun with Turtles says:

Grandpa is that you? Just kidding ^^ very unique and interesting video. Thanks!

John Doe says:

Those watches look so good!

itsKibble Talks Watches says:

Great video guys!!!!

Seiko Rebel says:

Cool new series I liked it

Watchfreak Kumar says:

Where is it exactly located?

John Paul Hardin says:

Well executed and provides a fresh perspective! Looking forward to the next! Keep it up

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