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Vacheron Constantin Overseas Chronograph Watch Review

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Ariel Adams of aBlogtoWatch reviews the Vacheron Constantin Overseas Chronograph, which is updated model that originally debuted in 2016.

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rumle says:

They’ve made it look cheap. they’ve gone in a wrong direction with this, but nice video

keystarG60 says:

Nothing is more off putting than a vlogger asking for likes and subscribers parrot fashion at the beginning of each video. Can’t you just let the content speak for itself!!?? I enjoy the channel but this makes the presenters appear robotic and a little desperate.

Pasquale says:

So it’s rather oversize than overseas?

Andrew Steel says:

Good review. Talk about grown men lego like luxury watch. Just click it on.

Watch Addict Watch Reviews says:

Vacheron is always labeled Holy Trinity Patek Vacheron AP , but nobody seems to ever own a VC , I certainly would take a nautilus or RO over a overseas , the styling is so – boring…and resale must be miserable

felix pinto says:

this one probably sells well but the ultra thin and world time ared the ones to have i think

The Emperor says:


Purplehaze5995 says:

Beautiful watch. Love the brown dial and the easy strap change.
Great vid.

RandomUser20130101 says:

There is another version of this watch with a gorgeous blue dial (as was shown in your January 19, 2016, video at SIHH). Why didn’t you review that color?

goldsaint7 says:

dont get the panerai craze for straps. just get a bracelet and it suits everything and it lasts for almost forever.

gomasonpatriot1 says:

love the review Ariel. You put that badboy through its paces. Keep strap changes for all quick release straps…thank you!

Truth and Downfall says:

Prices on these Overseas V3 are fucking outrageous. No wonder they aren’t selling…

BeautyofScent says:

You really need to work on your camera focus. i mean REALLY

Mario Perry says:

Ariel, at 11:08, it looks like your reconnection of the bracelet at the 12 end is only hooked on one side, as it looks crooked… I’d hate for that thing to detach on you before you get it back to VC! Just sayin’…

Name says:

Out of place date dial, thicker case plus much more green. Prefer the older big date Chrono. VC dropped the ball on this.

one123321 one123321 says:

Beautiful watch

Constantine Makro says:


Professor Pesca says:

Incredible how ugly the type is on the subdials- the Overseas ultra thin is amazingly desirable but the design of the dial on these looks, dare I say, cheap. No thanks.

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