VACHERON CONSTANTIN ONLY: Overseas, Patrimony, Historiques, Traditionnelle; Sports, Vintage & More

Watch buyers and watch collectors join luxury watch specialist Tim Mosso for an evening dedicated exclusively to Vacheron Constantin watches. From the Overseas to the Traditionnelle line, the Patrimony, and vintage watches, tonight’s mono-brand show has it all! The Overseas chronograph line gets our show on the road with the generation three reference 5500. We have a sensational Overseas Automatic 4500 to demonstrate a side of Vacheron’s sports watch that’s rarely seen. The Traditionnelle Perpetual Calendar Chronograph 47292 wows with its 43mm platinum case and dark rhodium dial. A vintage anniversary model the bi-centennial Vacheron Constantin 6099, offers perspective on mid-century dress watch elegance; this model was the thinnest watch in the world when it launched in 1955. We have tourbillon watches, métiers d’art, world time, and moonphase watches among tonight’s collection. For the first time on YouTube, all four of the third-series Vacheron Constantin Metiers d’art Les Masques will be shared and explained. This is Watches Live #35!

• Vacheron Constantin Metiers d’art Les Masques; Indonesia, China, Mexico, Africa
• Vacheron Constantin Overseas Chronograph 5500V
• Vacheron Constantin Overseas Chronograph 49150
• Vacheron Constantin Overseas Automatic 4500/000R-1
• Vacheron Constantin Tourbillon Skeleton 300051/000R
• Vacheron Constantin 6099 Vintage
• Vacheron Constantin Malte Perpetual Calendar Chronograph 47112/000J-89
• Vacheron Constantin Traditionnelle Perpetual Calendar Chronograph 47292
• Vacheron Constantin Traditionnelle Chronograph 47192
• Vacheron Constantin Malte Perpetual Calendar Retrograde 47031/000R-89
• Vacheron Constantin Traditionnelle World Time 86060/000R-96
• Vacheron Constantin Medicus Chronograph 47150/000R
• Vacheron Constantin Malte Chronograph
• Vacheron Constantin Royal Eagle Day-Date 42008/000J-90


Zeitgeist says:

Stunning show Tim. The Overseas is my favorite sport watch!

mohammad amin says:

Watches of Dreams .

hellotabasco says:

those masks!!! amazing!!!

Benjamin Dietrich says:

The two downvotes came from AP and PP. Sore losers.

Shamal Dass says:

Thanks Tim – great show. VC should leave the 50yo sports watches to the other two. Together with Lange it should be about dress watches – the best back catalogue in he world!!

Would love to see a German watches Only show as well!!! I have a Muhle and am looking at a Nomos…and dreaming of a Lange!

Abdul Rahman Abdel Razek says:

Hi Tim, Great episode, i think we can all see, that VC watches makes you happy 😀
I really like VC dress watches, i think they should revisit their vintage designs. I think VC should up their game to keep up with the likes of A. Lange & Söhne, H. Moser & Cie, and FP Journe that dominate the dress watch sector.
VC is getting back to the end of the line with PP and AP playing on their strength with their sports models.

Phillip McMillan says:

Historique 1921 Amercian all the way for me, i call it the Eric Ripert, he wears this watch.

Silver Surfer says:

Excellent programming, Tim. These one shot features give focus and context that sometimes gets lost in the mix on the Watch Insider shows. I especially enjoyed hearing about the Omega/Lemania movements that were used in VC. Good also to address the balance of the current Nautilus/Royal Oak Offshore wave. I would very much like to see a versus with Vacheron vs Parmigiani Fleurier. I would also like to see both you and Bryan wear watches for a week that you otherwise wouldn’t e.g. Yellow gold metal for you and GMT for Bryan – just to see how you got on and if you overcame your prejudices. Excelsior!

Alien Hatz says:

Oh my days… finally! My watchbox dreams have sprung to glorious life

James Lynch says:

Tim – I would love to see VC Oversees gen 3 vs a ROO

Boy Horca says:

Amazing review

Drawing watches says:

Versus: overseas, royal oak, and nautilus. Same time. 🙂

Tristan Pouw says:

23:30 **cough cough** hodinkee **cough cough**

Rick Remiker says:

Tim, enjoyed the dedicated “brand” show. Re Overseas, how do you identify Gen 2 vs Gen 3? I don’t think Govbergs online description identify the “Gen”.
How about a FPJ dedicated brand show?

