Vacheron Constantin new watches at the 2015 SIHH

The Geneva-based manufacture makes a big splash at the SIHH 2015 launching a new collection called Harmony. In addition, the brand presented a duo which calibers’s parts are directly manually engraved. The Harmony line introduces a new cushion-shape case. This kind of shapes is a real challenge in terms of design as the round shape of the movement must fit harmoniously into a softened square (“cushion” as the angles are not sharps). The result involved a new know-how which is digital visualization to reproduce and enhance the reflects of light. This year is also a milestone for Vacheron Constantin because the brand introduces 3 new chronographs conceived and manufactured in-house and a fourth one (ladies’) which production was integrated. They are all present in the new Harmony collection, which includes also second time zones models for men and women. Actually , all Harmony pieces are in limited edition due to this important launch that celebrates also the 260th anniversary of Vacheron Constantin. Finally, the two Métier d’art mécaniques pieces integrate calibers are directly engraved, meaning each component was decorated one by one, and with a lot of care to avoid any distorsion that would impact its function.


yiannis merianos says:

The the monopouser chronograph! Cal3300 what a beautiful watch! The maitres D’art simply astonishing , beautiful artistic watches honour the brands history.

Peter K says:

What can I say VC never disappoints ,I can’t wait to see the new Overseas model with the new in house caliber . I’m sure you guys will be covering it here great channel always an enjoyment. Thanks Again for doing such a stellar job.

Finlay Norris says:

The patterns on those movements are gorgeous

watchesali swiss says:

thankyou luis-wenderful document about vacheron constantine-

Paweł Zawisza says:

If I may post another comment – I have great appreciation for VC in using a second dial for the GMT watch. Due to summer/winter time the regular GMT watches (including one from VC as well) are wrong half of the time i.e. 6 out of 12 months. Noy so if you can manually set the second dial as you want. Also, their skeleton watches are one of he best in the industry, and it is always a pleasure to see fabulous craftsmanship from Vacheron Constantin.

Paweł Zawisza says:

I have an issue with VC with the fact that they price their watches way too high, above Patek, Lange, etc. For example, Vacheron Squalette it 72k CHF in the Geneva boutique. Piaget equivalent is 35-40k. I do not see over 30k CHF difference. The new collection is very nice, although all the limited pieces make me want to wait for next year to see the ‘reasonable’ prices they intend to have.

Vadim Don says:

Hand engraving the bridges its nice but Lange & Sohne is doing that for a long time

Jayden Navarro says:

The music in the beginning is Spoiler Alert by Gramatik

sundevilification says:

I respect them so much, it would be hard to wear or collect. Owning would be much easier. Anyone with me on that?

Zane Carmichael says:

7:55 How the hell can anyone look at that and say Patek makes better watches. The only Superior to VC imo is A Lange and Sohne

Rusty Cox says:

Their hand engraving is superb and reminiscent of the old world masters ! !!
Kudos to V.C. for all their hard work … it shows in every one of their products..or should I say , “works of art” ?!

Lippo187 says:

Vacheron Constantin just builds the most beautiful watches in the whole industy. Thanks a lot for the video!

Truth and Downfall says:

So nice. I love the way they made the cussion case look. Its beautifull. And i swear if they put this chronograph movement into the Overseas Chronograph im gonna buy one. No matter what. Thanks for organizing such great reviews, will keep watching evry single one of your informative videos! 😀

Truth and Downfall says:

Are those two weeks, literally two weeks of constant working, or eight hours a day over a 2 week period…

Fabian S. says:

Thanks for the video! Awesome!

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