Vacheron Constantin Innovates with the Traditionelle Twin Beat at the 2019 SIHH

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Though the name Traditionelle might may you think of something traditional, well there is really something totally innovative and extremely interesting with this timepiece.

For the first time, its wearer will be able to select by himself the frequency at which this watch functions, as there are two modes to choose from. Either the active mode when you are actually wearing it and the watch beating at 5Hz or an energy saver mode beating at only 1.2Hz when you let it rest. The result is that by doing so you will benefit from a rather spectacular power reserve of 65 days, something even more relevant when you know that this watch holds a perpetual calendar.

This watch will be introduced on the market a bit later on this year and will be part of the ongoing collection of Vacheron Constantin, meaning that it won’t be limited.

This is true and serious innovation developed internally by the brand and discover more in this video.

Viva Watchmaking!


Len Powell says:

Second review I have seen on this piece.It is the equivalent mechanically to a chess grand masters brain.( I wouldn’t like to drop one mind you!)

Blume says:

Do you think this innovation might be better suited to a chronograph? Where you could switch to the high performance for more accurate reading?

ryvr madduck says:

If I buy this watch will VC throw in a pair of red socks like Christian’s?

Melchizedek Phuah Siow Jin says:

One of the best from SIHH 2018! Bravo, Vacheron Constantin! Practical and elegant!

Matt Wasilewicz says:

Love the tech in this watch, fantastic! I hope to see it cased up a little more traditionally in subsequent versions though, not really a fan of the half skeletonization. Rose gold case with a brilliant blue dial would right on for me

lsamoa says:

Really impressive!

Emil Smolarek says:


Legendus says:

this is one really great watch..

Tito R says:

Vacheron took the show this year.
A. Lange also held their own with great pieces.

Paul and Sue Roberts says:


Kino Little says:

Absolutely love the watch, but not to be that ever-criticizing watch guy… those hands are hideous.

Praque Forqsk says:

My Casio is radio synchronised, solar powered, has alarms, stopwatch and timer as well as moon and tide phases!

Stanley Johnson says:

This is dope and blows that sad excuse of “innovation”, the 11.59, out of the water

Farhan says:

True innovation for the future.

Rodolfon Javier Meléndez Helo says:

great video as always, it would be great if you could make a video of a new Omega Constellation, I love that watch and it is really hard to find videos of that watch so I think it would be great to see your opinion of him, greetings from Chihuahua Mexico.

Blaine Cole says:

This appears to quite an engineering feat, and with a unique purpose. But alas, I find the fonts on the dial face to be very ordinary.

Алексей Вовк says:

65 days! incredible! fantastic technology

Richard Baptist says:

The grand prize of SIHH – the twin beat. Great, usable technology. Nothing more complicated than trying to set a perpetual calendar after the power runs out. This gets out of that challenge. Great work watchesTV more in depth information than we typically get.

Sb Sb says:

Absolutely mind boggling. Spectacular. No way patek can go near them now. Congrats.

Zu_alt_fuer says:


Morteza Alavizadeh says:

VC are truly masters of complications, the amount of complicated wrist watches they have unveiled in recent years along with the extraordinary Reference 57260
has been amazing. Twin Beat has a very unique concept and a very good one at that.

Abhishek Srivastava says:

I am watching this video at work. I have made it full screen on my 4K monitor (headphones thankfully). I know I’m going to get fired but I can’t help it 🙂

Antonio Leoni says:

Je verrais bien cette montre sur mon poignet !

A J says:

Hublot has the Ferrari 50 day power reserve but it’s the size of the box of that the Vacheron comes in 🙂

stardust4711 says:

What a great Innovation.
The Design of this timepiece is also very nice
Good job VC

M L says:

Brilliant technology! One humble observation: the moment of inertia and friction forces associated with each balance wheel is different. If this difference is large enough, over time, the asymmetrical wear on the two escapements will cause accuracy deltas that may translate into multiple trips to the service center. Just wondering…

flyingphoenix113 says:

Once again, Vacheron proves why they are a part of the Holy Trinity. At a time when Patek Phillipe is stagnating, and Audemars Piguet is failing to significantly innovate (don’t get me started on the 11.59), Vacheron is really leading the group at this point. I hope the twin beat function becomes an option on every complicated Vacheron in production (aside from historical pieces and the Overseas line, which is designed as a daily wearer).

SoCalFreelance says:

Blued steel screws would have really made the caseback pop, my $0.02

dangerriff says:

65 days? OMG!

Anthony Lam says:


Lee Brooks says:

Hmm. Sad when a watch maker innovates for a way for you not to wear it for 65 days.

yiannis merianos says:

Between thinking, desinging the next watch unicorn! They foud time to innovate and give us a clasic Vacheron beuty.

J Lo says:

Truly genius for a perpetual calendar watch.

Rafael Rodriguez says:

Nice, at last a Cool practical complication

yooser naime says:

Dang…that’s actually pretty cool. Since it’s mechanical and wears a fancy logo, I’m sure it costs as much as a house. My Japanese solar quartz wakes up after 6 months in a drawer, still perfectly synched with UTC, ready to be kicked around, dropped, submerged, and generally abused before going back to sleep for another 6 months on a couple hours’ sun exposure. Of course, I’d still buy the VC if I had the dough…that’s how rational I am.

manduheavy vazquez says:

Vacheron never disappoints, one The best pioneers ever. Master pieces. Greatness.

Alvin Aw says:

VC in 2019 totally rock the house! Ticks everything in the box. All the new range from them is seriously beauty. This piece is awesome even at 36,000vph it hv power reserved for 4 days, in stand by mode it hv 65 days of power reserved is crazy! Love VC & really proud to say I own one timepiece from VC & love their detail craftsmanship! Great review Marc!

Melvyn Pettit says:

The innovation that Vacheron Constantin has incorporated in this watch is mind-blowing.
Marc, stop showing us these great watch movements in your excellent videos (only Joking). Thanks for sharing, I will just have to win the lottery to purchase one!

Prøvliåhørhær. says:

What’s the point of a perpetual calendar without a Day function?

Max S says:

wow this watch is incredible and the technology is amazing ! swiss watchmaking is stronger than never before

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