Alvin Aw says:

Oh gosh I’m watch it over & over again…. it is so amazing…… keep making me drool!!! What a power packed Video done for VC.

valebliz says:

H Moser! Please!

clarencekwong888 says:

I love that 47112! Thanks for a great episode, Tim!

Jason Francis says:

Wow, talk about a tour de force Tim! Bravo. You brought out almost all my VC grails plus a few new discoveries and I learned a ton. Letting out the unabashed passion for the brand was awesome, VC doesn’t get enough love in this age of the sports watch uber alles. Going forward I would love a dress chronograph battle where VC, Patek, and Lange each have 2-3 examples to slug it out.

Brendan Long says:

I want to meet the insane Willy Wonka type billionaire that buys all 4 of those mask watches.

whinecough says:


高星舟 says:

Chronograph VC watches are breath–taking. Thank you Tim!

Adrian Chan says:

PP has the 5711, AP has the 15202, which of the VC overseas model is equivalent to it?

Tom Hung says:

I missed the show… Darn it!

Jake Roth says:

VC. For when you never plan to see any of your money again.

Brad G. says:

One of my favorite VC was the Maltese duel time regulator.

Uther Doul says:

Casio is better.

peter paul says:

Absolutely love such a focused feature on VC time pieces! Thanks Tim for making this happens!

mohammad amin says:

Vacheron Constantin Greatest member of Haute Horology with Royal Heritage .

george varughese says:

Great show Tim! Love VC, my next watch.

Dmitry Belyakov says:

It is finally happening! So excited!

Max Agabon says:

Tim thank you for this! You were on point and on fire the whole episode! Looking forward to my first VC!

PuYang7 says:

Do a VS for all 3 together? Overseas, RO, Nautilus; even if the resulting video will be super long. I don’t think anyone minds a longer video from Tim ;]

Brendan Long says:

All credit to Tim though for making it seem like blowing 290 grand on the set is a good idea. Its true though, if you are gonna buy one of them, you might as well get them all
! lol

Elasmotherium Sibiricum says:

I’m imagining a Bond SPECTRE summit of supervillains who prove their club membership with a LeMasque on the wrist.

Honky Ex Machina says:

So excited to get home and see this episode has finally arrived, VC are a grail generator. These shows keep getting better, the energy and enthusiasm is infectious.

Amund Bjerve says:

This is a great video!
I think you should do more themed videos. Single manufacture theme is a great idea. What about single movement theme, such as Lemania CH27 and it’s variations and the watches who have used them? Zenith El Primero? JLC 920? Maybe an independent watches special, including F. P. Journe, R.W. Smith, Kari Voutilainen etc.? The possibilities are endless.

Cam M. says:

How does a VC become holy trinity with such limited movement pedigree? Does it not make more sense to have a JLC or the like in that category? Tim – give us your holy trinity!

Slapshot 007 says:

Great show, Tim! Had waited ages for the vacheron only show and thoroughly enjoyed. All the best. Ps would very much endorse an “overseas versus . . ” item.

Philip Essehorn says:

Great episode Tim.

H Andy says:

finally!! amazing! thank you Tim

Waleed A. says:

Great work buddy .. love your enthusiasm.

LuxWatchesForNewbies says:

Mic Drop Moment for the Watchbox Team.

Alvin Aw says:

YES!!!!!!! Finally a all VC show!!!!!! Fwoooooo!! Always a fan of VC. Too much talks PP & PA….
OMG the first piece already pack a big punch!!!
Oh ya! Thanks Tim!!!!!

City of Gentlemen says:

I’ve wanted to buy the overseas for years but it’s just not that comfortable for my 6.5” wrist. Maybe it has to do with the thickness but it doesn’t wear as well as the AP 15400 which I own. Also I think the case and bracelet fall behind the detailing of the 15400.

Tristan Pouw says:

20:30 yes I would really like to see the overseas owning one of those watches from the other members of the Holy trinity. I would rather see the nautilus for the memes.

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