Vacheron Constantin Minute Repeater Perpetual Calendar Pocket Watch Restoration by Gray & Sons

In this video Master Watchmaker Joe Cerullo repairs a Rare Circa 1922 Vacheron Constantin Pocket Watch with Perpetual Calender, Minute Repeater, and Moon Phase. This watch hadn’t been in working condition for 70 years. Watch Joe take you step by step through the repair process.

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Arun Kumar says:

My respects to you & all your family & your firm.
The jobs done are good enough as you said that you just want it running…
But I wouldn’t take such compromised standpoint to such a class one manufacturer’s time piece till date,& a sentimental one. That too when it belongs to my father(earthly though)I hold on to deliver the best according to karma philosophy along with Sir Donald Carle’s ethics,values on repairing a highest quality watch.From my stand point I wouldn’t have done those…Crown wheel’s beveled upper edge rounding off while final polishing also etc… & in assembly…I wouldn’t wind six rounds & give a swing, rather I would let in ruby jewel in to lever horns & assemble balance unit.Then only wind one to two rounds without giving a swing,but expect the balance to oscillate on its own,since the transmission & beat properly ensured already for this…But I still fully accept it will be only 94% less of those real authentic 6% & right stamp..I would invite & appreciate all comments…

logwind says:


Alex Martinez says:

Beautiful restoration and story…

Владимир Лозовой says:


Marcos Sell says:



Peter Aremone says:

The most beautiful thing about this video is the watch’s owner’s love for his father & wanting to make his father relive his childhood fascination (sitting on his father’s lap & listening to the minute repeater) before he passed away in his advanced age.

5252dan says:


JOLUS FAP Herrera says:

Great video my friend i like the work you do, and you stated that you wanted to restore it for your father. It makes more value to the watch for him than taking it to factory to keep watch money value. Priceless gift to your dad.

Ben Oto says:


Davor Bradara says:

marvelous, truly.
By the way, what’s the name of the background song?

Mark Job says:

P.S. Obviously Joe, the watchmaker, is very highly skilled. With all due respect to Joe, I recoil at the idea of sending the watch to any other company for repair other than Vacheron Constantin. These are very high level watches, and as good of a repair as Gray & Sons can do, I suspect the original swiss factory repair would be superior. Unless Gray & Sons is an official Vacheron Constantin factory trained agent, I seriously have to question taking a time piece of this quality to any other place but back to the original factory and company which produced it. Sorry, but this point cannot be overstated

Sabele Mngqushu says:

Breath taking…

Vivienne Pierce says:

The technicians at Grey & Sons can actually make replacement parts in house. When a watch is sent back to the factory, the replacement part is pulled out of a bin and installed by a part replacer. If that fails the factory workmen simply replace the entire movement from their inventory. The level of skill exhibited by Grey & Sons is many levels above that. In general factories don’t repair; they replace.

Paul Beard says:

Now that watch is sexy

Chad Rutkowski says:


Mark Job says:

IMHO, this restoration should only be performed by Vacheron Constantin. I’m sure these folks were very knowledgeable and very good, but the original makers of the watch are always going to be better.

andrea bonazzi says:

Uno dei molti eccellenti esempi della produzione superlativa di una così eccezionale manifattura….

Nate Blubaugh says:

Watchmaking is that of a understated but beautiful, grand and in some cases a weird and wonderful art.

EmoKillla says:

Brilliant restoration of this divine watch.

1701spacecadet says:

Can see why you wanted to restore this beautiful timepiece.

Satan's Trilogy says:


Marcos Sell says:



508MASS378 says:

Bravo! It comforts me to know these pieces are still out there waiting to be brought back to life by master craftsman.

yaajkuza says:

I just love the fact that masters of watch repair don’t need instructions or manuals to repair different watches across the board. What is the name of the background music?

Berat ZATI says:


Arun Kumar says:

crown wheel’s guard’s I mean…

Vivienne Pierce says:

Mark Job,
In my opinion the work done by these craftsmen is among the best in the world. It is obvious, at least to me, that these highly skilled technicians have put in the necessary years at the bench that is necessary to produce work of this calibre. Your comment implies that you are a world authority on watch repair and restoration. Please post the watches you repaired and restored and also list the procedures and parts of the GRAY & SONS restoration that you feel were incorrect and/or out of tolerance. I would not want anyone to get the impression that you are simply an Archie Luxury wannabee.

P. D. Kribus says:

echte Manufaktur

Rui Valente says:

good action, restored old watch quality to give a father , like !!!

AlTheEngineer says:

What a gorgeous watch.

Nadya Russell says:

I was very delighted by the care and love to continue this beautiful antique.  I am a piano technician that LOVES old world technology and my hat is off to the close up wok and inspiration that went into such a lovely watch.  One of my life’s dreams is to find such a musical time piece.  Thank you for posting such a great part of history.

TheV8mad says:

Joe Cerullo is definitely a master watch repairer and I’m sure his work is at least as good as, or even better than a Swiss watch repairer. The watch it’s self is one of the best pocket watches available, at any price.

geosutube says:

A wonderful restoration. Thank you for this touching story.

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