Vacheron Constantin Presents New Timepieces At Watches & Wonders 2014

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Christian Selmoni, artistic director at Vacheron Constantin, talks to us about the new watches presented by the brand at this year in Hong Kong at Watches & Wonders, the main annual event in Asia for luxury timepieces. Pursuing its expression of Métiers d’Art and fine craftsmanship, Vacheron Constantin presents the spectacular Traditionnelle 2253 L’Empreinte du Dragon, which showcases extreme engraving techniques across the entire case of this tourbillon timepiece. Also presented is a new series of 3 watches called L’Eloge de la Nature. You will also hear about two new watches in the Collection Excellence Platinum: a beautiful worldtimer and a new chronogaph. We were able to exclusively film a unique timepiece for the Maître Cabinotier Astronomica, which boasts no less than 15 complications requiring four years of development.


yiannis merianos says:

Speechless!!! Probably is the most artistic watchmaker. I also want Dragon-skin engraving in my watch.

John Grandson says:

Pp is way better

Mishari A says:

Merci d avoir cree cette chaine. Je l aime beaucoup. Bonne continuation!

Francisco de Sales Galdino Galdino says:

dou um 10
pena quê não e em português
Sales relojoeiro mais 40 anos de experiência.
22/02/2016 Patos Paraíba BRASIL.

Anastasia Dreiser-Ignatieff says:

I like Vacheron Constantin; they make the nicest dress watches in my opinion. Patek Philippe has some nice models too, like the Calatrava and Perpetual Calendar, but they usually arn’t finished as extravagantly as Vacherons. My ideal watch would be the Patrimony series, with a tourbillon and perpetual calendar, with an engraved rose gold case; exactly like the one at 3:17. That watch is really a holy grail of dress watches, though I prefer Audemars Piguet and Patek Philippe when it comes to sports watches by far. 🙂

Diego Solís says:

Extravagant but beautiful, true jewels.

cookingprof says:

This watch makes my ultra thin Vacheron Constantin that is the thickness of a dime look stupid. It only has hours, minutes & seconds. BUT…It has kept better time than BOTH of my Rolexes for over 30 years. the accuracy is equal  To my1947 Patek. I put all of these watches to my own test.  8 days on the same orbital watch winder. (5 positions during the period.)  The Patek was the winner in accuracy by a few seconds over the Vacheron by 8 seconds. The Rolex Submariner and Date Just  were over 40 seconds and close to a minute for the Date Just.  Vacheron makes one of the finest timepieces available.  If you want to own a truly …”World Class”, timepiece … Vacheron is a great way to go!

Ian Sterner says:

You know what, I can live with just 1 kidney.

Adam One says:


J Martinez says:

Does anyone have a half a million dollars that I can borrow? Lol Hey, it never hurts to ask. Anyway, these watches are absolutely stunning in every detail. I wish I could buy one.

Ziutek says:

Absolutely amazing watches! Perfect in each detail. And the grand complication… just wow! When I think about all those mechanical parts inside this piece working together it just blows my mind!

SeekHplus says:

Anybody know what is the background song in the intro?

Alex K. says:

For each VC watch there seems to be a direct Patek Philippe conterpart.

Robert Chwojnicki says:
The Dollar Guy says:

I just put a new CR2016 battery in my Casio calculator watch….  does that count?  It does in binary.

Mohamed Shakil says:

what’s the model name of the last timepiece with brown gold

Truthseeker says:

Hong Kong has become master at copying it.

Jackshafton Mauti says:

Simply mind blowing what economies of scale can do to an expenditure budget! $220,000 +++ is just vain!

Francisco de Sales Galdino Galdino says:

dou um 10
pena quê não e em português
Sales relojoeiro mais 40 anos de experiência.
22/02/2016 Patos Paraíba BRASIL.

Beatingu Silli says:

I’m going to need to work sooo much overtime..! Maybe even have to sell off one or two of my G-shocks.?

Rusty Cox says:

To say that these time pieces are merely beautiful is an understatement…they are exquisite examples of wearable high art !
Thank you for bringing this video to us.

manduheavy vazquez says:

Great company beside Patek, breguet, audemars, pioneers of the watch making.

MrChallenger76 says:

Nice Watches And OfCourse Nice Prices !

Miki Ram says:

It’s amazing how this gentleman mine create such complications.much respect.but our accomplishment go no where if you can not share them or help others, but by your self.all the money in the world will not save you.nor will that watch.100,000,000 dollar watch wow.what have you done to change the world in a positive way? I ask?

mohammad amin says:

The Greatest Heritage , History and Creativity .

ssaannddrro says:

Beautiful watches.

Frank Assnot says:

Rolex is a mercedes benz.

Vacheron is literally High end Art.


7s29 says:

The last piece is outstanding.

a09as says:

The most annoying chime ever, would never were it going to the theaters haha

Acquavallo says:

Who needs 15 complications? so excessive…

sundevilification says:

Honk Kong loves the glitter! I like Christian. I’d hire him in a second. Thanks.

Euryale Music says:

I want the last one with the bells

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