Vacheron Constantin Overseas Simple Date & Chronograph Watches New For 2016 Hands-On | aBlogtoWatch

Vacheron Constantin Overseas Simple Date & Overseas Chronograph Watches New For SIHH 2016 Hands-On | aBlogtoWatch

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Ariel Adams of aBlogtoWatch goes hands-on with the new for SIHH 2016 Vacheron Constantin Overseas watch collection that includes the three-hand Overseas Simple Date and the Overseas Chronograph. Both in designed cases with brand new 4Hz in-house made movements.

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Watch Geek says:

reminds me of the Seiko SNK601 and 603 the first 2 at least:


I like the new display case back, but they removed the panorama date which sucks. Now it looks like 99% of all the other date complications.

Kavinsky Smith says:

I think you must have mixed up the prices, as no one is going to play 19 K for a normal date watch, so you must have ment the chronograph. as daytona’s are about 10 grand new.

Truth and Downfall says:

Great footage. Thanks a lot +1

Larry the1st says:

The best blue dial ever seen!

Harry Clams says:

OK now, I just found out Vacheron is using a high-end generic Lemania movement, not their own, and the winder weight is spray painted gold on base metal, not very impressive and very disappointing, I would figure at this price range the high esteemed company could make their own movements like Rolex.

Eric YJ says:

What’s the price for the new overseas chronograph one in steel bracelet and blue dial? btw great video 🙂

Connell MacCool says:

19k for a watch!

Pasquale Franze says:

Could have been a Gerald Genta design.

Pedro Q says:

Very nice, but the in house movement just doubled the price of the overseas! It is justified?

Praque Forqsk says:

They look identical to the new Swatch auto mechanicals.

ProCelestialEmpire says:

I honestly found that among the PP, VC and Lange, VC has the best, modern and exquisite design that bears a lot more creativity.

RobReports says:

the bracelet is too wide… not sure it tapers either.

Roelf van der Merwe says:

Absolutely gorgeous!

IBstoic says:

The blue dial options are brilliant! I’m not a huge gold watch person, but I have to say the gold with alligator straps is a stunning looking piece.

RejZoR says:

Did I hear the price right? 19 thousand? You talk so fast I can’t understand lol. Looks nice but if it’s that much, that’s a bit expensive… If it’s 9 thousand, that’s not that bad.

Mr. Gong先生 says:

Oversea is superb

SR says:

The two blue’s are stunning.

ProCelestialEmpire says:

The blue one is like the heart of Atlantic ocean.

Michael Padilla says:

Man I wish the date window wasn’t present on the chronograph.

ryvr madduck says:

Love, love, love that blue dial. I’m looking hard at the blue dial Rolex YachtMaster. The Rolex is cheaper than the VC, so there ya go.

sebwrafter says:

Wow 19k for the steel sport watches?!? How do Vacheron justify that price?

ThisIsAFakeAccount says:

Those blue dials are unbelievable

bluedialer says:

I prefer the look of the previous generation, particularly the more complete dial and the white guilloche. This metallic blue looks nice, but the dial is just too simple and looks empty especially as they’ve removed the text on the lower half of the dial, creating an unattractive imbalance in my opinion. It’s a shame, because that beautiful displayed in-house movement is what I and many have been waiting for with the Overseas collection! Hmmm…. It isn’t worth it, with the downgrade in overall aesthetic and quite large price increase.

dimitris bastas says:

The 1996 Overseas was the most beautiful. Price.. 19900$ the basic 3 hand!!If I would afford a such an expensive watch then a 15400st Royal oak.

Gerard Melvin says:

Beautiful watches, will give Rolex a run for their money

Cats2Fat says:

nice, but 19k for the steel version? that’s too expensive.

Finlay Norris says:

Very nice, first “non-standard” case I actually like, normally anything that is not either rectangular or circular is very ugly ( think ap royal oak)

Gene Gottloeb says:

I guess, I am in the minority on this one.
I have the VC Overseas Auto 3 Hand with the JLC 699
Bought it knowing this was coming
I like the Old style better. More distinctive……..
This model seems lost in the race to sell to the younger crowd
$19,000 ??? Sorry everyone, Charging more than $4,000 from
the 2015 model, because of the ALL in house movement, and quick release.
Now puts this in 4th, or even 5th place on my list


Not as timeless as the last generation

toocoolforu says:

It looks like a Rolex, only 4 times the price. wtf is wrong with those people

Trevor Bohnsack says:

Not at those prices!

ripperx444 says:

I would consider selling my Daytona and trading up for this here. The older overseas was not worth the price tag with the old movement

Gergely Fiala says:

The ultra-thin version is killer.

bluedialer says:

Just realized also that the chronograph version no longer has the big date complication. Really VC?? What were they thinking with this generation?

AjaxForever says:

Praying i win the lottery this month..

ry8484 says:

How in the world do companies price their watches? Starting at $19k?! It better have a solid gold bracelet for that price. Very nice watches though.

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